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"A warm hand" is an official fanlisting open to all the people who love Nana "Hachi" Komatsu and Nobuo "Nobu" Terashima (characters from "Nana", a manga by Ai Yazawa) relationship.
The fanlisting is named after a sentence said by Hachi in chapter 23: "What a warm hand! Just like Nana's. This hand... I just hope I won't ever have to let it go".
This theme of the warmth of the hands is very strong in "Nana", and especially in the story of this couple, so my choice was almost obliged...

If you too love the relationship between Hachi and Nobu, please join this fanlisting by filling in the form (make sure you've read the rules before you apply!)... we're waiting for you!
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02.05.2004: 9 new members added!

09.13.2003: 16 new members added!

08.02.2003: 22 new members added!
And new codes added too!

07.28.2003: The fanlisting opens!
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Nana is a manga by Ai Yazawa.
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