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Golan Heights
Arabic: murtafacâtu l-jawlân

Golan Heights

Syrian territory, now under Israeli occupation, of about 1,250 km˛.
The Golan Heights are situated to the east of the Jordan River. Today the population of the Golan Heights is principally Jewish Israeli, after large numbers of locals fled the area in 1973. More than 100,000 locals fled to Syria (80,000) and Lebanon (20,000). The number of Jews moving into the Golan Heights are around 75,000 who live in more than 30 illegal Jewish-only settlements. Altogether, the number of inhabitants today must exceed 200,000.
Golan Heights has been annexed by Israel, and is under Israeli law, but this is not internationally recognized.

1948: The Golan Heights becomes strategically important, as it is used as a base for artillery attacks on Israel, mostly during wars.
1967: Golan Heights are occupied by Israel early in the Six-Day War.
1973: For a couple of days during the Yom Kippur War, the Golan Heights are recaptured by Syria.
1975: Syria gets an area around the town of Qunaytirah, as a result of US-led talks after the Yom Kippur War.
1981: Golan Heights is officially annexed by Menachim Begin's government. The area is set under Israeli law, and settlements are established. The annexation has not been recognized by the international society.

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