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Java 1.1 Abacus

Java Source Code (conversion by David Bagley and Sarat Chandran)
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Java 1.1 Source Code (if you need pkzip format, let me know):
abacus.tar.gz abacus gzip format

See open problems for proposals and current todo list. Please let me know if I left out anything.

X Abacus

See xabacus.README and xabacus.lsm.

C/C++ Source Code for X and Windows (xabacus 7.1.x, bzip2'd file)
FTP site for xabacus
xabacus at ibiblio.org

C/C++ Source Code and Binary for Windows (wabacus zip'd file, same source as above compiled with MinGW).
wabacus (Windows abacus)

More Abacus stuff

ABACUS Guide Book
The Abacus

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