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Richard Boddie

"The Free State Project can realistically facilitate the final empirical proof that libertarian principles AND POLICIES can and do allow for greater personal freedom, individual liberty, abundance and harmony, for real! Not theory. No more incessant intramural arguing and debate. No further need to verbally defend against statist collectivists and other skeptics.

Over years of local application of libertarian policies and generations of grassroots libertarianism in New Hampshire, which already has a unique and traditional hands-on bottom-up township type of governing, it can happen. New Hampshire's system of governance is the most compatible of any in the entire USA with such efforts as the Free State Project.

All of this can allow for the future proofs of what works and what doesn't work, end any further serious debating on the subject of libertarian policies in governing, but most importantly, facilitate an enviornment for freedom in American again.

THERE IS HOPE in these times of neo-fascism in DC."

Richard B. Boddie, Esq.
Professor of Political Science,
Coastline Community College, Orange County, California
LP Candidate for President 1992
President of The Motivators
Member of the Free State Project


William A. Dunn

"Over 40 years ago I became interested in learning about liberty, freedom, limited government and advancing a more civil (vs. political) society. About 20 years ago I figured out that I was pretty much a classical liberal or libertarian and began supporting and working with various organizations that shared my views and objectives. I recently learned about the Free State Project and the possibility of liberty in our lifetime and I thought – that's a very reasonable, peaceful and sensible way to demonstrate the benefits of a free society for all. So I've signed up to participate in this grand undertaking in New Hampshire and my wife, Rebecca, and I encourage one and all likeminded freedom-lovers to join us in the great Free State Project."

William A. Dunn, PhD is the Founder & Chairman of DUNN Capital Management and current Chairman of the Reason Foundation. (06/12/04)

Louis James

"I think FSP is a TERRIFIC idea. I know a lot of people have botched 'new country' and 'let's take over a county' ideas, but FSP is different. Not only do they have the best plan I've seen for actually making it happen, it's one that doesn't ask people to front a bunch of cash or risk making any moves, until a critical mass has been reached. Even if it's a long shot, the chance of having an example of freedom at work – that 'shining city on the hill' – is too good to pass up."

Louis James was the president of the Henry Hazlitt Foundation at www.Free-Market.Net (10/29/02)

Hubert Jongen

"For a long time I have been interested in 'free state' projects – from the time I spoke with Mike Oliver in Las Vegas about the MINERVA project! Since then there were many others, but most of them disappeared.

Then I found out about the Free State Project. I immediately saw this as a new possibility, using existing legal procedures.

I became immediately enthusiastic when my friend André Lichtschlag (publisher of the excellent German libertarian magazine eigentümlich frei) proposed starting a similar project within the European Union. Soon we formed a small group, the European Freestate Project.

So I hope that there soon will be two Free States from which libertarians can choose, one in the USA and one in Europe!"

Hubert Jongen is Chairman of Libertarian International and of Libertarisch Centrun Netherlands.


Lawrence W. Reed

"America's Founders warned future generations that preserving liberty would require eternal vigilance because liberty is never 'automatic' or 'guaranteed.' In an innovative, take-charge, grassroots fashion, the vigilant citizens who have formed the Free State Project are doing their part to show the world that liberty works. The Project's hallmarks exemplify the best of the American spirit: individual initiative, voluntarism, civil society, responsible activism, and peaceful exchange. What the Free Project seeks to do for New Hampshire is precisely what the Founders intended for America: to make it a model for the world."

Lawrence W. Reed is the President of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, MI. (09/06/04)

Aaron Russo

"Our country has a new opportunity, an opportunity for Americans to pack up their bags, move to the 'Live Free or Die' State of New Hampshire, and make it even better and more free than it is now. The Free State Project offers us all a wonder prospect. I encourage my fellow Libertarians and all freedom-loving Americans to consider joining the Free State Project." More ...

Aaron Russo is a 2004 LP Presidential Candidate hopeful and a Hollywood producer.

Aaron Russo (left) hands endorsement to Doug Hillman (FSP VP)


L. Neil Smith

"The Free State Project has put the words 'libertarian' and 'movement' back together again, for the first time in something like thirty years, and I am more personally grateful than I can adequately express, because it is the Free State Project that stands the greatest chance, in my opinion, consistent with my understanding of history and human nature, of transforming the fictional worlds of freedom, adventure, and romance I have created in my novels into a reality.

I send the Free State Movement and everyone in it my personal best regards. I look forward to calling them my friends, my allies, my comrades for the rest of my life."

See the full article The Free State Project in THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE Number 265, April 4, 2004.

L. Neil Smith is one of the leaders of the freedom movement, an award-winning libertarian science fiction author ("The Probability Broach"), and an outspoken gun rights activist. See his bio at the Advocates from Self-Government website.

Doug Stanhope

"Once you become aware of how limited your own personal liberty has become and how quickly and effortlessly freedoms are taken away, the Free State Project stands out as one of few ideas that could produce tangible change in our lifetime. The vision of Christian gun enthusiasts buying hand-painted targets from pot-smoking artists, laughing together while they give the tax man the finger, is beautiful enough to make the move."

Also from his website   (Note: Adult content ... "not for everyone"):

"[The FSP] could be the most important and actually do-able movement that could actually change all of our lives ..."

Doug Stanhope is a "raw", stand-up comedian, writer, producer, and co-host of Comedy Central's "The Man Show".


Vin Suprynowicz

Vin is a signed member of the FSP, and at a recent convention said,

"I find it sad that these people have to beat the bushes to get 20,000 to cross state lines to preserve liberty, when our founding fathers were willing to die to do the same."

See press release   (10/17/02)

Vin Suprynowicz is a libertarian author.

Walter Williams

"What can be done now? Are there any signs that those Americans who want to unconstitutionally control the lives of others are going to let up soon? I say no, but there's a peaceful resolution proposed by Free State Project, whose motto is, 'Liberty in our lifetime.' "

See full article Parting Company   (8/7/02)

Walter Williams is an economist, professor, author, and radio host.

Claire Wolfe

"A free state might show the rest of the world what can be done … Let's think seriously about this."

See full article Would You Move to the State of the Free?   (9/15/01)

Claire Wolfe is a writer and "professional troublemaker."

Republican Liberty Caucus

The Republican Liberty Caucus Board unanimously approved this FSP endorsement:

"The Republican Liberty Caucus endorses and supports the objective of the Free State Project (FSP), to gather together liberty-lovers in a single political subdivision of the United States, specifically New Hampshire, in order to 'exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.'

We urge RLC members to support the FSP effort and work within the Republican Party of New Hampshire to reduce government power by promoting the ideals of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise."

Bill Westmiller
RLC [National] Secretary   (3/19/04)

Libertarian Party of Minnesota

Passed unanimously by the Executive Committe:

"The Libertarian Party of Minnesota endorses the FSP."

Jeremy MacKinney – LPMN Executive Committee   (5/13/04)

Libertarian Party of Alabama

"The Libertarian Party of Alabama endorses the Free State Project as an alternate, but also complimentary strategy to the LP strategic plan of bringing about a free, peaceful, and prosperous society that is based on individual liberty, economic freedom, and limited government."

Mike Rster, Administrator – Libertarian Party of Alabama.   (3/19/04)

Libertarian Party of New Jersey

At its July 2003 General Meeting/picnic, the Libertarian Party of New Jersey passed a motion endorsing the FSP by a majority vote. It read:

"The New Jersey Libertarian Party endorses the Free State Project."

Robert Hull, Webmaster • Libertarian Party of NJ   (7/5/03)

Libertarian Party of Utah

At its June 2003 State Central Committee meeting, the Libertarian Party of Utah endorsed the Free State Project:

"The Free State Project is a very libertarian endeavor and should encourage those seeking more individual liberty and personal responsibility through smaller government," says Fran Tully, State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Utah. "We wholeheartedly endorse the project.

In response to those who might interpret the endorsement as giving up on freedom in Utah, Tully says: "Nothing could be further from the truth. We will never give up on freedom in Utah. The success of the Free State Project can only benefit Utahns. If the Free State Project demonstrates that by shrinking the role of the state it can improve the quality of life for Free State residents, then other states will emulate its policies."

Adds Tully: "We commend Jason Sorens and his team for their work on this project and wish they and all Free State Project members and friends success. We hope that their efforts spread through the United States, and brings freedom and liberty back to the people."

Fran Tully, State Chair • Libertarian Party of Utah • 801-949-3570   (6/26/03)

Libertarian Party of Wyoming

On May 17, 2003, with FSP treasurer Debra Ricketts attending, the Wyoming Libertarian Party endorsed the Free State Project.

"The Wyoming Libertarian Party endorses the Free State Project."

The Wyoming LP also invites FSP members to attend its meetings, especially the July 12 Annual "Enjoy Your Second Amendment Rights While You Got 'em" Shooting Party.


Libertarian Party of Montana

In Montana, on a 6-0 vote, the state LP's executive committee voted to endorse the concept of the Free State Project (FSP). The vote took place on May 25, just after the state LP hosted the FSP-themed Grand Western Conference.

Source   (5/25/03)

Libertarian Party of Alaska

At the April 2003 Alaska Libertarian Party State Convention in Juneau Alaska one of the topics on the agenda was the Free State Project. Some felt that Alaska was clearly the best choice because of its low population and existing strong libertarian leanings. A motion to formally endorse the Free State Project was seconded and unanimously passed.


Libertarian Party of Delaware

The Libertarian Party of Delaware passed a unanimous motion to "endorse the Free State Project."


Libertarian Party of Vermont

The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Vermont unanimously passed the following resolution:

"The Vermont Libertarian Party endorses the goals of the Free State Project and urges the Free State Project to choose Vermont."


Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

At the January [2003] meeting of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire's executive board, the party officially endorsed the Free State Project (www.freestateproject.org) by unanimous vote.

"New Hampshire residents may find themselves a group of political friends and allies in the Free State Project members, all of whom recognize the virtues of self-reliance, individual freedom and small state government, and will seek to further improve upon and enhance New Hampshire's standing as the liberty-leader among the fifty states.

The LPNH has formed the 'Welcome to the Granite State' Committee to coordinate efforts promoting New Hampshire as the most desirable Free State candidate. This committee will work with other activists and FSP members to attract people seeking liberty and the spirit of independence that are so well represented in the Granite State."

See press release   (1/17/03)

Libertarian Party of Maine

"Imagine what could be done: reprivatize education, reprivatize medicine, re-privatize charity, end drug prohibition … bring back industrial hemp development, self-regulated fisheries, and on …

I urge all of Maine's Libertarian-minded people to join the FSP."

Fred Staples, Chairman of the LP of Maine, in the Maine Libertarian newsletter.   (Winter '02)

Notable FSP Members

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