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Posted By Beth on 10/10/2003
What an island, what an island. flip8 claims to be the head of this loony bin. But I tend to disagree. I wish to crown nuni the Most Insane Person Here.
Nuni has taken it apon himself to build a skatepark. He updates us day by day with small, 15-word reports on what he has done. Yet I still feel that I have not received enough information about this skatepark. And so I have designed this assignment for nuni:

In 500 words or more, please answer the following questions, nuni:
How did you go about building this "skatepark"?
Where did you get supplies to build this "skatepark"?
What is the purpose of this "skatepark"?
How will this "skatepark" aid survival? Don't you think that a "skatepark" may end up killing more of you than it helps?
Where is this "skatepark" "located"?
Who do you think will end up using this "skatepark"?
Is this "skatepark" not a ploy to help you to kill off the other survivors so that you may claim the grand "prize"? No accusations intended.

And that's it. Feel free to include drawnings, animations or anything else you may need to help us to understand your "skatepark".

On another note, it is time for us to look at the returning Survivorees, and how well they have each done on the island.

Astro and Kiz both took part in Round 1 of Survivor and they are now back to try again. Do these players have a significantly stronger edge? How will they play differently this time?

Astro has joined right into the insanity of this group of normies, and Kiz, although she continues to count her votes, has done a nice job of writing mature, interesting journal enteries!

Hopefully these two will hold up the great enteries we've seen coming to them in the future, booyah.

Voting, on the other hand, is quite strange. Er_128 and Freekling left recently, which was not a big surprise to anyone. But the current vote standings surprise me, mostly because nornagon is second in the standings.

I have found nornagon's journal to be one of the most interesting. Her descriptive, exciting adventures are well-phrased and up-to-date. Daan is also very interesting to read about. News of stores and pet shops -- though un-explained -- are fun and cute. So why vote off these two?

The insanity is affecting your voting, in my opinion.

But perhaps the voting will shift. We will see what happens throughout this week! Until later, sleep well at night! And I cannot wait to see your completed assignment, nuni. I'll be waiting!!
Posted By Beth on 9/26/2003
It has recently come to my attention that the sanity of the islanders has been dropping, daily. They see things, and are often confused by what is there and what isn't.

Take, for instane, the mountain. Typething. Or whatever the heck it is. Who knows? Is it a volcano? Is it a crator resulting from a great meteor attack? Is it a giant hole with lava underneath? Does ANYONE actually know for sure?? These islanders have so far been unable to decide on what it is exactly. Not only that, but they discuss and argue about this constantly. When will we know for sure?

Secondly, a certain islander seems to believe that his hut is able to become invisible. This was brought on because somebody was painting the huts pink. Pink. Why pink? Does it sympolize something, per say? Is it because I want a pink hut? Are they teasing me? I bet they are. Flip8 is mocking me by giving everyone else exactly what I want.

To continue, Moe seems to be halucinating. He claims to have seen a "huge beam of energy shoot down from the sky". He claims it arrived along with "A huge gust of winds estimated of about 70 MPH flew over the island". I have several questions about that. 1, how does he know how fast the wind is going?? Does he claim to have some sort of wind-speed measuring tool?? Secondly, Moe later claimed that "It must have been a type of weapon." Is that a touch of paranoia I'm sensing? Hmmmmm.....

And finally, to conclude, Astro claims that he hasn't "seen or talked to anyone in almost a week". How is it possible, I wonder, to be on a deserted island with 13 other people and no see or speak with anyone for a week or more? He must be slipping into one HUGE schedual of solitary mischief. And as demonstrated by a certain Castaway in a certain movie with a certain volleyball, we all know what being alone can do to you.....

So it is obvious that of all the people here, evilmoo and DREvil were the lucky ones, managing to escape before this influenza of insanity sets in. I get the feeling that surviving this round is going to be a biiit different that surviving the last.
Now if only *my* hut were pink...
Posted By Beth on 9/17/2003
There has been lots of activity around the island, and many conflicts. First is the volcano conflict. Is it a volcano? Is is just a hollow mountain? Some say one thing, and others agree. Why don't they just all clib up and find out? We will never know. Until it erupts, I suppose.

Another thing is the confusion regarding the proper way to spell "volcano." It's volcano, man. Volcano.

Another conflict is between flip8 and many of the others. Flip8 has taken to vandelism, by discoloring the huts of others. The huts look beautiful, in my opinions. Pinks and greens, everywhere. But many of the others are not so appreciative of their pink huts, and have tried to stop the vandelism from continuing. I hope they don't succeed :)

And finally, voting has improved greatly. It's not *good* get, but it has improved. We will who our first survivors who are you leave shortly! Until then!
You're all voting wrong.
Posted By Beth on 9/14/2003
Wow! There has been so much activity for some on this island, and so little for others. Astro has been volcano hunting! Eek! At first his ideas of travelling through the volcano sounded terrifying, even to me, BeththeBravette. Luckily, he discovered, after climbing up the volcano's edge, that there was no lava inside; it's simply a giant hole, like a cave. I wonder what has made this. I can't wait until Astro goes in deeper! :)

Another strange thing that the group has been up to are snowball fights and sledding! Goodness! What fun activities!

Moe is currently my favorite Survivor. Why? Because his journal is so darn funny. It reads like my science textbooks. He's like, and then I did this (Please see figure 13-a). and so on, making references to his photo album. Does this make anyone else laugh like a school girl as they read it? I think it's very cute :)

Which reminds me! Astro got mad at me last week when I made a comment about how he has a crush on Karias. He *insists* that he does not, yet spent the wholeweek doing nicenice things for her. So either Astro is the IDEAL BOYFRIEND, and is the nicest normie on the face of Albia, or he's looking for someone's *coughKariascough* attention! Hmmmm....

Daan has also been veeeery busy, rediscovering electricity and welcomeing Albia TVt o the island! Goodness! You kids today can't go a week without television. Sad, really ;)

And finally, my most important point: we still have some normies who have not yet made one entry, yet we're voting out the user with the most entries. This saddens and disgusts me. Learn to vote, damnit! And also learn to write in your journal, pleasepleaseplease!! I beg you!
Posted By Beth on 9/8/2003
Goodness, what a group of islanders we have here! Returning, we have Karias, Kiz and Astro! Newcomers are RedDragon, Pjstaab, mel10, flip8, Moe, nuni, evilmoo, freekling, dragon_girl, DREvil, er_128, Daan and nornagon! Whew!

Already people have gotten to work. Kiz has (re)built her hut, noting that it is significantly better than last round. Hopefully she can help others build theirs, too! I know that Daan is having some problems with his/her roof! Eek!

There's also a bit of a conflict going on between Astro and Karias. Apparently, SHE doesn't trust HIM, because HE's a grendel. And I guess this has made him kinda sad. But then I asked myself, why, oh why, would that bother him? And then it came to me. Astro sounds as though he has a crush on Karias... Hmmm... Makes ya wonder, eh? That all had a snowball fight and poor Karias got nailed right in the nose by Astro! He must *really* like her, then, right?

Also, be sure to check out Moe's Photolog. It's a beautiful collection images he's been taking while on the island. A true artist!

And finally, the icons, the icons! Take a look at the fantastic icons! I want one! You'll want one, too, once you see 'em!

Eitherway, it sounds like we're going to have a great round full of excitement and wonder on the Survivor island. Can't wait to see what happens! ;)

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