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Chad - A Vote Not Wasted

Can You Work the Polls for Peroutka? » Help the Campaign on November 2, 2004 11/02/04

Election Night Victory Party » 11/02/04

Ballot Access Report: Peroutka/Baldwin Ballot Access Map » Check the status of your state ballot. 11/02/04

Push for the Finish Line! » This is it. We've done hundreds of radio programs, dozens of TV interviews, and scores of speeches. As I reflect on the last day of campaigning I wanted to share a few thoughts with all of you who have been faithful to our campaign and its purpose. 10/31/04

What Others Say: John and Rachel Vazquez » My husband and I finally feel like we have found someone to vote for whom has the same beliefs as we do. We are so happy in knowing that we can have a clear conscience on election day when we vote for you. 10/30/04

What Others Say: Roger and Beth W » You have our vote, not because you sound like a godly person, but because you stand for what the very Word of God stands for, and that is all that needs to be said. Period. 10/30/04

A Southerner for Peroutka » If YOU are TIRED of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and want to SAVE the Republican Party and RETURN it to the party of RONALD REAGAN instead of Lincoln, Rockefeller, Karl Rove and the South-HATING NEO-CONS of the Bush administration, then VOTE for Michael Peroutka 10/29/04

Two-Party System Must Go, Peroutka for President » Jay Leno said it best. The comedian with the unusually large chin quiped, "Its amazing that we live in a country that has 50 contestants for Miss America, but only two for president." 10/29/04

Republican Magisterial Chairman supports Michael Peroutka » As long as you and I let the Republican Party assume the vote of principed Christians while they hunt for votes in the squishy political middle we will never have qualified Republican Candidates for office. 10/29/04

What Others Say: N. Rice » After looking at President Bush's and Mr. Peroutka's positions on all issues, I discovered I have more disagreements with the President than with Mr. Peroutka. 10/27/04

Student Says "Thanks" For True Second Party View » As America readies itself to elect a president based on the promises of unconstitutional, socialist programs, you remind us that government is not in the business of care giving. We wipe our own noses. We pay our own bills. We take care of our own. We li 10/26/04

Who Needs A Psychiatrist? » President George W. Bush wants to have every American citizen, beginning with all school age children, examined by psychiatrists. 10/26/04

KTVF Ch 11 Interview with BOB Miller » Channel 11 (Fairbanks) Anchor Bob Miller grew up in Maryland, Graduate of Towson University 10/26/04

Final Push: Campaign Supplies » The first 20 people to order a box of 1500 brochures will get 100 bumper stickers at no additional cost. 10/20/04

Floridians for Peroutka » President Bush, a supposed Pro-Life President, signed $480 million of increased funding for International Family Planning. The Bush administration has now surpassed the Clinton administration ... 10/20/04

What Others Say: R.C. Sproul, Jr. - Choosing Life » I agree with Michael Peroutka on virtually every issue there is.... I will vote for him because of my commitment to unborn babies...To do anything else is at best misguided, and at worst, accessory to murder. 10/20/04

Taki Theodoracopulos of The American Conservative Endorses Michael A. Peroutka » Without big ideas, elections become about personalities�popularity contests, nothing more. Both major candidates are filching each others� rhetoric and pandering. Vote for the real deal, Michael Anthony Peroutka. 10/19/04

Howard Phillips: Constitutionally Correct Peroutka » Michael Peroutka is the only constitutionally correct choice in 2004. Let�s not let the Right go wrong again. 10/19/04

What Others Say: K. Ray » My only regret is not knowing about you guys sooner I could have became more involved. 10/18/04

Christian Coalition Voter Guide Makes Mockery of Its Own Mission & Vision » But by refusing to list my Presidential candidacy in its voters guide, by refusing to let millions of Christians know where I stand on the issues, the CCA has failed to fully educate God's people. 10/18/04

To My Fellow Conservatives - a True Story » Up until Monday October 11, 2004 I was dead set a Bush fan and was going to vote a straight ticket. 10/18/04

Peroutka Campaign Comes to Utah, A Journal » By any measuring rod, this tour was a great success and its impact should be felt for the next several years as the party grows and becomes a real force in Utah politics. 10/17/04

What others say: Ron Shank » Are you pro-life? Then vote that way 10/17/04

George W. Bush Is Not Pro-Life, by Michael A. Peroutka » this letter to the editor was published on October 15, 2004 in the Washington Times 10/15/04

What others say: Charlene Nelson, Constitution Party of North Dakota » For true conservatives, there is a third choice. Vote for Michael Peroutka, presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. 10/15/04

Rev. Joe Morecraft, III: Why I Am For Michael Peroutka for U.S. President » The most important political question is: Who is the Source of law? The God of the Bible or man? I am for Michael Peroutka for President because he knows the right answer to that question and is not afraid to say so. 10/14/04

America First Party Endorses Michael A. Peroutka » At a meeting of the America First National Committee held Tuesday, October 12, 2004, the America First Party gave its endorsement to the Presidential candidacy of Michael A. Peroutka. 10/13/04

Bush's "Culture of Life" Slogan is Empty » The moral bankruptcy of President Bush�s �culture of life� slogan has been revealed by his views on embryonic stem cell research. 10/12/04

South Marshall Middle School writes Mr. Peroutka » It was a distinct pleasure for me to hear from your students at South Marshall Middle School.� The letters I received from Mr. Dustin B. and Miss Chelsie H. were well conceived, well written and reflect very positively on the training... 10/12/04

Campaign Trail: Photos from You » Here are just a few photos. If you have photos - send them to us! 10/11/04

NOW with Bill Moyers » Showing on WETA (Washington D.C.) at 11:00 AM 10/10/04

The Cornell Presidential Debate - Watch the Video » Watch a Quicktime Video of the entire debate . . . 10/06/04

Presidential Candidate Sweeps Through Utah » The visit of this dynamic New Englander to Utah was one of the political highlights of the election campaign. He is the only presidential candidate to visit Utah this year and because of that fact, it was a very special event. 10/01/04

Vote For Liberty » If you love liberty, what has taken place in American airports should be disturbing for you. 09/23/04

The Trouble with Bush » Please read this article written by our Communications Director, John Lofton, from April 2000 09/23/04

Nader is Not a Conservative Choice » More than once, Ralph Nader has appealed to conservatives to consider voting for him for President. Those conservatives who might actually be thinking about this should know Mr. Nader's positions on the following issues 09/22/04

Franklin Sanders: An Antidote to Gloom » �But we are too weak,� you say, �there are only a few of us.� Oh? Is that so, or are our brothers and allies only silent, waiting for the first man to step forward and raise a standard? Today that man has stepped forward. 09/18/04

American's Two-Party System is a Hoax » There is a strong feeling among many good conservatives that we must "be realistic" and work within the two-party system if we expect to make a difference. 09/15/04

Republican Platform Ignores God, Exalts Man's "Goodness" » The 2004 Republican Party National Platform (RPNP) sets forth the belief in the basic "goodness" of man. In so doing, it advocates a fundamental belief in total opposition to our nation's founding and biblical principles. 09/11/04

The Bush Betrayal » Millions of Christians and conservatives continue to labor under the obviously erroneous belief that G.W. Bush is a conservative, that there is some huge difference between his policies and those of his Democratic rival, John Kerry. 09/10/04

HELP GET THE WORD OUT » We must take action ourselves to be seen and heard. So, light a candle! 09/09/04

Republicans Promise More Federal Regulation of Education » The 1996 GOP Platform called for the abolition of the Federal Department of Education which, with Mr. Bush's approval, now spends more than $60 billion annually. 09/03/04

Michael Medved Show - MP3 available » Medved uses innuendo and cheap shots that, ironically, helped the Peroutka2004 Campaign 09/03/04

Howard Phillips: Why I Cannot Vote for Bush » Howard Phillips, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Viginia, details a dozen reasons why he cannot vote for George W. Bush 09/03/04

Michael Medved's Rose Colored Glasses, by Betty Freauf » From his opening salvo about the "loser" tarian party, I knew that Peroutka was in for one tough interview. The first question by Medved was about how many states would have the Constitution Party on the their ballots? 09/01/04

Louis J. Goldberg of The Patriotist Endorses Michael Anthony Peroutka and Chuck Baldwin » Every vote counts, and I intend to make mine for Michael Peroutka for President in November because I think it is the right thing to do. I hope you will also. 08/18/04

Bush Puts Nail in American Sovereignty » This is not hyperbole or needless lamentation, but a reality we must face.� The free, independent and sovereign republic, now just shy of its 217th Birthday, is no more. 08/08/04

The American Empire, League of the South President, Dr. J. Michael Hill » America is no longer a federated, constitutional republic. It is now an empire. The worst fears of the Founding Fathers have come true, in spades. Not only have we had a Consolidated national government since Lee surrendered his army at Appomattox, but th 08/05/04

I Feel a Draft » A draft is not a tool of free nations and free people. A draft is the tool of slave states and totalitarian empires. 08/03/04

Standing Between the Butcher and the Baby » It is the duty of all governments to properly discover and administer the Law ... What happens, then, if a state government has properly administered the Law, but the federal government declares such administration to be unconstitutional? 08/01/04

Should Catholics Vote For 'Dubya'? » Janet M. Thompson of the Fides Foundation ... would not recommend that faithful Catholics vote for Bush. Why? Because Bush is not unconditionally pro-life; he allows for exceptions ... that's pro-abortion. 07/22/04

A Special Request from Michael A. Peroutka » We need to run some ads in publications where there's a good chance their readers might respond to our message and, in turn, send us contributions to pay for more ads. 05/18/04

An Abortion Free America by January 2005 » I am 100% pro-life, all nine months, no exceptions. In fact, I am so pro-life, that if elected I promise that abortion will end my first day in office. 05/14/04

Immigration Reform PAC Endorses Michael A. Peroutka for President » The Immigration Reform Political Action Committee is a national committee that unites the concerns of the vast majority of the American people who want to see their immigration laws enforced 05/11/04

Why Christians Should Not Vote for George W. Bush » As for me and my house, we will support and vote for a Presidential candidate that is pro-life without exceptions, who will not capitulate to the militant sodomites, and who will constrain themselves to the Constitution upon which our nation was founded. 03/15/04