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9 Aug 2004 - The FreeDOS 1.0 To-do list got updated a bit: particular, the list of errorlevels is now available in English language and there is a list of bugs for which more feedback would be helpful. Note that some items were moved to the Post 1.0 To-do list.

10 Jul 2004 - The folks at FindOpenSourceSupport.com have created a directory of individuals and companies that offer consulting and contract support services for Open Source Software - including FreeDOS. (If you already provide support for FreeDOS, you may want to create a support profile at ayamon.com so you can be added to the directory.)

30 May 2004 - Bart Oldeman has posted kernel 2035. However, a new maintainer is needed. See freedos-kernel.

Warning: ASUS motherboards and FreeDOS! See Technote211.

FreeDOS Beta9 (Final) is out!
    jhall1 - 2004-09-29 05:43  
Bernd Blaauw has posted the FreeDOS Beta9 (Final). From the announcement: "I'm proud to announce you the final version of the FreeDOS Distribution Beta9 series. The aim of this release was to update software components, to facilitate installation, to actually offer the disksets on diskettes again, and to make sure FreeDOS cooperates nicely with any previous installed operating system. Credits to Eric Auer for the OScheck utility. The FreeDOS Beta 9 Distribution is now available at ibiblio and Fdos.org. This release is available as an ISO image For your convenience we also provide a 1.44MB bootdisk image. (A complete diskette distribution still lacks, though.)" Get it at http://www.freedos.org/freedos/files/

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New ROMOS 0.98
    jhall1 - 2004-09-25 07:36  
Martin Rehak writes: "I would like to announce new version of ROMOS + FreeDOS kernel 2035 - New version 0.98 contains a lot of changes and code optimalizations. The most important improvement is change of storage of few needed permanent data from ROMOS segment to unused place in interrupt vector table. This allows ROMOS to run from true read-only memory (such as EPROM on ISA board without shadowing) and under BOCHS PC emulator where ROMOS can be comfortable and without risks tuned. Now ROMOS is not fixed to given ROM segment but practically we have only few choices in PC: D000h or E000h (only for older PCs). Also structure of INT13h routine was changed for easier adding of new subfunctions. Subfunction 03 (write sector) was added and return proper errorcode. For faster orientation in code I placed a brief state diagram at end of source file. Later I updated kernel to version 2035 in virtual ROM disk image." http://rayer.wz.cz/romos/romose.htm

NwDsk Arachne plug 'n play bootflop
    jhall1 - 2004-09-13 15:01  
Erwin Veermans wrote: "I updated this NwDsk FreeDOS Arachne bootflop. Latest Kernel has been applied and I pruned Arachne from some superfluous stuff and optimized its startup-settings for minimum P100 with 2MB VESA. For machines not matching these requirements this can be skipped for a blanco config. Also the WATTCP-configuration for both DHCP and Static is now fully transparant by configuring NwDsk's NwLan module. It has Ping and Tcpinfo on board to test your WATTCP configuration, and I squeezed in a total of 15 widely used nic drivers. It will optionally save Hotlist, History and Cookies to the bootflop for re-use after reboot. Homepage defaults to http://www.freedos.org/ and search-page to Google." Available as Fd16ara.exe at http://www.veder.com/nwdsk/#images

Edlin 2.3 released
    jhall1 - 2004-09-06 10:51  
Gregory Pietsch writes: "When searching the Internet for "freedos edlin" I found a patch to 2.1 on a Japanese website. Using the files from that patch (renamed to follow format), I tried to put together a Japanese edlin. Also, the guy used Borland as his compiler and there is a kluge in edlib.c (apparently, the guy thought kbhit() was not working, and wrote his own version of kbhit()). I would like to know if this has been patched so that I can dike that kluge out of there. What's new about this version is that the code has been slightly modified to accomodate the Japanese language." http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/dos/edlin

LBAcache 01sep2004: Better read-ahead, data lock control
    mceric - 2004-09-03 14:34  
I am pleased to announce LBAcache 01sep2004 with some small but useful improvements: TICKLEHD is now obsolete and you can LOCK data into the cache. http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/ lbacache-01sep2004.zip has it all :-).

EMM386 enhancement and cosmetic HIMEM change
    jhall1 - 2004-08-31 09:00  
Michael Devore wrote: "Uploaded to ftp://ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads are the files emm386.zip and himem.zip containing uncompressed executables of, respectively, EMM386.EXE and HIMEM.EXE, plus the source files modified in this latest version. EMM386 adds support for EMS function 51h, reallocate pages. This enhancement allows Lemmings 3 The Chronicles, known in Europe as All New World of Lemmings, to execute, through title screens. My test copy of Lemmings 3 failed due to CPU speed restrictions, but the SLOWDOWN utility allowed it to work a while. I also modified HIMEM so that its text feedback properly showed the /MAX option to be /MAX= instead of a trailing colon. No operational differences were made, just the one text character was changed."

PG 1.12 is out
    jhall1 - 2004-08-31 08:54  
BAHCL has posted a new version of PG: "I've make some enhancements to PG that work well. So I would like to announce that a new version (PG 1.12) is out now for download at http://bahcl.freewebpage.org - New features: 1. Junk filtering (embedded '\x8'); 2. Mouse support; 3. Solve the cursor disappear problem with jump and search; 4. Remove redundant coding. Screen flicker has also been reduced."

FORMAT 0.91s
    jhall1 - 2004-08-26 11:01  
Eric Auer writes: "Hi all, I am pleased to announce FORMAT 0.91s at: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/by-others/ - Daniele Giacomini did several tests with his various old PCs with 5.25in drives, and I think the (broken since 0.91q?) handling of 5.25in formats should now work better than in most older FORMAT versions. FORMAT also avoids a false DMA overrun error (Mark Zbikowski wrote about it in an old usenet posting, and somebody recently mentioned his other postings on the freedos-devel list...) and saves/restores the DDPT between int 13 calls (otherwise, log printing, if redirected to another floppy, would mess up the floppy property settings between the accesses to the to-be-formatted floppy - found by Daniele, too). The DDPT log text is shorter now, and the drive setup for floppy format got cleaned up. As suggested in Bugzilla entry 1823, FORMAT now checks the carry flag first before checking the returned status (AH register) after int 13 (BIOS disk services) calls. This check was missing in some floppy-related calls."

Updated SHARE for DOS 7 compatibility
    jhall1 - 2004-08-26 10:59  
Michael Devore writes: "Uploaded to ftp://ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads is the file share.zip. It contains a modified SHARE.C and uncompressed SHARE.COM executable. The changes to SHARE align it with the behavior expected from a DOS 7 share utility by removing several conditions which previously returned an error. This was because FreeDOS reported itself as DOS 7.x, but didn't act that way with SHARE. There may be -- and probably are -- other applications besides Ensemble Lite that had the same problem. This should fix those as well. In addition to the SHARE.C source code changes, I've included a basic compile to SHARE.COM for those who don't want to rebuild it themselves from Eric Auer's site files and the revised SHARE.C. The maintainer of SHARE may want to pick this revision up and hopefully approve the changes, but I'm not clear who that really is. Eric Auer is listed as maintainer, but said his version of SHARE was proof of concept for changing it to a COM file and doesn't know internals on it."

Updated FreeDOS MODE
    jhall1 - 2004-08-26 10:45  
Eric Auer writes that "you can use DISPLAY 0.11 with the newest MODE version. [..] The new MODE does not change much - slight modification to help screen, new "XMS error" messages for new DISPLAY, accepting DISPLAY versions 0.10-0.11!" Get it at: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/mode-20aug2004.zip and the CPI packs at: http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/dos/cpi/

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