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The Kennel Club's Illustrated Breed Standards describes the Bouvier des Flandres as:-

 "a rugged powerful dog, originally used for herding and protecting cattle in Belgium and France, he has found his way into the towns where he can adapt to family life.  His impressive head accentuated by eyebrows, beard and moustache gives him a formidable appearance which belies his stable temperament and amiable disposition.  However, he can and will protect home and family.  He is good with children, quiet in the house but ever vigilant.  His rough dry coat is easy to care for and, although large, he requires only a medium amount of exercise, is not a clumsy dog, but is very social and happy to live in country or city, mansion or flat."

The use of the Bouvier as both messenger and ambulance dog in the First World War led to many being shot on sight by the enemy, and the breed all but died out.  Many modern pedigrees can be traced back to a single dog which was saved by a vet from the Belgium army.

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