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Standardized Work

I'm no fan of Frederick Taylor but I do understand the problems caused by variation.  The dilemma is: how do you get free-willed, energetic, thinking, want to help,

.or as toolmakers go!  The best toolmaker is the guy that can get the job done the fastest.  Beat the estimate and do some government work! but I digress.

 doing their best, people to do things the same?  Not faster, the same.

Variation there will always be.  I'm talking macro.  Do A before B.  Then C.


First. What is standardized work?

Standardized work is the prescribed and trained way an employee performs his/her task.


It may not be the best way

It may not be the fastest way


"People donít change that much.

Donít waste time trying to put in what was left out.

Try to draw out what was left in.

That is hard enough." 


REMEMBER: from "First Break All the Rules"


The work has to be prescribed.  That is figured out - methods; written, do-able methods...with the proper environment.  Oops!  Yep, the workstation must be "to the aide and benefit of the human" That is the right, materials, measurement, machine,...Let's say the IE's did everything correctly, ergonomically beautiful and since that is fantasy;  let's say the ME's did everything correctly also, tools etc. in the right place....AND a real fantasy- Let's say the human being that is being put into this EXPENSIVE workstation is actually trained.  whew!!.    

A myriad of very important GIVENS.  How often do they happen correctly on a project. ?


Now back to standardization...  Standardized work must be the average way.  The average person can do this for 8 hours day in and day out.

Not the superstar way because not everyone is a superstar.

Not the slowest nor the fastest - the standard.  


So who wants to play:  Let's beat the standard?  In the old days, in shops, it was called work ahead.

The process has a rhythm; its takt time.  Takt time is.  No matter what you do, known or unknown, takt is the "heartbeat" of the process.  CORONARY !!  That is correct.  Takt time is simply the rate at which work must flow to meet customer demand.  SIMPLE huh!  the math is fun but let's keep it simple.  

When I was in Japan, someone used the analogy of a ballet.  The jobs in the Akebono Brake Plant in Japan are balanced, error proofed and "rhythmic".  Like a ballet.  Conversely, as the analogy goes, in our plants it's more like a hockey game.


more to come, it's getting late.


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