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Friday, August 31, 2001

A BOB primer

It's tough to explain to people what a BOB is. Well, see, back before the whole Ford Explorer fiasco, Bridgestone also made bikes, see...No, that doesn't really do it. Um, this is about practical bikes. No, makes it sound way more boring than it is. Take DIY and add Suntour and beeswax. Nope, just gets you strange looks.

If you bike a lot, and you want biking to be part of your life, not just recreation but also about shopping and socialization and getting grease on your nails, then you need to know about Bobbishness. This page is a great primer.

Bridgestone and Rivendell articles posted by cadence90 loyola 10:22 PM

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Bike Site of the Week on Hiatus

...while we go have a baby.

posted by cadence90 loyola 12:22 AM

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