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Gallery of William H. Pickering


He worked at marrying the possibilities of technology with humanity's wonderment of outer space and, by sending spacecraft to the far edges of the solar system, made us more aware of the galaxy we live in.

--The New Zealand Edge


Archival Holdings:  

JPL Oral History Collection
Pickering, William H. 08/20/68 Interview
Pickering, William H. 06/08/72
Pickering, William H. ca. 1972
Pickering, William H. 08/28/72
Pickering, William H. 11/25/75
Pickering, William H. 10/20/89 Interview

JPL Processed Collections
Pickering (William H.) Committee Organizations Collection, 1962-1970, JPL140
Pickering (William H.) Office File Collection, 1955-1976, JPL186
Pickering (William H.) Publications Collection, 1932-1971, JPL133
Pickering (William H.) Records, Feb 1970 - Mar 1989, JPL3
Pickering (William H.) Speech Collection, 1955-1975, JPL181
Pickering (William H.) Speech Reference Collection, 1959-1974, JPL187

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