Install Internet Explorer Skin

The link above installs Internet Explorer skin version 1.0.2. This new version now supports the moving throbber. See the IE Skin Tips and Tricks. IE Skin still doesn't work in Mozilla 1.2.

This skin simulates the appearance of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 for the Windows 9x/2000/ME operating systems.

Requirements: Mozilla 1.0.x.

IE Skin Tips and Tricks

The official FAQ for Mozilla's Internet Explorer skin.
  1. The page-load indicator doesn't move. I'd like to see the moving earth just like in IE.

    Download the IE Skin Throbber, a Mozilla extension that makes the IE Skin throbber throb. You will need IE Skin version 1.0.2 to make this work. Thanks Matthew! (You can send him a dollar too! )

    Why do we have to download an add-on? The reason is this: the Mozilla throbber is found in the main toolbar, while in IE it is in the menu bar. Skins are not allowed to move things around in Mozilla (otherwise I would have put the Home button in the main toolbar). The extension adds this capability to the skin.

    The IE Skin Throbber does not affect other skins. You can safely change to any other skin even if you have this installed.

  2. I'd like to remove the text labels so I can have a larger browsing area? Is this possible?

    Yes, this is possible.

    IE Skin has a new feature which I call subskins, or skinlets, that make it easier for you to do this. IE Skin has several subskins to choose from.

    You need to edit userChrome.css. This is a text file found in the chrome subfolder of your profile folder (not the chrome folder in the Mozilla installation directory). If this file does not exist, create one.

    Once you've found your userChrome.css (or created one), add the following text on top of the file:

    @import url("chrome://communicator/skin/subskin/no_text_labels.css");

    Save your changes, then restart Mozilla to see IE Skin's new look!

  3. What is a subskin?

    A subskin is simply a previously prepared CSS file that contains all the instructions needed to make minor changes in the skin, and which has been packed into skin file itself.

    Changes you make to userChrome.css will affect IE Skin only. If you switch to another skin, such as Classic, the changes you made to userChrome.css will not have any effect on Classic's look.

    Of course, another advantage is that it is much easier to add.

  4. Great. Are there any other options available?

    Yes. For "Selective text on right", the code to add on top is

    @import url("chrome://communicator/skin/subskin/selective_text_on_right.css");

    To have have IE's "Lock toolbars", the code to add

    @import url("chrome://communicator/skin/subskin/lock_toolbars.css");

    You can even use a combination of these subskins! For example, my personal default configuration is "Selective text on right" and "Lock toolbars", which I use on both IE and Mozilla.

  5. Cool. Can I have small icons too?

    Not yet, but I am working on it.

  6. I see your IE Skin uses Windows 98 icons. I want it to look like WinXP. It's much prettier.

    I am currently making an IE Skin for WinXP. It is not yet finished so use it at your own risk. If you're interested can find it Here.

  7. Thanks for a great skin. How may I help you?

    Send me a dollar <grin>.

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