Corp. Mansfield 1864 Mr J Moore 1908-1909 Mrs E Cooper 1946-1947
Mr W W Clifford 1865-1868 Rev G Hewith 1910 Mr A E Lunn 1947-1972
Mr S Brierly 1868-1874 Mr A C Miller 1910-1911 Mr B W Roberts 1973-1999
Mr H C Macnee 1875-1900 Mr T Hider 1911-1919 Mr F Freese 1999-
Mr Dunn 1901-1907 Rev A R Cooper 1919-1946  



The Rev A R Cooper Principal 1919-1946

Mrs Cooper Acting Principal 1946-1947

The Rev.Cooper was above average height, well built, with a ruddy complexion and always wore tweedy suits and smoked cigars

During my time at school (1936-1946) his main function was administrative. He was also Vicar of St. Paulís Church. Mrs.Cooper taught mainly in the Senior school. At this time the students were divided into Forms.The lowest class was Form 1 and the Senior Class was Form V1, altogether,with subdivisions, nine classes.

The Head encouraged all types of sport, both Inter School and School/Army sport. Inter House activities were well organised. He was a Cricket Cambridge Blue and would frequently coach and encourage the boys at nets. If a First X1 boy scored fifty or more in any match he would be presented with a cricket bat at the Annual Prize Giving which was a joint affair with St. Maryís.

Discipline was strict and corporal punishment was common. Masters were allowed to use the ruler on boysí hands but only the Head could use the cane.  In his office he had half as dozen canes and the lampshade above was torn, testifying to the height to which he raised the cane! In truth the awesome experience of being caned was far worse than the actual caning. 

World War 11 brought major problems for the Headmaster.Several masters (Hartley,Duff, Newing,Giles) left to join the armed forces and staff turnover,during this time was quite high.  The government reduced the school grant and in consequence, major cut backs had to be introduced.The Annual Prize Giving was stopped and with  it the giving of individual prizes (books,cups,etc.).The Annual Sports Day held at the Army Sports Ground was also cancelled.  However, to aid the war effort, The School Boxing Finals were held at night and tickets were sold to the public. Judges came from the Army Sports Centre in dress uniform and other officials in dress suits and  a wonderful, thrilling atmosphere was created.

In spite of all the short comings, morale was high and there was a fierce loyalty to The School and the Headmaster, due in no small measure, to his personality and leadership

His aim was to educate his boys in the widest possible sense and equip them to face whatever life sent their way and to this end he succeeded magnificently.

Over the last fifty years I have met several Old Boys of my period in school, and without exception they have all had a very high regard for Rev. Cooper and Mrs. Cooper.

From memory some of the Staff of my time were:-

Messers:-DíSena, Robey,Hunt,Mollan, and Francis,

Mrs.Breiun and Mrs.Walker and day staff Mr.Joshi and Mr.Baakza

An Old Boy (Derek Asprey, Bishopís 1936 to 1946) remembers





Mr A E Lunn Principal 1947-1972

   Mr.Lunn took over from Mrs.Cooper , the Acting Principal in  the second (June) term of 1947.

      He took over a School of seven teaching staff and 120 boys.There were approximately sixty boarders spread over three dormitories, Wadia, Jubilee and Yonkers.

     He set about increasing numbers of both Staff and Students and built upThe School to about eight hundred students and approximately forty Staff, before he retired .

     During his term of office he introduced  the School Song and Hymn Book and restarted the Mitre. He  started the Matriculation exam as an alternative choice to the Senior Cambridge, reintroduced School uniforms, made a tremendous impact on sport , revitalized the Scout movement , supervised the establishment of Bishop’s House as a fourth House and generally formalized the operation of The School.To accommodate the large number of  boarders he established Service Quarters, Framji Block and Simba House. I think it is true to say that he was the founder of Modern Bishop's.

        He was genuinely liked by both Staff and Boys and was always very approachable. He kept Open House in the Bungalow and made all welcome He gave me the opportunity to learn my craft as a teacher over 23 years I spent at  Bishop’s. and for this I owe him a debt of gratitude.

      To me he was an excellent leader and a very good friend and we had many happy times together travelling  in our car and accompanying the  School Bus, the famous “humbug” (so called because it was a bit of Humber ,Ford, Benz ,Chev,and everything else!) on trips to Kashmir , Naini Tal and other destinations with a full load of boys, children, ducks (yes ducks!) and  mice and various other animals !

                    I pay tribute to a Gentleman and a fine Principal. 


 Compiled by Bob Francis 2003


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Mr B W Roberts 1973-1999


Current Principal

Mr Frank Freese

Since its inception there have been fourteen Headmasters (Principals).Some spent a few short years at Bishop's like Mr.S.Brierly. Mr.H Macnee spent twenty five years of his life at Bishops. From all accounts both were excellent Headmasters. In the 20th century just three men,all outstanding Principals governed the fortunes of the school between them for a period of eighty years.The Rev.A.R.Cooper and Mrs.Cooper from 1919 to 1946,Mr.A.E.Lunn from 1947 to 1972 and Mr.B.W.Roberts from 1973 to 1999. I (Bob Francis) was privileged to serve under two of them from 1945 to 1967 and visited The School several times when Mr Roberts was Principal

Mr Freese the new Principal guides The School into the 21st century and I am sure he will take his place with the great men who have governed the fortunes of one of the best schools in India so well.

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