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Science, Business & Scriptures Combined?

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IQ or HQ?

May The Reader Bear In Mind That EVERYBODY Is Entitled To His Own Mistakes, While Each Different Viewpoint Contributes To The Way Up High...


We Must Know That We Don't Know And Don't NEED To Know. Thinking We Know IS STUPIDITY (the same stupidity we hate in others). Whatever We Hate In Others Is Our MAIN ISSUE about to be resolved.


Dear Friend,

'John The Baptist', if still physical, would cry from the worldly concrete desert 'Repent', for the final hour (of 'time-counting') is near...

He would remind us that scientifically, we have been majoring in 'proof' & 'research' (of the inferior human perceptive 'experience') more so than in upward-focused and time-space-less originally purposed creation... (GRACE, GLORY OF GOD).

In his hand, he'd hold the certified eternal guarantee for our prophetic success in 'business'.



To 'BE' is to 'HAVE'. To 'BE HAPPY', not to 'DO HAPPY'... 'I AM (all) THAT I AM (capable of)', granted to us, even before creation, and during human beginnings in the covenant with Abraham.


Our current Business Practices contrary to Spiritual Law?

In the following paragraphs, we are going to factually convey some truths beyond the letter of the bible (The ONLY Precise Scientific Law Book in existence, according to Ivan Panin, and the very 'Instruction Manual' that the willfully ignorant masses claim we 'came without').

Every individual on earth must realize the following facts to function:

We will prove that

  • nothing in this universe receives life-support from the sun
  • nothing can essentially 'harm' or 'heal' us without our (collective) consent
  • everything around us, including our technology serves a symbolic purpose for our return to power as 'crutches for, detours from' original creative thought-like awareness
  • Jesus Christ (God personified - Isaiah 9:6) demonstrated every detail of our perfect creative capacity, and the path thereto
  • the possibility of CREATION in itself eliminates the necessity of 'EVOLUTION'
  • 'we do not live of bread alone' must really be translated 'we do not live of bread at all'
  • there are at least three conditions for overcoming 'time' as an entity
  • business 'activity' is ultimately unnecessary
  • since Philosophy is the only discipline of simplified, consistent and fundamental original thought applying principles to life itself, it is the only 'science', well demonstrated by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Marcus Aurelius, Goethe and others


The first question we must ask ourselves is "Why is the last book of the bible named 'Revelation'"?

Simply because we already know EVERYTHING PERFECTLY; only, it has to become part of our AWARENESS through open-minded, high-powered processing of perfect intelligence, or revelation. Perfection exists. Everything present right now consists of perfection. We will only doubt that fact, if we acknowledge 'quantity', 'evolution', 'time' and '3-D space' as true parts of the universe. And John prophesied the consequences of any discrepancy between our chosen imperfect spiritual states and the truth, in this final spiritual book of 'OVERCOMING'.

The acceptance of that fact alone can ideally propel us to where we could be, using shortcuts of thought. The ONLY factor that matters at all is QUALITY. Motionless joyfulness as the quality of life; perfection as the only quality of the universe that must be accessed, used and enjoyed, with quantum physics as our analytical guide and philosophy as our synthetic thrust.

Einstein once mentioned a few words about 'not revealing his source'. Still, decades after his death, 'scientists', 'experts' are going about 'PROVING' his theories. Think! If we can CREATE whatever we desire, our creation becomes TRUE & PROVABLE, as soon as we direct our intent, attention & observation to it. The FREEDOM we have received is not constrained to sociological choices, but also applicable to inventing of any possibility. Along with it and inherent to it comes PROOF of existence. That is Einstein's secret 'source'.

Thus, any one of us can 'discover black holes', and they become 'true'; 'see a new solar system', and it is; establish a mathematical rule, or 'law', and it can be proven. However, because one individual says it is true (for him) another needs not live by the same rule, or law, and is capable of making up his very own; if we look to another human for 'rules', we disturb the direct line to infinite raw power with which each of us were equipped.

In mutual agreement, we have created 'UFOs', 'flying saucers' and 'proof of ancient civilizations'; we have adopted means of 'proving age', re-enforcing the existence of 'bacteria', 'parasites', 'harmful chemicals' and 'poisons' (MEDICINE); we have concocted the 'nuclear threshold', 'interstellar war', 'ETs' and weapons of 'destruction'.


The Missing Link In Our Thought (Isaiah 54:17) Dictates Our Downfall

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee (you against yourself) in judgment (of falsehood) thou shalt condemn (eventually reveal as being untrue). This is the heritage of the servants (spiritual truth seekers) of the LORD (law), and their righteousness (discovery of the truth) is of me (my intent for outcome), saith the LORD (law).

Any one soul on earth who does not study the bible in-depth deprives himself of true, scientific wisdom. The bible is NOT religious, only people are being religiously ignorant, whereby forgetting that Jesus Christ did not appear to us for His personality, but for His MESSAGE OF TRUTH. We are still 'killing' the messenger on the cross (Mel Gibson), even though the original meaning of the cross-symbol is LIFE (EGYPTOLOGY).

Let's 'Pick up our CROSS' - 'LIVE LIFE' in a manner suitable, and follow Him (His exemplary manifestations), leaving the downside-up world with its erroneous judgments below us.


The point of leaving the SPIRITUAL BASEMENT (Duck pond, or company of small fish) has come.

The closer we look, the more we will gain the insight that humanity has EVERYTHING upside-down; thus 'REPENTING' (turning the 180° opposite way) is the only means to realization of our purpose.

In Genesis 1:11, we read that God made the trees and plants, before He made the Sun, as a LIGHT. In Genesis 1:3, He MADE light; thus visible light is PHYSICAL, spiritual 'enlightenment' is INVISIBLE, only conceivable by thought-like awareness. Both facts are symbolic for a perpetual existence fueled through SPIRIT. What is 'spirit'? Spirit is original power, of which electricity & radio-activity have become variables, or aspects in our physical realm through human 'discovery'. Just as our error in judgment of our true nature has brought us struggle, sickness, war and death, so are electricity and radio-activity, if not managed correctly, of negative impact to our perceived fragile constitution.

However, proving the possibility of overriding the physical, two of us have walked on physical water, many of us have walked through physical fire, one in the bible, Philip, and to our knowledge Uri Geller (Uri Geller's Mindpower Kit - The Penguin Group USA, 1996) were transported by the spirit (FLEW), some of us have become spirit and are still 'guiding' humans... Leonardo's wish was for ALL humanity to FLY.

Let's have a look at our physical 'disabilities'. Are the blind necessarily spiritually blind? If some of us have limbs missing, are they incapable? Don't the deaf still learn speech via vibration? The meaning of any 'miracle healing' is that the capacity of perfection, our ultimate condition, never stopped existing; the meaning of 'resurrection' that life never stops, only our erroneous perception of the 'necessity' of death (and 'taxes') has caused the temporal effect of it.

If we believe that 'flesh' is 'flesh' in the first place, seeing it rut and eaten by worms, we buy into 'death' as reality. The sooner we realize that God made us of 'dust' (star-dust, or energy, perceived as 'matter', or minerals), we can finally claim eternal life, by believing in it, right here on earth. After all, 'death' is said to be eliminated, and eternal youth and life are two of the 3,000 promises (truths) in the bible.

The 'pollution' on earth that supposedly kills us, is not measurable matter, such as exhaust, but the density of low-vibratory, troublesome, erroneous thought, emitted by ignorantly judgmental, fault-finding, animosity-harboring  and finger-pointing humanity. Accidents that 'cost lives', are based on turbulences that counteract the individual protective energy field. If we were aware that we just have to be relaxed and focus on being protected, even fatal 'accidents' would not happen.

As a matter of fact, 'risk' does not exists. The perception of 'risk' of 'loss' is also based on ignorance of biblical principles.

It has been proven that even cars and airplanes intelligently absorb the troublesome vibrations of humans. People who have constant car trouble are definitely not calm and peaceful. Crashing airplanes do not just stop flying because of 'mechanical defects'. Instead of electronic search instrumentation, airports should make yoga and sublime LOVE music mandatory for every crew and passenger.

Also, 'victims' of any crime are said to be on the same 'wavelength' as their aggressors; master and slave, sharing the same perception of lack and poverty. Enemies falsely believe that their 'doing' can harm the other, while having the power to bless instead, and thus become invincible through the de-activation of boomerang energy. Moralists, who dictate a certain type of behavior as 'correct', base their assumptions on the same premise, the possibility of affecting anything, or anybody other than oneself.

Our entire present human concept is based on action, motion, moving to and fro, leaving, running away, looking 'back' and yearning 'forward', rushing around, dead-lines, 'DOING', with very little left to 'BEING NOW', where ALL already (ALL READY) IS.

Then why is our universe concentric, interacting perfectly and sustaining us, regardless of the number of individuals since the beginning? A spherical shape indicates no 'above', or 'below', no 'left', or 'right', no 'inside', or 'outside', no 'before', or 'after'. Everything simply and perfectly rotates, proceeds and returns in perfect quality providing a constant basis for unlimited creation WITHIN THE PERFECT WHOLE, where every act affects the whole; nothing remains as it 'was', twice in a row.


Humanity is fixing to fit a square peg into a round whole, getting Nowhere

Let's look at the original act of creation:

God thought and spoke, acknowledged quality. Finish.


Adam's 'fall' was his perceived separation from congruence with perfect truth, when he thought that his physical intent could surmount original power (to become 'as gods', separately from our essence). He was ordered to 'work in the sweat of his brow', while Eve was sentenced to perpetuate perceived 'birth-pain' throughout all generations, until our return to perfection would be realized; the point of the 'second coming' of 'Christ' (God-power) within all of us.

Friend, this congruent absorption cannot be achieved through physical 'work', or 'movement'. Aristotle once wrongly qualified change as 'movement'. It isn't.

What does 'I and the Father are one' express?

Jesus Christ was the only individual, who has transposed His mental power above physical perception and become CONGRUENT WITH SPIRITUAL POWER via CONCEPTION of Truth.

How did He manage?

  • Absolute conception of the truth (After all, He 'came from above')
  • Being completely immersed in the present and its perfect potentiality
  • Being free of energy pollution, thus at a vibration of 101000
  • Yielding any human interpretive thought to spiritual reality
  • Being free of unnecessary e(nergy)motions (disturbances), such as anger, fear, worry, jealousy
  • Having His physical seat merged with His spiritual origin
  • Understanding that gravity is not a force, but a gateway of perfect interaction and functionality between aspects, dimensions of quality, appearing to the human eye as 'change'
  • Applying that only our faith (knowledge of God) accomplishes any maximum creativity within the omnipresent, omnipotent & omniscient ether (miracles & phenomena)
  • Recognizing any human as an extension of Himself, an individuation of God, embodied as 'human attributes'
  • Being passionate, incited by true creative fire within (solar-plexus), simultaneously conceiving and applying the worldly and the beyond-worldly state
  • Not ever even trying to use His (nonexistent) physical 'power' against any human, thus disappointing His young, impetuous disciples, who were waiting for just that (When Judas called the 'Policing Force', he expected Jesus Christ to apply His power against them to save Himself, and was not 'selling Him out'.)
  • Never listening to human 'advice', but closing the inner power-circuit via prayer
  • Simplifying in analysis and synthesis the complex concoctions of the Scribes & Pharisees (the humanly self-installed 'leadership' based on falsehood) for powerful effects on ordinary people which sowed the unstoppable seed for all humanity; thus confirming His purpose on earth: Manifestation of Spirit


Why is Jesus said to have been a carpenter (engineering architect, inventor)...

...Not a tradesman, warrior, peasant, or magician?

A carpenter works with what already naturally IS, cuts it into NEW peaces and constructs something NEW from it. He uses the various proprietary qualities of wood for an appropriate selection of final design. He selects only those pieces that are truly required without any intent of waste, or destruction. He 'listens' intuitively to the inner growth of wood in order to achieve the best and a lasting outcome. He construes with his thought and symbolically enacts with his hands the model of creation. 


How do the philosophical principles of the scriptures relate to business?

Business, entrepreneurship, represents the highest discipline of theoretical learning and practical application 'thinking on our feet', simplified, and on an as-needed basis. It also challenges our relational capacity of interaction, the contribution of our utmost intent, attention and love in the process of creation (of value) to brothers and sisters in the human community, and the  raising of our standard of perception of 'imperfection' ultimately to the final conception of our inherent perfection, thus establishing 're-birth' of creation as it was originated to be.

Many avid bible enthusiasts recognize Jesus Christ as the greatest entrepreneur of all time. He did his business without focus on money, walked in the spirit, healed people on the way to small town after small town, knew what to say to whom, always keeping focused on the truth and the purpose of His business, never stopping, perpetually affecting the masses with His example of ego-free service and applied capability, without ever attempting to SELL anything, or Himself.

His followers did so by free will, because they trusted His unusual and unique appearance, authority and demeanor. He gave them intangible power, attracted them with wisdom, demonstrated by tangible effects, the ultimate value that needs be created by any entrepreneur. When His congregation gave Him monetary contributions, they did so as a symbol of their love and the appreciation of educational assistance and value received. Jesus Christ was the wealthiest entrepreneur, not based on the QUANTITY, or monetary worth of His possessions, but on the QUALITY, the love and appreciation by the people that surrounded Him, whom he helped and healed, always available, seeking their fulfillment in order to experience His own.

His being crucified, taken apart, disregarded and shunned for His pioneering message is the ultimate demonstration for any entrepreneur, who free of any concern for public opinion, violent opposition and murderous competitive intent presses on ahead, toward perfection in his field of service, while guided by spirited courage and inspired wisdom.


Why 'Marketing' is NOT the Key Element Of Business

Simplifying the Business Process

1. Sharpening of our tools (99% is mental, educational preparation for giving & receiving mechanisms) by us BECOMING OUR BUSINESS, the activity of LOVE that comes naturally like play

2. Looking for means of innovation of what is presently being done via simplifying systems and implementation of advanced conclusions

3. Seeking to apply our least physical effort via continuous expansion of thought

4. Setting up technological automation and a process of constant updating

5. Maintaining access only to relevant & progressive information, thus avoiding overload

6. Attracting well-suited followers of our unique, innovative & pioneering business message with our honest & sincere intent to serve

7. Producing the highest, most ethical and effective value for and with the people that pay us money as a symbol of love & appreciation; setting ourselves up for perpetual monetary and spiritual wealth; regardless of what we 'do', 'think' or 'say', if we focus on our benefit to others, they will be loyal.

The effects of these 7 points are TIMELESS. There is no rush. In establishing our fundamental business contribution and our willingness to serve, we provide a wide-open window for DIVINE POWER to move in and create results that are instant and unrelated to 'history', 'experience', or duration.

If we follow these steps, we have done it right, once, and will not fail, or have to do it over. Resurrection, even in business, becomes unnecessary. By overcoming the death of business, we ultimately establish eternal life in every sense.

To BE is to HAVE. To BE of service is to BE wealthy. To BE alive is to BE granted LIFE.

Marketing in itself is going against the flow, persuasively forcing people who are not being drawn to us by the favorable circumstances the universe is capable of creating for us (prayer), and who may NOT TRULY REQUIRE the products or services we currently offer, or the results that are potentially available to them at that given moment, because of their unique spiritual state of development.

Most of the people whose attention, interest and buying power we affect, have not recognized their state of development. Who is to correctly determine, if, or why they need our offer?

Many authors of eBooks, for instance, criticize that the attendants of their seminars, or the buyers of their programs do 'NOT ACT UPON' the given information, thus remaining where they were before, only to return and buy more of the same, packaged differently (QUANTITY) as another FIX, instead of the cure. The reason for the lack of action and results is THAT THE TIMING FOR THE 'CUSTOMER' WAS OFF. He has been enticed to purchase (DO) by skillful words and forceful strategies what was not scheduled for him (TO BE), according to his readiness as a part of the universal scheme.

Forcing anything, in which advertisement and marketing has to be included, will not bring progressive effects, but set-backs. Directed & focused natural attraction can finally bring perfect interaction between the precise timing for progress of the individual that buys and the seller of the service, if either of them would simply FOCUS ON BEING who they ultimately want to BE, whereby attracting to themselves the progress and results they both effectively require.

'Build it and they will come', must be corrected to 'BUILD YOURSELF and they will come'.


Health, Wealth & Relationships,

according to John Harricharan, are the areas of our lives that present any 'problems' all of us have always faced.

Let's have a look, dear Friend, at why this is so:

The problem begins with any person, who has the desire to affect anything, or anybody outside of himself at a point when nothing is ready to be affected, or is out of alignment. Remember, the bible speaks so often of 'longsuffering', or 'patience', which does not relate to 'time duration', for it is ample available for any purpose, but to 'timing', to trustingly hold out and set out in our attitude for something to be presented to us, rather than us having to forge ahead.

God thought and spoke, the act of 'doing' entirely amiss. Adam & Eve, when still in paradise, only had to think a thing and it would come. (See 'The Original Story Of Adam & Eve').

The problem continues with the supposition that we are able to affect anybody other than ourselves by doing anything. Only what God has built is essential and will stand. What did God 'build'? Humanity. Our actions are free, within our personal realm of life, but not independent of the big picture. There are forces and laws that if we go too far, will present us with setbacks, to equalize and perfect the big picture, keeping our circumstances perfectly arranged for our benefit. The effect is apparent sorrow to ourselves, if we don't ask and receive, but go out and 'get it'.

If we struggle and press ahead, the saying 'two steps forward and one step back applies'. If we keep it up in disregard, without correction, we will experience more and more downfalls.

What we build without consideration of that fact, will fall anyway. Why not stop, be quietly focused and ask God to produce? He has already granted everything, before we ask, proved by quantum physic's discovery of quantum packets always at the beck and call of our creative intent, be it wise or unwise at that point.

We were given a meticulous body that aims at healing itself at all time, but cannot do it entirely by itself without our conviction of being healthy. If we desire love from a particular mate, He will create him or her for us. And wealth originates in our perception of what we already have. If we love it and are grateful for it, do not complain and 'work' with it, we advance quickly toward what we envision.

When we convince ourselves lovingly that the mate we have right now is perfect for us, divorce becomes, as intended, superfluous, for we find in the next person the reflection of our own state of development anyway. If we go farther along that thought and picture our partner the way we would like them to be (praying), all 'problems' will vanish based on acceptance of the presence and resulting creation of benefit.

In conclusion, 'problems' are being created by our perception of what 'should be' and supposedly cannot be 'seen' as yet. Problems are results of ignorance, misjudgment, lack of wisdom and loving acceptance.

We were surrounded by a quantum soup of absolute intelligence that is geared to produce any seemingly impossible thing after another. Instead we look critically at what was created before us, stunting our growth, bickering and bothering one-another.


Time Perceived

The universe is immeasurable. Why? It's probably inconsequential, for 'QUANTITY' means absolutely nothing. Or does it really matter, if one elephant is larger than another, or if one bean is bigger than the rest?

In a nature that is already permeated with everything it needs, more of anything is not required. We all recall from our physics lessons that 'one energy transforms into another, but does not get lost'. Does 'time', or the length of existence matter at all for the quantum packets that constitute the contents of our realm? We hurry not to 'lose' anything, we take precautions, 'in case we 'GET hurt' (insurance?)... What ignorance is driving this planet.

Symbolized by human thought ability as one thought 'at a time', there IS only ONE thing at a time, always, unchanging, ready to be plaid with, impersonal, highly potent, safe and beautiful in outcome. Contrary to human supposition, there IS NO 'entropy', and we can only perceive 'chaos', if we have not reached the level of thought our understanding would demand.

Nothing comes in and goes out of existence, if it consists of small intelligence units in the first place, which simply arrange and re-arrange themselves in concordance with original thought. Those units just ARE. Not 'good, or bad', but immaterially ARE. They do not 'AGE', thus the world made of them does not 'age'. If the world does not age, humans do not have to 'age', if they begin thinking that way.

Moses' unconsumed burning bush means just that: Intelligence and empty space cannot be 'consumed'; standing on 'Holy (Whole) Ground' means all is WHOLE at all time, whether we see it or not, but it has been pointed out to us. The ONLY book we really need to KNOW is the bible. The discovery of facts beats any Sherlock Holmes thriller.

According to Jesus Christ, nothing we eat matters, or even if we eat at all (symbolized by many 40-day periods of hanging out in the physical desert and by fasting), for all depends on what comes from our 'heart', our spiritual essence. The only gap between what really IS and what we see of it is in our ability to absorb wisdom into our soul, the connective vehicle to spiritual essence.

Looking at this closely, we also discover that any human, who ever lived is not a 'person' in the sense of the separated entity we have in mind, but an individual personified QUALITY of what is possible. The 'living' and 'dying' of persons before us was necessary in the course of our realization that nothing 'dies'. Since the physical possibility of a person was once created, it is up to his or her conscious thought to self-perpetuate.

How many 'old' people have told themselves that 'it was time to die'? Could their life-span, or time of 'death' have anything to do with it?

 All of us have been given the same amount of gray mass, processing unit; the same access to spiritual power, high-speed Internet connection; the same faculty of seeing; monitor, and the same physical ability to communicate, mouse & keyboard, audio & video.

Still, some of us turn out pioneering programmers, others business owners creatively using their tools in specialization, and the remainder of researchers and statisticians either constantly focuses on what 'IS', or the 'surfers', constantly looking at things and not seeing, playing games and not growing. Most lives remain a constant series of repetitions, while the meaning of life is progression.


 'Lack Of Time'?

If we say we have no time, so it is. Is it true? Not at all. We have as much 'time' as we say we do. In the face of eternity, we have limitless 'time', including even the time we desire to live.

Again, God has already GIVEN US EVERYTHING. From Jesus we know that 'ONLY GOD KNOWS'. If God knows AND has already given us everything, the decision on how long we live depends on us. If we believe the men in the white coats telling us when we have to die, we die. If we realize that neither can they heal us, only convince us of our will to either live or die, while pumping us full with poisonous 'medicine', we must simply make the decision to LIVE.

The death-industry, all its doctors, nurses and professionals are based on a mistake: The search for 'healing' outside of ourselves, in pills, liquids, equipment, potions. The entire industry, like many others reinforces supposed 'helplessness' and the dragging each other down into the spiritual basement. All doctors and hospitals perpetuate the idea of 'death', making loads of money from it, and waving their human-given 'degree' in front of people, which is nothing but an error, an omission of truth.

A 'degree'? for what - playing pope?

Jesus Christ did never visit a funeral and said 'Let the DEAD bury the dead'. He only attended Lazarus' tomb in order to re-awaken him. This is probably the most powerful message of all: DEATH does not exist!


Evoking 'Miracles'

Anything we witness that has no human explanation based on the 'quantity of time in evolution', or our main human error, seems to us like 'out of this world'. It is. It simply reflects potential unrelated to quantity, time, or evolution, for these three are falsehoods developed by our 3-D thought-process based on a supposed 'LINEAR' development (in a concentric world? we don't even have one single STRAIGHT line on the surface of the earth connecting point A to point B. They all are curves.)

Granted, if we 'measure' time, we get the impression that it takes 285 days for a human to 'evolve' from its liquid origin within liquid. However, the 'time' it takes for a human to be capable to exist on earth is inconsequential. Our true focus should be directed toward the 'stages, the sequence of quality exchange' as the new human grows; and, as we all know, many of us come to light much sooner and still live, rendering time secondary, to say the least, but love & nourishment primarily responsible.

What the pre-sequenced growth (not evolution) in the womb symbolizes is the sequence of spiritual human development, where everything feeding the embryo to the finished baby comes through the umbilical cord of the mother, just like our entire being is based on spiritual power-supply (the silver cord of Ecclesiastes 12:6), while we grow from complete spiritual unawareness to being consciously spiritually powered, the point at which the umbilical cord along with all the golden vessels (our understanding of material wealth) break and we are self-sufficient.

At that time, if we evoke a 'miracle', we omit time and space restraints and create a certain quality of a possible event instantly. While God created the frame-work of circumstances according to His original idea of the universe, and in particular logical sequences, we are free to create within that absolute, timeless (age-less) and unlimited framework. However, we have had our mind set on a certain amount of time it would take, for us to 'get' wealth (5 years), for us to 'become' lean (1 year), and for us to find a suitable mate (never).

How can we free ourselves from the idea of 'time' altogether?


3 Ways To Become Timeless

1- The more passionately we LOVE what we already have, the faster we will have what we truly desire, for our inner fire affects volition, whereas indifference and hardness of heart slow down the possibilities.

2- From vector calculus we learn the value of point zero. It just is, it rests in the center of our imaginary coordinates. As soon as we move 'below' or to the 'left', we create 'negative value', and if we dare to move 'up' and to the 'right', it becomes 'positive' (simplified two-dimensional). These movements symbolize 'time' and 'space' to our minds. However, point zero symbolizes the truth (multi-dimensional), (e)motionless and timeless, taking up no space, and just BEING.

3- At a state, where we can completely consecrate our minds, sleep, eating, speech and any lower intent to our spiritual essence, we fully function in the absolute realm, being able to create and re-create (resurrect) ourselves.

To the degree by which we can be mentally motionless, unmoved by judgment, prejudice, interpretation or opinion, and motivated & driven only by the neutral powers of inspiration and intuition, we can overcome 'time'.

What does it mean for our future? Waiting for anything to 'evolve' becomes a thing of the past and will be replaced by the instant creation of anything we desire, within a logical, universal sequence and as a part to fill in the big puzzle, which constantly grows in QUALITY and adaptation to potential.


We ARE healthy, wealthy and loved

Blood is the symbol of spiritual power, its supply, its nourishment and its circulation, so are air and water. Often, in the bible we read about bloody water, blood in rivers (earth's vessels of circulation); the north-winds being the symbol for turbulences caused by our erroneous human thought. Yes, finally, humans arrive at true conclusions: Blood is not 'thicker than water'; but only blood, water and air together can make us function. All three symbolize spirit-power as a whole.

In the womb, we find 'bloody water'. Any creature is originally capable of swimming. Watch your kittens being born. As they come to light, they 'swim', having to learn how to 'walk'. Swimming, mentally being in the flow, is thus our goal.

According to Genesis, God separated the waters from the waters. What?  Let's venture to say that there is only water, and in the process of separation, air and blood sprung up. We know that gas can be liquefied, and blood shows us that oxygen can be naturally integrated in liquid. We also know from alchemy that pure spiritual fire is liquid.

But let's get to the subject, which is being as happy as a fish in the water, healthy, wealthy and loved, or just 'BEING' high-quality humans, surrounded by original spiritual promotion of our being ALL we can be.

In order to realize that we actually are all that already, we simply look at the quality of water:

  • every drop, one at a time, can make holes in rock
  • water is water, no part of it is different
  • any manipulation of it eventually returns to original water
  • a body of water that keeps flowing contains all property to wash and cleanse
  • water is used as spiritual symbol in baptism
  • water flows, and nothing can truly stop it
  • water contains the minerals that replenish life of bodies made of dust (not vitamins, or enzymes)
  • rain water is pure and prayed for the world over
  • life is said to be a spring
  • earth is moved by water
  • we feel good in and around water
  • the melody of water in a waterfall, or creek calms us
  • the smell of slightly fishy water pleases us
  • the most beautiful flower, the lotus comes to the surface of water, out of the mud
  • water drowns us if we don't manage ourselves within it
  • plants and surroundings appear 'dry' without water
  • since our body already contains the properties of water, and blood, and the facility to add oxygen, it symbolizes the absence of the 'need to eat physical bread', basing its existence solely upon the influx of spiritual power
  • water poses the only challenge left to overcome: walking on it without Jesus' direct help, like He was to Peter, but in use of the power of the Christ

Now you ask, what's your point?

Actually, when writing this paragraph, I had no point. However, the next day, I went searching and was lead to the fact that humanity will eventually live without digestive tracts. That's when it dawned: Since blood, water and air all symbolize spirit and fire is the creative 'spark', we have the ability to stay here for ever, turn ourselves into any 'form', and be absolutely independent of any one's influence & decision but out own, when we (humanity) can 'see' what is necessary. Nietzsche's words indicate that 'Freedom is Insight in Necessity'. I agree.

All that is necessary to us is the turning on of the FIRE, the white purifying flame in the center of our chest, the solar-plexus, the 'sun' of our body, which is the ultimate receiver for our dreams and wishes. The solar-plexus in turn activates the eye we must use for 'seeing' (understanding of wisdom), the pineal-pituitary gland combination.

Unlimited Spirit equals unlimited life, unlimited health, wealth, love, etc., The Kingdom Of God One Earth (our domicile). We do no longer wait for ET to appear, we turn ourselves into ET, propel ourselves into another dimension, or stay home on the mountain, or the bottom of the ocean. We realize that earthquakes and tournedos are results of violent turbulences in our energy fields caused by our own contrary intent to nature and toward each other, and God just IS.

All this, my Friend, is proof that we only need ONE planet originating physical life, and no 're-incarnation' either, confirming the law of necessity, once and for all.

Ina Bliss

ina @

Being called the final prophet by one of her peers, Ina sees all things differently, helps to coordinate & simplify three fields of importance, and has your interests in mind, when she sets things straight. - Mission: Spiritual Business Power | Subscribe HERE to the Truth Applied



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Consecration (i.e. Opening to the Power) | Top

Perhaps the greatest secret that we reveal is a knowledge about a new power that exists on earth. It is the power that when utilized can create instant success and accomplishment in your life, solve any problem, enable infinite possibility, and enable an individual to evolve from his current consciousness to a higher status of awareness in life. [This reference is to the Holy Spirit, which is NOT new, only for those whose defects point to ignorance of the bible - IB]

All one has to do is open to this power, this spiritual Force a moment before taking any action or commencing any activity. Thereafter, you will likely notice that everything goes right, circumstance turn your way, life cooperates, and a new feeling and energy comes into play. For example, just the right person will arrive when you are were seeking solutions from others to help you with an issue; or a phone call will come to you from out of nowhere solving a problem or providing a solution; or a sense of calm and peace will arise in the environment where there was previously agitation and stress.

Opening to this higher force before commencing an act has the power to evoke positive responses from life. Also actions are completed much better than expected, people respond more positively, events move more quickly, and life "cooperates."  

To experience this effect just once in one's life is to set one onto a new course in life.

This consecration of an event can also lead to what we consider spiritual results as well - such as a deep sense of peace and calm, a feeling of harmony and unity of purpose with others or things around one in the environment, or even an inner feeling of spiritual joy, delight, and bliss.

Different Approaches to Consecration
You can practice this technique of consecration, this opening to the spiritual Force, in different ways. Some are able to consecrate before a major event in their lives; some are able to do it regularly before a major activity or activities in a working day (such as a teacher consecrating before a class, a manager consecrating before writing a new report, or an individual visiting a relative). Some are even able to consecrate before the small activities of the day (such as before brushing one's teeth, or driving a car). At whatever level you practice this technique, you are sure to see real results.

We believe that this spiritual force and power that is accessed through the method of consecration has become more active in the world in the last fifty years; especially the last ten or twenty. It is now more accessible, and has a greater power of effectivity to bring about great results. Why this is so requires an explanation of the evolution of what this spiritual Force is, what is its changing nature that makes its so powerful now, and what is likely to make it even more powerful in the future. We have addressed some of these points in another article on the emergence of this Force in life. 

Spiritual Nature of the Force
Briefly, we can think of this Force as the active power of the highest consciousness; that is, of what we call God, the Divine, the Absolute, or Brahman as is known in the East. This power of the divine consciousness has the ability to create instant truth, knowledge, success, and joy in our lives. What normally would take a week, a month, or a lifetime to accomplish can happen in a few days, a few hours, or even instantly. What would normally take considerable effort, movement, and interaction on your part can take place right where you are. 

We can try to understand this phenomenon from the metaphysical perspective. We can say that the universe emerged from God, the Absolute, the original Omnipresent Divine Reality. The Absolute has always been there, is there now, and always will be there. In order to manifest the universe from the Divine reality, It extended itself through a new plane, which we call the Supramental plane. That plane was the intermediary between the Divine Reality and the universe that was created from out of the Divine reality. The Supramental plane served to coordinate various aspects between the Divine reality and the forms in the universe that would emerge from that Divine reality. In that way this Supramental plane was the ultimate force of creation, since is enabled the Divine to manifest into a universe of forms. That ultimate power which enabled creation is also available to us so that we too can manifest creative results in our own lives. [Remark - This power was always present, only recently, people have begun figuring out how to access it. It comes directly to us. There are no middlemen, just as there were none between Jesus and God. The power is the Christ-Power. IB]

When the individual opens to, remembers this power before an event or an activity that is about to start, the Absolute transfers its infinite powers through this intermediary Force to the particular situation that the individual is about to engage in. 

Opening to the Force enables problems to be solved, solutions to appear out of nowhere, harmony to be created, success to flourish, perfection to come about, and joy to rise. As life responds abundantly, quickly, miraculously to our invocation of the power, we will see that our normally accepted notions of space and time, cause and effect are overcome and transcended. Even what we believe is possible, i.e. what we perceive is as finite is overcome, as the infinite potentials of life appear in what we formally perceived as finite possibility. These are the results of the infinite capacities of the Force, the same force that was/is the power that enabled the universe to emerge from the original Divine Reality.

The Force is the ultimate, dynamic power of creation in the universe; and that same power is available to the individual. If an individual opens to this Force at any moment, a connection is made that enables one or more of its attributes to directly enter the act or event.

This power solves problems, resolves conflicts, dissolves dead habits and unwanted traits, opens up new opportunities, generates freshness and enjoyment in everything we do, widens the personality, deepens our awareness, and reveals one's true inner self. 

This infinite, dynamic, creative power, sometimes referred to as "Truth Consciousness," was first discovered or perhaps we should say rediscovered by the Indian sage and seer Sri Aurobindo in the first half of the 20th century.

We ask you to try this method and approach, and see if you experience the extraordinary results. If you have the experience even once, it can change your outlook on reality, giving you a whole new perspective on the nature and powers that are available in life. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals we know of have had the experience of connecting to the Force, with stunning results in terms of their accomplishment, success, and happiness in life.

Solving Current Problems
It is also possible to take consecration a few steps further. For example, you can also consecrate a current problem, and through consecration, overcome it; even turning it into an unexpected opportunity. Needless to say, such a change in fortune will bring about a profound joy in one's life.

So consecration, or perhaps we can call it "offering up the problem" to a higher power, to the Force, also solves problems. It solves them instantaneously, miraculously, and in creative ways not thought of before. It even reveals to us new unthought of opportunities. It has the power to overcome negativity and it has a creative power; giving us access to that same creative, dynamic power that enabled the universe to manifest from the Divine reality. It is the ultimate power in life at our disposal.

Opening to Power Matched by Changing Corresponding Weakness
So you can overcome any problem in life; a conflict with the boss, a physical ailment, a money problem, or confusion on a programming job. All of life is in play when we consecrate a problem. 

There are however instances where you consecrate an act, event, past problem, etc. and get no results. This can of course be disconcerting for those who have faith in the Force. There is a simple meaning to this outcome: It is that the Force cannot move unless a corresponding limitation or weakness in our own selves is also overcome. When one invokes the Force, there are various parts of our being that are at play. If there is no result from invoking the Force, then one or more of these aspects in one's self are limited or negative, are blocking the action of the Force, and need to be overcome or otherwise resolved for the power to move. Then, as soon as you change that part of your nature, you will see an abundant response from life to your earlier consecration.

For example, an individual opens to the Force concerning a difficult situation with his boss. He offers with great intensity, but there is no results. It is only when he overcomes his reluctance to meet with the boss and discuss the matter directly with his boss, is his problem resolved. Not only that, but a very painful neck problem that he had had for six months also simultaneously vanished. The combination of overcoming one's limitation --whether it be a bad attitude, or a false opinion, or a negative past action -- in tandem with the Force, will enable wonderful life response if an opening to the Force alone does not do the trick.

Overcoming Past Problems
In addition to consecrating an event that is about to take place, or a current problem, you can also use the Force to overcome problems of the past, including the effect of mistakes of the distant past on your current situation. In other words, one can also consecrate any past difficulties or problems to change one's fortune in the present.

You can consecrate past limitations and problems, which will dissolve them, resulting in positive, abundant, instantaneous opportunities and other changes in fortune in the present. This is possible because the Force is beyond any limitations of time; of past, present, and future. That's the case because the source power behind the Force, that which created the universe, is in touch with the timelessness of the Divine Reality.

Spiritual Results Too
Consecration not only brings great gross, material results, but it also brings spiritual results as well - such as a deep sense of calm and peace, a feeling of harmony and unity of purpose with others or things around one in the environment, a deep perception of knowledge and truth and wisdom, or even an inner feeling of spiritual joy, delight, and bliss.
Let's return to our earlier example to show an example of this:

Intensity of Consecration
Normally, we make the connection with the spiritual domain through concentration or prayer; calling to a Divine source or the spirit within us. In these instances, we have usually withdrawn from the fervor of our emotions in order to make a connection with the higher power. However, we have seen that the more intense the consecration, the greater the results; i.e. the greater life responds.

By "intensity" we mean that our ardor for the Divine help through the consecration is intense, sincere, deep, and full. When one reaches this state, the intensity of the nagging problem or difficulty is transferred to the intensity of the offering of the situation or circumstance to the Divine. The transference of the intensity from the situation to the offering (or, better yet, intense consecration supported by a soft and simple mental clarity of thought of the situation) evokes great positive response from life.

Scale of Reference in Consecration
For the most part the consecration we have spoken consists of using the Higher Power to create positive gain in one's own life, for one's own sake and benefit. As one moves further on the path of personal growth, development, and evolution one comes to the point that one begins to focus not only on one's own interests, but the interests of others, of the community, of the society, and eventually the interests of the Divine Spirit itself.

There is thus an ascending scale of reference that extends from the very limiting self-interest of the individual, filled with his poor attitudes, selfishness, self-interest, etc., to a higher level where one is free of these limitations and can invoke a response to a consecration, to a higher level still where the scope broadens to the interests of others, and then on to the collective, and finally to the Divine's Will itself.

The higher we are o that scale of reference when we consecrate, the greater its effectivity, hence its results.

Say for example, you are a business person who wishes a great increase in sales for your retail business. We can perform the consecration at these various ascending levels of consciousness, each getting a corresponding higher and wider result. For instance, at level one I consecrate so that my day's sales will be great in order to make more money for myself. At a next higher level I consecrate to create great sales so that others can benefit, such as my staff; or the customer himself. (More customers can now have the product, including its benefit.) The same interest can apply to the community and society, who can have great benefit and delight either directly in using the products, or indirectly from other improvements that the product engenders. The result that comes will be commensurate with the reference of consecration. At a higher level still I once again consecrate to create greater sales, but this time I do it for the Divine's sake. I do it as an offering and surrender to a Higher Will that can use our products or the fact of greater sales for its own higher purpose. I again consecrate the need with great intensity and emotion, but now I defer to, surrender to the Higher Intention; to accept what the Divine wants for its own sake. Again, I may get a causal response that is stupendous; that moves the individual or the institution one is involved with to a new level of success. This is the ultimate form of consecration that leads to ultimate quantity and quality of results.

We should point out that as you move to the higher point of reference, i.e. higher purpose, you touch on the universal forces that are there just beyond our normal perceptions and levels of awareness. These universal forces and powers are themselves connected more directly to infinite realities, enabling infinite possibilities to enter into what we perceive as the finite at any moment in time.

To enable such vast possibilities, requires a fundamental change in one's nature. To reference universal forces and powers one must live one's life from a deeper poise and consciousness within; to come in contact with our Inner Being, culminating in connecting with our own personal evolving soul. This begins the process of transformation of the individual, which enables him to permanently connect to the universal forces, including the divine Force that is the object of our consecration. When one invokes the Force from these deepest levels of consciousness, its effectivity to create results is greatest. In that way one begins to have the ultimate power of creation in life. When one connects to the Force from the deepest regions within us, we gain the greatest powers of creation. We open the doors for infinite accomplishment and joy to enter our once perceived finite existence.


$100,000.00 | Top

William Learner

It was raining outside. The rain fell faster and heavier. There were flashes of lightning and peals of thunder.

On the wet branches of the thick flame trees, helpless birds slept motionless. Their soft little feathers bristled in the cold morning wind.

I was awake at that odd hour. I had not slept the previous night, the previous week and the previous fortnight. Yet, I was awake.

It appeared as if the heaven had descended on the earth. On that graceful morning, there was a problem.

I did not have money.

Without money, my business was like a river that can never find its sea.

My computer shop was a small business with a respectable turnover. But, the neck to neck competition, from the small guys in the town and the big boys on the web, forced me to work on a wafer thin margin.

I made a profit that was just enough for a decent living. I was single and lived in a small rented apartment. I owned a white Honda Accord that was ten years old.

The possibilities of driving a Mercedes Benz off the showroom, enjoying a holiday with a family and buying a big waterfront house always seemed to be remote.

I worked hard – harder than you think. I always woke up with thoughts on expanding my business and slept with new plans to grow more.

However, on that particular rainy day, I was on the verge of losing even the small things I possessed. It was not my fault.

I sold to StarTech, an old client, computers for $50,000 on fifteen days term. It was a big deal for me. Orders worth $150,000 from new clients were in the pipeline.

I happily awaited StarTech payment to pay off my suppliers and creditors. That was a business routine.

That routine was broken on the blessed fifteenth day when StarTech telephoned me to discuss a small issue.

A small issue!

As their bank would give them a loan only after sixty days, they could pay me only then. If I preferred, I could take my computers back.

Take my computers back and do what? Of course, Mrs. Anna Singers, the polite accountant of StarTech, profusely apologized and promised many great future deals.

Then, hell broke.

My checks were returned unpaid.

Success was a private affair; failure was a public funeral. Suddenly, everyone in the town knew my little story. So, supplies did not arrive. Customers used the choicest epithets against me for not delivering their computers.

My banker threatened to close my account if there was one more returned check.

Creditors wanted their money back within a week. ‘You promised to pay on demand. Didn’t you?’

I borrowed from whomever I could. High interest did not ring a bell. It was a matter of honor. Wasn’t it?

When I could not borrow a cent, I sold whatever I could. That left me with a few chairs, a dining table, a bed and my good old car.

I tried to sell them too. There were no buyers.

My key supplier sent a big van that weekend with three Mike Tysons and took away all his goods. The big brothers assured me when they left, “Don’t worry, buddy, we’ll deliver them back at our cost when you pay the bills.” I thanked them and then did not have one good, or bad, reason to go to my empty shop.

Within a fortnight, I became an untouchable, a hunted animal and a fugitive nowhere to go.

I feared the telephone. At times, I answered in a false voice and assured the caller it was a wrong call.

The doorbell became an alarm bell. I would switch off the lights to make it appear that I was not at home. Unfortunately, the bill collectors were not fools. I hated their sagely advice and veiled threats.

I avoided friends, especially girlfriends.

I made many calculations and projections, day in and day out, that would confuse Albert Einstein.

Finally, I figured out that if I managed to raise $30,000 within three days, I could restore my old life and old habits back to normal. $30,000 would be sufficient to reopen the shop and bag the orders in the pipeline.

Time would rub out the bad scars.

There were only two possibilities. Either the air should lay the dollars on my head or the water tap should spit the amount out into my bucket.

Thus, I was awake and alone on that graceful morning with dejection and depression.

The telephone rang. It was John Orchards. I should not have picked up the receiver.

“Hi, Bill, how are you?” John greeted.

“Yeah, fine, John, how are you?” I asked.

“I need your help. I have a problem here.” John was apologetic.

Good, I was not the only one who had problems.

“Tell me how I can help you, mate.” My voice immediately became soft.

“My wife is in labor. I must take her to the hospital. My father’s friend must catch his flight to India before seven. Can you please drop him at the airport in your car?” John requested.

Airport? You need to drive for thirty minutes on the motorway in the rain and wind. I wanted to refuse. But, I could not. I owed John two thousand dollars.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes,” I said.

“Thank you, Bill. I know I can always count on you. He will wait for you in the garage.” John hung up the receiver.

‘Sure, John, you can always count on me along with your two thousand dollars,’ I thought.

When I reached John’s place, a stranger was sitting on his bag in the garage. John had locked his house and gone to the hospital with his wife.

“Hi, I am Bill,” I said.

“Hello, this is Punit.” The man spoke without accent.

He stood up and we shook hands.

Punit was in his early sixties. He was tall. His eyes were soft and dreamy. There was a light in his eyes. I thought he wore special contact lenses that reflected the garage light. Though he was dark, his skin was bright.

“Come on, let’s go,” I said. I picked up his bag, threw it on the backseat, got into the car and closed the door with a big bang.

He said, “Punit thanks you.” He got into the car, closed the door gently and sat on the front seat.

He had some difficulty in wearing the seatbelt.

“People have seatbelts, but don’t wear them in India,” he said sheepishly.

I drove the car carefully. After a few minutes, he asked, “Can Punit smoke in your car?”

“Sure,” I said and opened his window. I hated to open the car window and let the rain in on my car seats. But, I was helpless.

He pulled out a thick panama cigar, lit it and took a deep puff. “Cigarettes rule the world. It is difficult to get good cigars,” he regretted.

I felt sick of the strong odor. I said curtly, “I don’t smoke. I know nothing about cigars.”

“Punit apologizes. Sometimes, he takes things for granted,” he said in a soft voice and dropped the cigar into the ashtray.

I noted that he did not use I and referred to himself in the third person. He spoke each sentence after a pause of a few seconds. ‘The world is full of funny people,’ I thought.

“Bill thanks you for your understanding,” I said lightly and closed the window quickly.

Punit smiled and I started to like him.

“Is this the first time you are in this country?” I asked.

“No. Punit visits this country every year,” he said.

“Do you travel a lot?” I asked.

“No. Punit doesn’t travel much. He likes to stay in his room in India and do his work in silence,” he replied.

“What brings you to this country every year?” I was curious.

“Punit’s friends organize a business conference every year around this time. They are happy if he helps them a bit in the conference,” he said.

“You are a speaker?” I asked.

“No. Businessmen raise questions about their business problems, sales, income and debts in the conference and Punit’s friends answer them. If the pot is too hot for his friends, he answers some questions,” he said.

“Great, I understand. You bring in sales, arrange finance and take a cut,” I said.

He smiled and said, “No. The solutions are based on new ideas you have not heard of. The participants learn the new concepts and principles in the conference. They ask questions, get answers and solve the problems on their own with the new methods.”

I had seen advertisements for such business conferences. Everyone had a new magic formula for the maladies of the world! But, I did not want to hurt the gentleman. It was his business.

I asked, “Good business?”

He did not reply that question.

“What do you do?” he asked.

It was a pain to reply. I said, “I own a computer shop.” I wanted to talk about something else.

“You will find the conference useful,” he said.

I thought, ‘Perhaps, if you give me a complimentary ticket’. But, I said, “I think so.”

There was a pause for a few moments. I expected him to tell his success stories. But, he was silent.

His handbag was full of thick books. So, I asked him, “Do you read a lot?”

“A lot,” he confirmed.

“What kind of books do you read?” I asked.

“Spiritual books,” he said.

“I have heard about Gita,” I told him and showed off my knowledge.

“What do you know about Gita?” There was a sudden interest in his voice. I felt victorious.

“When some royal brothers fought in India, a god man gave a sermon on peace and advised them not to fight. That is Gita.” I was confident.

“Actually, he gave a sermon on the importance of fighting. When some of the brothers did not want to fight, the god man advised and forced them to fight,” he said with a disarming smile.

“Really? Don’t you think it is a mistake on the part of the god man to support a war?” I was on my defense as my knowledge on Gita fell flat.

“Is it a mistake?” he asked.

“Yes. God is full of love and forgiveness,” I said.

“How do you know?” he asked.

“Well, I have read so in many holy books,” I said.

“Who wrote those books? God or Man?” he asked.

I was silent. I did not reply. I was not in a mood for a heated philosophical debate on that windy cold morning. He sensed my lack of interest.

“If you have a financial problem, what will you do?” he asked.

“I will make a list of all receivables and payables and find out my net worth. I will look for ways to raise money or increase income. Thorough analysis of all the facts may give a meaningful solution,” I said and thought, ‘Meaningful solution? Where is it?’

Punit asked, “What will happen if you ignore a few items and deal only with what you like?”

“Confusion, complication and bankruptcy,” I said.

“Most of the holy books concentrate on one aspect,” he said.

“Do you mean they lie?” I asked.

“No. To know a thing well, you must analyze all aspects and resolve the contradictions. Only then you will be able to synthesize the facts and learn the truth, perhaps an integral one,” he said.

I wanted to change the subject. “What do you do in India?” I asked him after a pause.

“Punit reads and writes a lot. He spends his time in silence and inner work,” he said.

I thought I did not hear him right. “I have never heard of such a profession. What is inner work?” I asked.

“It is not a profession. It is a way of living. It is the true way of being,” he said.

“What sort of inner work do you do?” I was curious.

“You will understand the inner work only if you know about the new consciousness,” he said.

“What is it?” I asked him.

“What is consciousness?” he asked me.

“When you are awake and think, you are conscious. When you are asleep or in coma, you are unconscious,” I said with confidence.

“The new consciousness Punit talks of is a living being. It came to earth a few years back,” he said.

“An alien?” I asked.

“No,” he said.

“What is it doing?” I asked.

“It is speeding up human evolution,” he said.

Oh, God! Oh, My God! I must be careful with that strange man who mixed up and confused real science and speculative spirituality.

“It’s interesting,” I lied.

“Quite so,” he said innocently and continued, “It is the fire of the evolution. It is pulling down a beautiful future onto the earth. If you wish, you too can pull a little.”

My safety sensors flashed red lights. I looked at the most dangerous man on the earth from the corner of my eyes. I decided not to disagree with him ever.

“Has anyone seen it?” I asked. After a moment, without knowing why, I said, “I want to see it.”

He hesitated for a moment and asked, “Do you have a problem?”

“Everyone has problems. Why do you ask?” I wanted to know.

Punit said, “If you have a material problem, it is an easy route to know and understand this consciousness. It is a truth of matter. It has the power to solve even impossible problems...”

“Every problem has a solution,” I interrupted.

“Really? Do you have a solution to your important problem?” he asked.

I was silent for a few moments. “Right. Some problems don’t have solutions. But, time will heal the wound,” I said.

“An excuse! When the new consciousness acts, everything is possible,” he said.

“In theory, everything is possible,” I said.

“What is your problem?” he ignored my comment and asked in a soft voice.

I did not want to discuss my problem with him. So, I said, “Tell me about the new consciousness.”

He said, “Words are inadequate to describe it. You can’t understand it with your mind. The only way to understand it is through your own experience.” He closed his eyes for a few seconds and then said, “You have called it. It is ready to help you.”

“When did I call it?” I wondered.

“You wanted to see it. A simple sincere call is enough,” he said and continued, “You must ask for its help, if you really want to solve a problem.”

It was an embarrassment to discuss my personal problem with others. But, I wanted to have a solution, if there was one under the sun. It was not the right time to worry about logic or magic.

Thirty thousand dollars in three days or the party was over.

“I have a serious problem. I need thirty thousand dollars for my business. My bills are overdue. My credit rating is low. I have no one to help me,” I told him with shame.

“Your problem is a simple one,” Punit said.

“You don’t know the magnitude of my problem. I don’t have any money or property.” I protested.

“The solution is within you,” he said.

“You have no idea about the gravity of the reality.” I began to distrust him.

“You are not able to solve your problem, because you think you alone can solve it,” he observed.

“Do you want me to hire a financial consultant? These consultants are expensive and think their clients are stupid,” I said to him.

“You don’t have a financial problem; you have only an inner problem,” he said.

“Do you suggest that I meet a psychiatrist?” I was appalled.

“No. Your mind created your problem. Trying to think and solve it is like fighting your right hand with your left hand,” he said.

“Is my intelligence useless?” I asked.

“You know the results of your intelligence. You will suffer as long as you want to do everything by yourself with your mind,” he said.

“Why do you insult the mind?” I asked.

He said calmly, “No. The mind is a great instrument. But, it has its own problems like everything else. It is conditioned to seek support only from known things, known people and known methods. Don’t rely on your mind.”

“Then what do I do?” I asked.

“There is nothing to do. You have everything to undo. Real progress will be made when you undo your past,” Punit said.

“Past is past,” I reminded him.

“We think about the past, act in the present and imagine about the future. The new consciousness doesn’t have time constraints. It can act in the past, present and future,” he said.

“It’s difficult to believe,” I said.

“That is the problem with the mind,” he said.

“What can I do now?” I was anxious.

His reply was short. “Dig, throw.”

“Sorry?” I asked.

“You already have a portion of the new consciousness in you. Every human being has it,” he said.

“I do?” I did not believe him.

“Yes. It is in the middle of your chest,” Punit asserted.

I looked down into my chest and said sarcastically, “Excuse me; I see only my shirt buttons.”

My defiance did not deter him.

“It is there even if it is invisible,” Punit said.

“How can I recognize it? Does it have a big head or a long tail?” I asked him with a smile.

He showed his thumb. “It is a little flame of burning white fire. It’s of the size of a thumb.”

“But I don’t see it,” I told him.

“It is there, whether you believe it or not, see it or not,” he said and asked, “Do you really want to solve your problem?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” I thundered.

When you are alone, close your eyes. Imagine a white light in the middle of your chest. Observe and reject your stray thoughts and feelings,” Punit said and gave a pause.

“I am listening,” I assured him.

He continued, “In a few minutes, you will be calm. Bring each and every part of your financial problem to the fire. Big or small, throw them into the fire. Offer them to the fire one by one. Do not think or worry about anything.”

“It’s simple,” I said.

“No. It isn’t. When you analyze your problem, you’ll discover that many wrongful thoughts, attitudes, feelings and habits are behind the problem. Set them right and offer them to the fire,” he said and continued, “Problems have many layers – physical, emotional and mental. You need to work on all the layers patiently.”

“I don’t understand much about this process,” I confessed.

Trust the fire and begin with whatever little you know. The fire will do the rest,” he said.

After a pause, Punit said, “Do this just as an engine driver digs and throws the coal into the fire. Dig the coal and throw it into the fire.”

“So, you call it dig-throw method?” I asked.

“No. It is consecration. Concentrate on the fire and consecrate your problem to the fire,” Punit said.

“I have a wavering mind. Besides, my problem kills my concentration,” I complained.

“Call the fire and ask for help with faith,” he said.

“Will it respond?” I wondered.

“If it doesn’t answer, call and still call,” Punit said and continued, “Call the fire, dig the coal and throw it into the fire. The engine will move and you will reach your destination safely, sooner or later.”

The strength of his voice and his sincerity made me trust him. Yet, I had my questions.

“When will I get the solution?” I asked.

“Punit doesn’t know,” he replied.

“Who will deliver the solution?” I asked.

“Punit doesn’t know,” he replied.

“Where will the solution come from?” I asked.

“Punit doesn’t know,” he replied.

“How will I get the solution?” I asked.

“Punit doesn’t know,” he replied.

“That’s all you have to say? Will I ever have a solution?” I was angry.

“It is a promise from Punit. You can take his word for it.” There was an air of assurance in his voice.

“Will I get what I want?” I was eager.

“You will have the best solution. It may not be the one you expect,” he said.

“What should I do?” I wanted to know.

“Dig, Throw,” he said.

“What shouldn’t I do?” I asked.

Don’t expect,” he replied.

“What do you mean? I consecrate my problem. So, I expect results,” I said.

“Great expectations lead to great disappointments! Leave everything to the fire that knows all. The solution will be delivered to you only when you don’t expect it,” he said to me.

“It’s difficult not to expect,” I said.

“Punit understands. But, that is a basic condition,” he said with a smile.

“A basic condition? Are there other conditions?” I asked him.

“Faith and perseverance. Have faith in the fire. If you can’t solve your problem the first time you consecrate, don’t give up. Repeat the process the next day. Try again and again,” he said.

Try again and again. Good, that made some sense.

“What if I find it difficult to practice as you say?” I asked him.

“If you really want to solve a problem, you must do something about it,” he said.

“Yes. It’s true,” I agreed.

“Sincerity and truthfulness are the golden keys. Methods are for the mind. Begin with the method I gave you. If you are sincere, the work will be taken up by the fire sooner or later. You can never deceive the fire,” he explained.

“How will I know that my consecration is successful?” I asked him.

“There are many indications. You will know them from your own experience. But, there is a general principle. If the burden or pressure goes off from your mind and heart, you can safely assume that your consecration has been accepted by the fire,” he explained.

“I have many dirty secrets that I don’t want to tell anyone,” I told Punit.

“Put all before the light in your heart so that the light may work on them for the best. All faults and errors are redeemed by repentance,” Punit said.

“What will happen if I repeat my mistakes?” I wanted to be sure about the consequences.

“If you don’t change, you’ll remain stuck in your own self-created mud and can’t progress,” Punit said.

“I understand,” I said.

“Call the light with the right attitude and you’ll never have such questions in your mind,” said Punit.

“What is the right attitude?” I asked him.

Complete surrender to the inner light with pure faith,” Punit said.

After a few minutes of silence, I asked Punit, “Has anybody actually solved a problem by consecration?”

“Consecration has done many wonders. Punit doesn’t want to talk about them,” Punit said.

I thought that he meant his personal experiences.

“I am not talking about experts like you. I want to know about other mortals like me. Is consecration possible for the rest of us?” I asked Punit.

“Some of Punit’s friends do try,” he said.

“Tell me about their experiences,” I said.

“They are not able to consecrate all their problems.” Punit regretted.

“Why?” I wondered.

“Unwillingness to change,” Punit said with a smile.

“Change is a painful process,” I said.

“But, without change, nothing can be done. Many try to do consecration. But, behind it, they make a cover for their personal desires and demands,” said Punit.

“If it really works, we can solve any problem with consecration. It will be a life skill. But, I don’t know much about these things. If I need any help, what should I do?” I asked him.

“Trust the fire. It is the infallible inner guide. It will do the needful,” he said.

We arrived at the airport. I parked the car.

“Your words give me some hope. Do you talk about the new consciousness in your conference?” I asked.

“Punit speaks a different language in the conference. He doesn’t talk about the fire openly with strangers. The opposing atmosphere brings on him stress. But, he saw a possibility in you, a real one. Besides, your contact didn’t disturb his atmosphere,” he said.

I did not understand what he said. However, I told him, “You are wonderful. I don’t want to lose your contact. Here is my card.” I gave him my business card.

“Punit thanks you. He doesn’t have a business card,” he said and smiled.

He grabbed a piece of paper from his handbag, hesitated for a moment and wrote down his address. His handwriting was beautiful.

“Didn’t you like to give me your address?” I was worried about his hesitation.

“No. It was not his unwillingness. He remembered the fire and offered the act of writing to the fire. A conscious act,” he said and smiled.

“Thank you,” I took the paper from him and told him with gratitude, “Thanks for everything. I have one last question.”

“Yes?” he smiled and placed his bags on a trolley.

After a pause, I asked him with a smile, “Didn’t your schoolteacher teach you the word I?”

Punit laughed merrily for the first time and winked his eyes. He waved his right hand briskly and rolled away his trolley to Terminal 15 without a word and without looking back. He disappeared.

I remembered a poem, “Thy voice has wakened my heart to an unknown bliss, Brighter than summer, brighter than my flowers, Into the lonely borders of my life.”

Then I had a quick breakfast at the airport restaurant. I paid 25% more than the downtown restaurant for the same fried chicken breast and cheese sandwich, just because it was airport.

I did not bother to collect the change from the beautiful salesgirl. “Have it.”

Rain poured. I drove slowly. The wipers worked hard to keep the windscreen clear of water. The wipers sang. Dig, throw. Dig, throw. Dig, throw.

When I entered my apartment, the clock struck seven. I sat on my chair and wondered what to do, as I had nothing to do.

I tried to remember and understand Punit’s words. It was difficult to believe everything he said. But, strangely, I was not able to reject his words as useless.

An inaudible voice from my heart murmured “Call, dig, throw; call, dig, throw.” With each passing minute, the voice became stronger and stronger. It was sticky.

I decided to give it a go.

I got up from my chair to do some warm up exercises. Then, I sank into my armchair comfortably, removed my shoes, stretched my legs and closed my eyes.

I began to observe my thoughts.

The first thought was about the breakfast. The chicken was not hot. I should have asked the salesgirl to give me a new hot piece. I refused to think further.

The next moment, the second thought sprang. It was about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Would the terminator be a good governor of California? Would he act in movies again? I stopped there.

There was a momentary pause before the third one crawled in. It was about the airport restaurant salesgirl. The name badge on her red shirt said that she was Debbie. When she served me breakfast, her pale white left thigh flashed for a moment through the slit of her black skirt.

I lingered on the thought. I did not want to reject it. The image flashed again and again. I felt good to think about her beautiful body. I indulged in it and forgot myself for a while.

Gradually, the decision to do consecration began to lose its intensity.

Suddenly, I realized that I was on the wrong track, gathered myself, opened my eyes and scolded myself for losing the sense of purpose.

I did not want to close my eyes. If I did, Debbie would trouble me again with her natural resources. Precisely at that moment, I remembered to call the fire and ask for help.

I imagined a flame of white fire in the middle of my chest. I told the fire in silence like a child, “Hello, I don’t know who you are. I suppose you exist. Please answer me. I don’t challenge or deny your existence. Something in me tells that you exist. Otherwise, I would not be talking to you. I want to dig the parts of my financial problem and throw them into you. Drive away the disturbing thoughts. What I can’t do, I am sure, you can do. Please help me.”

With that simple prayer, I closed my eyes and got ready to reject the next thought.

But, there was a little miracle. The thoughts that came in were only about my problem. Useless thoughts did not show up their ugly or beautiful faces.

I thought about my business. I imagined that I threw the name of my business into the tiny little fire in my chest.

I required thirty thousand dollars. I told the fire, “I need thirty thousand dollars. I consecrate my need to you.”

Then, I thought about the overdue bills. I consecrated them one by one to the white fire.

I remembered my products, employees, bank, suppliers and customers and threw them in the burning fire. The fire grew a little and became stable.

There was nothing for a few moments.

Debbie smiled seductively and asked, “What can I do for you?”

I ignored her. She disappeared.

I concentrated on the fire. I went back in time.

I recalled the ups and downs of my business. I gave them to the fire.

Suddenly, images began to appear. I did not have to think and imagine the parts of my problem from that moment. I just looked at the flashing images of my past business life without a reaction.

I watched a television serial. I watched it without changing the channel.

Big things came out. Small things came out.

Big or small, important or silly, relevant or irrelevant - I caught everything and threw them into the soft fire.

The clock ticked away the minutes.

Then there was an image, sticky and black. The fire did not consume it.

Esther, a customer, paid thirty dollars in cash for a keyboard. Later, she forgot that and sent a check for the same keyboard.

I knew it was mistake. Yet, I ignored it.

Thirty dollars was not a big deal. After all, I did not cheat Esther. It was her mistake.

Her mistake? Really?

There was a sudden revelation. I was capable of cheating others. At an opportune moment, I would cheat the innocent in the unsuspecting broad daylight.

My attitude was wrong, totally wrong. I had no financial problem, only a wrong attitude.

In a moment, Mr. Clean became Mr. Dirty.

I had to face myself.

I was a cheat. It was difficult to accept.

Just thirty dollars and I was a cheat!

I felt thorns in my eyes. I wanted to open my eyes and give up the whole exercise. But, I persisted.

I resolved to return the money to Esther. I told her from the deepest depths of my heart, “Esther, I am sorry.”

There was crack in the stone.

I looked at the fire. “This is a promise. I’ll never repeat the deception. No more wrong attitudes, small or big,” I told the fire.

Scales smoked in thin air - in a puff. Thirty was perfectly equal to three millions.

A sword of light struck on the sticky knot heavily. There was a sudden freedom.

A dark point was flung into the fire.

The point disappeared.

Mr. Dirty disappeared. Mr. Clean disappeared.

Only the mystic fire existed. It burnt and burnt.

No Bill. No chicken. No Arnold. No Debbie.

The fire grew.

Waves of thoughts, feelings, actions, desires and disappointments suddenly sprang from nowhere.

I offered each and everything to the fire, one by one and each at a time.

Waves of happy and sorrowful faces, right and wrong attitudes and favorable and unfavorable circumstances appeared.

I offered each and everything to the fire, one by one and each at a time.

The fire consumed the good and the bad.

The engine driver dug the coal and threw it into the fire. He did his work patiently.

Then I knew what the inner work was.

I dug the black pit of my past and threw the coal into the fire.

My pit! The bottomless pit!

The fire grew. It grew and grew.

I dug. I threw.

My minutes swallowed months and years.

I dug. I threw.

I heard the future song that no ears can hear.

I dug. I threw.

I saw the vast landscape that no eyes can see.

I dug. I threw.

I tasted the sweet juice that no tongues can taste.

I dug and dug the black pit of mire. I threw and threw the coal into the fire. I did my inner work.

I dug. I threw.

A small window suddenly opened in silence.

I saw a faint light from a distant ship that floated on a dark sea. The tiny little light twinkled like an ageless star.

A door opened on my front. An unexpected freedom broke my shackles.

A door opened on my right. A tiny fountain of freshwater sprang from my desert heart.

A door opened on my left. An unknown icy hand began to caress my burning head.

A frail blade of grass quivered in a windless air on a high mountain’s summit.

There was a little cascade of peace above my confused head. Clean air rushed in to fill my thirsty lungs.

Someone lit the sun that never sets.

A fugitive white bird flew and wandered in the infinite bright blue sky.

I broke into another space and time. In thirty minutes, I crossed millenniums.

A beautiful fairy with twelve golden wings blew a long whistle from a faraway fairyland.

There was a soft thud.

The wheels rolled.

The engine moved.

My journey to the center of my heart

Began on the sunlit path.

The telephone bell rang to break the silence. I picked up the receiver. Before I could speak, I heard the voice tinged with warmth and friendship. “Hi, is that Bill?”

I was delighted to hear the voice of my old friend, Melanie, especially at that peaceful moment.

Can a voice smile? I would bet my head on Melanie’s voice.

“Melanie! I thought you had banished me from your life. It has been centuries since you called me last!” I exclaimed.

She laughed. This Melanie always laughed. When she did not laugh, she would smile.

We exchanged pleasant words for a few minutes. Suddenly she asked, “Bill, how is your business?”

I had a ready curse on my tongue that I did not allow to escape my lips. I recited an old poem in a philosophical tone, “Eyes can watch the distant stars in the galaxy but hands are too short to reach them.”

Melanie giggled, “What if I give you a spaceship to reach your stars?”

What’s she up to?

“There’s something up with you, isn’t there?” I was curious.

“Bill, John said some disturbing things about you. Don’t worry. I am with you,” she said in a tender voice.

I hated John. “Thank you, Melanie, I know you,” I mumbled with shame.

“My cousin Ralph telephoned me just now to talk about some family affair. He has truckloads of money. He wants to lend his money to good businesses. The moment he said that, I thought of you,” Melanie said.

The rain grew more and more. Large drops that fell on the window shades made a musical noise.

“Melanie,” my heart started to beat heavily, “I don’t have any property to secure his money.” Though I wanted to have that money, I knew the rules of the money game.

“He doesn’t insist on any security other than a good business and honesty.” Melanie‘s voice reassured.

I was silent for a moment. Why did Ralph want to lend to me? Did Melanie have any hidden agenda behind the transaction?

Thoughts swiftly passed through my mind. I knew Melanie. Nevertheless, I wanted to play it safe.

“Perhaps Ralph expects a high interest rate?” I was doubtful.

“No. Ralph has all his money in bank deposits. He gets just 5%. Bank lends to small businesses at 11%. Ralph wants to lend for 8%. You gain 3% and he gains 3%. Both of you can have a great deal,” Melanie explained patiently.

“Yes. It’s brilliant,” I said.

“Bill, you don’t have any property to secure bank loan. Even if you are ready to pay 18%, banks will not lend to you,” Melanie said with hesitation.

“Yes, Melanie. You are right.” I was ready to agree to whatever she thought, said and felt. “How much will I get? What are the repayment terms?” I asked. Even the deaf could sense the impatience in my voice.

Melanie said, “I don’t know how much you need. But, I have already told him that you need $50,000. You must pay the interest at the end of each quarter. Whenever you can, repay the loan either in pieces or in whole.”

“Melanie, what should I do next?”

“Nothing,” Melanie laughed and said, “Ralph asked me to come to his office this afternoon. He doesn’t even want to see you as I back you. You can meet him when you feel good. I’ll collect the money and the documents that you need to sign and come to your apartment. Will you be free at two?”

There was a pause of some moments. I was speechless. Then, suddenly, I remembered to thank her.

“Melanie, I will make myself free on any day and at any time for you,” I said and continued, “I have no words to express my gratitude. You have done something…”

“Bah, bah. Let us have lunch together on your dirty dining table at two. I’ll bring food,” Melanie laughed, “Bye, Bill.”

Before I could say anything, she hung up the receiver.

Leaning back in my chair, I felt something in the way. It was my car key.

An idea flashed instantly. If I could borrow a little more, I could drive a new car off the showroom…

I shivered slightly in my chair, though I did not change my position. After a few moments of contemplation, I threw the new car idea out of my mind. I flung the car key on the tea table and stretched my legs comfortably.

Some bird began to sing. Her mate responded with a loud chirp, in spite of the rain.

My heart was overflowing with joy and gratitude to Melanie. I was secretly ashamed of myself for my momentary negative thoughts about her. Melanie was the only person who had ever helped me without expectations of return favors.

But, who was this Ralph? How did he earn his money? The thought of dealing in illegal drug money sent waves of chill through my spine.

Melanie would never betray me. But, she was innocent. She trusted everyone. You could never teach her distrust and hatred.

I was not ready to trust the faceless Ralph. Why should he give me an almost free lunch? Nevertheless, I wanted his money.

Doubt, expectation, distrust, impatience, hope and fear took turns to tease me. My little head and heart had enough room for all kinds of vibrations.

However, something in me trusted Melanie’s goodwill. That trust in her goodwill was strong enough to ward off the little rascals.

I sank into my chair, and gradually my confused mind went dark.

I did not know the exact moment that Lady Sleep put her tender arms around me and whispered unutterable secrets into my ears.

When I woke up, it was not yet two. The room was noisy with the tick of the clock. I grew impatient.

I had shaven the previous evening. Yet, I shaved again carefully without a nick and made sure my face was smooth. As I showered, I used plenty of soap.

When I felt clean, I dried myself and wore the best casual shirt and jeans I had.

I looked at the mirror for the twentieth time.

I sprayed liberal doses of rose air freshener in the living room and the dining room.

Melanie liked roses and fresh air.

I dusted and arranged the newspapers, magazines and books. Everything was clean and in order.

Melanie loved cleanliness and orderliness.

I cleaned the dining room and arranged the dishes and bowls on the table.

The clock struck two and the doorbell rang promptly. I looked at the mirror for the last time to make sure I was at my best. Then I opened the door.

Melanie smiled at me.

Melanie was a fair woman in her late twenties. Woman? She looked like a tall teenage girl.

Her glistening blond hair was long and thick. She had carefully parted her flowing hair exactly in the middle. Her bright face was luminous.

Under her thin curved brows, I saw two dazzling butterflies. A few raindrops adorned her healthy cheeks.

As she smiled, beautiful pearls sparkled in the crack of the coral rock.

My blood ran quicker.

The enchantress broke the spell with her soft voice, “Hi,” and smiled.

“Hi, I’ve been waiting…” Before I could finish, she interrupted.

“For the lunch?” she asked lightly.

“For you,” I grinned. That was a lie. Only the money was on my mind.

Melanie was pleased and said, “I know.” She gave me a warm hug.

She wore an elegantly embroidered sleeveless yellow blouse and a beautiful black skirt.

“Come in, Come in.” I was glad to let the angel into my apartment.

My eyes browsed her hands quickly. She had a small wallet and a carry bag.

What a disappointment! There were no signs of documents. Had she kept the papers in the car as it was still raining?

She placed her beautiful Italian calf leather wallet on the small tea table in the living room and walked graciously to the dining room. She knew my apartment well.

As I followed her, I hummed a song, “You’re sixteen, I’m seventeen…”

She blushed and said, “You make me feel like a teenager.”

“You are a teenager,” I assured her.

My mind was preoccupied with the money. Where were the documents? Was it a bad joke? If it was a joke, that would be the last time I met Melanie, I swore.

The table was clean. I had kept everything in order. The dishes, bowls and cups were ready. “I didn’t expect this,” she said.

Melanie was happy that I cared to clean the dining room and table for her.

She sat on a chair and religiously opened the carry bag. She took out four hot packs, placed them on the table and began to unpack them.

I sat next to her and said, “You have brought a restaurant. What is the menu, madam?”

“Your favorites, sir,” she said and bent her head slightly. “Crab cakes, lobster bisque soup, garnish salad, barbecued chicken breast, seafood pasta, rice, shrimp curry and banana cream pie.”

She poured the hot lobster bisque soup into the soup bowls. She did not allow me to help myself. She served me as we had the food.

Melanie talked about her family, my family, our school days and our friends.

I did not like to listen to anything other than the money. But, I listened to her. I spoke to her. I laughed with her. I put the Academy Award winners to shame with my fine performance.

Nothing was on my head except the money.

When the lunch was over, we cleaned the dishes and appreciated the food.

Melanie wiped her satin lips with her silk kerchief. I was not in a mood to envy the kerchief.

She sat on a chair in the living room and crossed her legs as I sat on the chair opposite to her.

She looked at her watch and exclaimed, “It is quarter to four! I lose my sense of time when you are with me.”

“I lose my sense of time even when I think of you,” I said with a smile.

She blushed again.

I thought, ‘What happened to the money? If Ralph does not want to give $50,000, I will be happy with a lesser amount - any amount.’

I did not want to initiate the discussion on money, though that was the only thing on my mind at that particular moment.

The mercury was rising. I thought I could withstand the pressure only for a few more seconds.

“Bill, I went to Ralph’s office at half past One,” Melanie began.

At last, at last!

Melanie continued, “Ralph was a Small Business Loan Analyst in the Country Bank. If he thought a project was useful to the community and the borrower was honest, he gave the loan without a second thought. His ‘where eagles dare’ attitude landed him in trouble. He lost his job last year.”

“The bank must care for its shareholders and depositors. You can’t blame the bank for showing Ralph the door.” I defended the bank.

She swabbed her lips with the delicate tip of her tongue and said, “But he was lucky. His rich aunt bequeathed him a big piece of land in Redmond. It was worth six hundred thousand dollars but there were no buyers.”

After a pause, she said, “Last year Microsoft built their new development center near his land. The news drove the land price to the roof. The land became a six bagger within a few months and he made three million dollars.”

“Stock market and real estate can make you a prince or pauper in a night,” I said and felt sorry that I did not have a rich aunt.

Melanie smiled to agree and said, “When I spoke about you this morning, he received it well. I don’t know what happened later. When I met him in his office, he raised some questions about you, your business and the safety of his money.”

She paused for a few moments and filled the room with silence.

The reflection of my image on the mirror was noisy in that silence of disappointment.

”Yes, Melanie,” I said with a deep sigh, “I understand…”

Melanie interrupted with a smile, “I assured Ralph that the money with Bill is safer than the money with the Country Bank and Bill’s word is his bond.”

There was a mischief in her blue eyes. Or was it my imagination?

Melanie continued, “I told him that if he was not comfortable in having a deal with you, I would sign the documents and take the money in my name.”

I began to believe in Divine incarnation.

“Ralph said if I would sign the documents, he would be happy to double the amount. I signed the documents and he cut a check for $100,000!” Melanie said.

She picked up her wallet and opened it. She pulled out a small folded plastic envelope and pushed it over to me.

“You don’t have to sign any document. Here is the check for $100,000. I have endorsed it in your name,” said Melanie.

I stared at the envelope in disbelief.

I wanted to express my gratitude with the finest words. I did not know how other men spoke at those moments of grace. I searched for words in silence.

“Melanie, I …” I hesitated for a moment.

“So, you don’t know how to thank me and how to express your gratitude.” Melanie laughed.

This Melanie always laughed. When she did not laugh, she would smile.

She held my hands, looked into my eyes with her blue eyes and said, “All the best, Bill.” She pressed my hands tenderly, “I have an appointment with my dentist at half past four. I must rush now.”

She smiled and left.

The rain had stopped. Only the raindrops were falling from the wet leaves of the thick flame trees and the windows.

The sun was showing his warm face on and off from behind the clouds like a giggling little girl peeping at a stranger from behind her mother.

The infinite sky was broken and blue among fast moving white cotton clouds.

The raindrops on the windows started to sparkle like little diamonds in the eternal sun.

The breeze fanned my face.

My eyes grew moist.

That was the moment I learnt to trust the Power of the Consecration.



God's Power Can Abridge 'Evolution' [Growth-IB] | Top


   Human personality is complex, graded, multifaceted and unique. How does it receive grace and grow?


  • Personality exists in layers of physical, vital, mental, spiritual planes.

  • Each of these planes is subdivided into physical, vital, mental, and spiritual planes.

  • For example, the mental plane divides itself into physical mental, vital mental, mental mental and spiritual mental.

  • Brain is the physical mental; nerves are the vital mental; mind, i.e. pure mind is the mental mental and the manomaya Purusha is the spiritual mental.

  • So, the four planes are subdivided into 16 sub planes.

  • For an external view, they are disparate, not connected with each other, not dependent on each other, i.e. each is capable of growing on its own to its maximum height. That is why we find a good man as a fool; a wicked man resourceful, etc. Personality grows by the influence of the environment, not from inside.

  • Progress, development, and evolution mean the measure of the inner control over the external.

  • This growth is known as skill on the scale of Skill—Capacity—Talent—Ability.

  • Man has learnt walking, talking, writing, etc. For hundreds of years the physical man crawled and finally learned walking. Now that he is civilized, he has inherited the skills of walking in his cells and genes. He does not learn walking anymore as his ancestors learned it, but his mind learns walking and transfers those skills to the body where the dormant skills awake. Man’s effort is confined to activating his mind and patiently transferring it to the cells. The vast reservoir of latent skills awakens to perform the miracle of walking.

  • Our argument here is the Power is there in the bodily cells. The spiritual GRACE is there too. We are mainly concentrating on Power and grace whereas all the powers of Satchidananda are there hidden. They will come in 30,000 years just as the early man has learnt walking. If we can receive God’s GRACE in our minds and teach the mind the ways of grace and patiently transfer them to the body, the giant that is sleeping there will awake to raise us to Supermind. I ask only for Power or GRACE to be awakened like that. There are 96 such powers to be so awakened.

  • What is needed on the part of the devotee is mental consent, mental receptivity which can make her a sadhak. Presently we meet with mental resistance.

  • As the beating of the heart, breathing, digestion, etc. were learnt consciously by the animate organism and were handed over to the subconscious, so too receiving the Grace must be learnt consciously and passed on to the subconscious.

  • Receptivity to God abridges a long process into a short one. My article refers only to receiving LUCK and Power.

  • The process of the learning moving to the subconscious from conscious is occult. Only the Supermind sees the process.

  • In the article on Sat-Brahman in Tamil, I mention the eight levels of knowledge and explain knowledge at each level. The twelve aspects I mention there are the fundamental spiritual determinants. So, each of these twelve aspects has eight levels, thus making 96 levels. These 96 levels include the entire world and its skills. All the rest are the result of their interplay which may run into 9600 or 96,000.

  • Man has to learn each of them one after the other. That is why he takes several thousand births to reach liberation. For example, memory is one which exists on all these levels.

  • Now compare an agriculture labourer who has shifted to Delhi or New York as a child. Man took 500 years to build these cities. This child in New York does not take 500 years or 50 years to become a New Yorker. He grows into a New York citizen.

  • The truth is, anyone who accepts New York will directly grow into a New York citizen.

  • So, I suggest a parallel method for LUCK and of course Power.

  • The agriculture labourer growing into a citizen of a modern city is a process by which mind abridges the period of physical drudgery and labour. We call this Social Evolution. People call this urbanization.

  • Above the mind are four levels and then Supermind. God is above Supermind in consciousness. [Only Spirit is 'above us'-IB]

  • As New York abridges the social evolution of 500 years, so God abridges the spiritual evolution of 30,000 years.

  • I am asking for the use of God’s Power to abridge social evolution.

  • Obviously, this is a small goal for a vast Power. Hence, results arrive in a flash and the devotee finds herself at the social summit in a trice.

  • Sri Aurobindo says that as there are several levels, when man ascends to each higher level, the Powers of that level fully descend on the lower levels till they are saturated.

  • You may say the labourer in New York may be a New York citizen but may lack the inner psychological poise or outer cultural polish of smoothness.

  • It is true. He reaches the top social layer. But in that layer which he occupies it depends upon his further effort for him to acquire culture. As he socially advances, his own efforts will raise him culturally too, when he takes effort. For the present, I would be satisfied if our devotees reach the social summit of knowledge, fame, power or wealth.

  • One may accept Grace positively or negatively. To accept positively means to accept it is grace, knowing its spiritual value. Negatively means we accept it for the material benefits. In addition, one can practise Silent Will as a spiritual discipline or out of fear of speaking, one may keep quiet. Both will bring results but will carry their character as a stamp.

  • Man exists at a million points. She gives each at the social point she can receive. It is for her to receive, overcoming resistances. One may work on the lands, in an office or a shop. All receive at the point he can most receive, such as patience or perfection or skill, etc.

  • One who has met a devil in his life, and as a principle of God accepts that devil as the outer reflection of his own inner makeup, has taken the attitude of transformation and therefore will receive fully and richly for total transformation.

  • God gives grace for growth. Man may receive it in his ego and thus allow his ego to develop. That is how the vertical growth turns either into a horizontal growth or rises in a pyramid.

  • In the West, they expressed punctuality, orderliness, regularity, honesty and honour to perfection in their work. These are values, i.e. spiritual skills. Expressing spiritual skills in physical work, they realized Brahman in Matter. Cleanliness is the greatest of such values. Brahman in Matter came to them as prosperity.

  • We have realized the Brahman in Spirit. It has pervaded the nation and infused the bodies of men with light. [Not so- We were always based on energy, and light is being emitted from our bodies through the gaps between the cells that is stronger than any human-made laser-IB]. We did not follow the above values and did not hesitate to use falsehood, lack of honour, clumsiness, procrastination, etc. These are values of untruth and falsehood. So we gave up our spirituality and further discovered false values in life, which means poverty.

  • The reasons for the prosperity of the West are several. Two of them stand out. One is their cold climate and the other is the high respect they accord to women. In cold countries one has to earn in six months food for twelve months, which means the efficiency must be double. In the 20th century one main reason for progress all over the world is the spread of democracy that raises the lowliest of men equal to the highest. When low people are treated with greater respect, they are not easily controllable. Naturally, the efficiency must rise high to accomplish anything. From this point of view, the scale on which the prosperity of nations and the scale on which women’s rights are plotted may almost be parallel.


The rules of progress are TWO:

1)       Let those in the lowest plane accept the highest opportunity possible.

2)       Give consciously the lowest person the highest opportunity.


  • Bengal famine and communal carnage in Calcutta in 1943 and 1947. Sri Aurobindo says that the world Powers, sooner or later, have never failed to fulfill His ideas. We know this to be true in scores of occasions. Obviously, had He wished to prevent the famine and carnage, His Power would have avoided them. He took the view that His help was there if asked for. Bengal did not ask him to help, nor did the Bengali devotees anywhere. There are two opposite spiritual rules:

1) Grace acts unasked;

2) Grace does not descend if not called down.

            A father brings up a son, educates him, and gives him a capital to start an industry. These are the helps he can offer his son. After the industry has started, the boy grows lazy, squanders money, neglects it. Of course, the father can go and sit in the factory, run the shifts, and earn the money for the son to enjoy. The father unfailingly does the first. The second the father should not do. If he does, he spoils the child. It is wrong for him to do so. Sri Aurobindo did not prevent the famine on this principle.


  • Technology offers the very last man the very highest convenience and commercial profit. What technology offers in material comforts, convenience and vital enjoyment, spirituality offers in psychological well-being and divine riches in human life. Suppose a devotee is in such commerce and uses technology, how can he express God in his work?

v     What others do for profit, the devotee can do mainly for the profit of the customer.

v     Better than that, the devotee can offer the customer his own service, not so much even for his profit as for the customer’s well being.

v     The above will be served by the consecration of his selling.

v     Let the devotee go behind the commercial transaction and then he will see 1) psychological harmony of well being and behind it, 2) the spiritual value of the act. Suppose the devotee relates himself to these planes, his own progress will be in that plane. E.g., the devotee is selling a computer as a trader and makes his profit, offering the customer satisfaction. What is behind it? The customer buys that computer to write his accounts, which is now a bother for him. The devotee must endeavour to know that and try to do his best to explain to the customer how best that psychological relief or joy can be derived. The seller’s knowledge of the buyer’s psychological relief will enhance it. The sale of a computer gives the seller a few hundred dollars. This would push the exercise deep down. What will be the result? The devotee will find that every area where he sought such a relief unsuccessfully now will offer it copiously. Push a little more behind. Suppose the devotee sees the customer is tense, indecisive, wasting his time, clumsy, etc. These are spiritual deficiencies. Let him endeavour to act from the spiritual plane and in a trice he will see the customer calm instead of tense, decisive instead of indecisive, etc. Now the customer makes a spiritual growth. Because of this, the devotee’s spiritual growth will receive a spurt which means sales will rise by leaps and bounds.


  • God’s consciousness is spiritual technology. How much more effective can it be than engineering technology? It is worth trying.

  • When you look at people who do not have your endowments, at once you see the difference. Similarly, when you see those who have endowments which you do not have, you comprehend. Take a look around at your friends and relatives and evaluate everyone on this scale. Then evaluate yourself.

  • As against the maximum level you can rise to, you will know where you are. That is the self-evaluation. It is the gain.

  • One who is in college can help a high school student. Similarly, those who know more of God are a source of knowledge to you. You are a similar source of knowledge to others who know less. Should you try to learn everything you can from those around and teach everyone who is around, without egoism, the progress will be great.  Take the attitude to one who teaches you that “Here, in this little affair, you are my guru. “

  • To offer unegoistically to help is to offer Grace. Do it when the impulsion rises from inside, not altruistically or egoistically.

  • To ask unegoistically is aspiration. Do it as aspiration, not as asking.

  • The Summit, the spiritual summit awaits us all the time. It awaits our cheerful acceptance. It does not offer. It waits to be aspired for.

  • The devotee and the yogi need do nothing other than overcome their resistances and imperfections.

To know where we are, to see what She gives, to explain each person and each event in that light, and to MOVE forward not by our effort, but by our surrender is to become a sadhak.  (Be conscious, Be receptive, Be sincere, Be faithful, Surrender)

  • Sincere conscious receptivity & surrender in good faith.

  • The ten rules of psychic education are a summary of the above.


Presently man’s personality is the determinant of his future, his prosperity. The above arguments try to show the composition of human personality in several respects. It takes thousands of years to reach its goal. By knowing one’s own personality and God’s Personality of Grace, one is in a position to link them so that the slow growth of human life is replaced by the quick growth of Spirit.


   To repeat the salient points of such a linking,

  • Know your own personality;

  • Know the corresponding points of God’s Personality

  • That which links is Truth, Goodness and Love.


   God’s psychic education that gives us ten rules elaborates it. For one to realize the psychic, it needs thirty or forty years, if one is lucky. Doing it non-stop in God’s atmosphere will achieve it in a few months. The psychic is the soul in Prakriti. We are in Prakriti – mind, vital, body. She wants us to shift from prakriti, not to the soul, but to the evolving soul in Prakriti.


Rule  1:

Rely on the soul, not on the mind.

Rule 2:

Do not seek comfort. The body loves comfort. Denying comfort to the body will enable one to come out of Prakriti. Then one has to move to the psychic through consecration. The body sleeps. When one falls into sleep, he is in the body. By consecrating the sleep Rule 10 – one enters into the psychic.

Rule 3

Do not seek the work you like. Take interest in the work that comes to you. That way you deny the vital whose prime motive is interest. The vital eats. Eating keeps us in the vital. By consecrating eating Rule 9 – one moves to the psychic.

Rule 4

Do not complain. Complaint is to go outside. The work is inside. By complaining, one goes away from the field of work. One complains by speaking. Thus, he is in the vital part of the speech. By consecration of the speech Rule 8 – one moves to the psychic.

Rule 5

Make a move towards the Divine every time you act. Thus one covers all Time. This covers not a part of the being, but the whole being.  

Rule 6

The external reflects the inner situation. This is a supramental rule. It helps one move from mind to the Supermind. By consecrating the act Rule 7 – the entire BEING is consecrated.

   When one knows the true nature of consecration as different from prayer, moves away from the ego, studies the composition of one’s own personality, evaluates it as against what God offers and reviews all this in the light of the rules of psychic education, one becomes sincere enough to receive GRACE and becomes God’s child.

Levels of Surrender

  • Surrender for yoga means abolition of mind and vital and the physical learning of all our present skills – eating, seeing, spelling, etc. anew and afresh.  That is what God experienced when She did the yoga of the body.

  • Before the body is the vital and prior to that is mind. If God works in the body, we must be able to work where we are, i.e. in the mind.

  • The pity is, our mind in our present state is not fully evolved out of the vital and is still in many issues dominated by the vital. That is why Sri Aurobindo says the release from the vital, the release of Pranamaya Purusha, is the first realization.

   One can begin only at the point where he is, not where he wants to start.

  • Suppose we agree to begin in our mind, after clearing the vital arrears, how do we go about it? Can it be illustrated by an event? At what point does the Power act?

  • Example: A boy in B.A. may live with one who has attained world fame in his subject. The work of the famous man is not only at the top level but extends to very low levels of collecting facts too. The B.A. boy, by virtue of being with his professor and by the professor’s interest in him, can work at his own B.A. level collecting the necessary information for the professor. The information by itself is useless. When this information is used to explain one aspect of the professor’s theory – there are hundreds of such aspects – by virtue of the professor’s theory the student’s work would gain in significance and merit publication in internationally reputed journals. The professor would be willing to take the student’s articles and have them published in these journals. The boy at the age of 20 will attain world fame. For it to last, he should take his B.A., M.A., Ph.D. and write his own books. For all this to be possible, he should learn what he missed in P.U.C.

  • God offers to do to us in Grace, Luck, Prosperity, Fame, Status, Health, Happiness, etc. what the professor offers to the student. The student should do his part.

  • Experiences of the devotees resemble the following:

1.      A student in Villupuram College gets his articles published in a London magazine. Often the student does not even see a copy. But what matters to him are his own friends' opinions, none of whom has heard of the London magazine. The success falls flat.

2.      For the boy, what matters are his own professors at Villupuram and his Principal. No one understands his value and laughs. Those who understand grow jealous and put the boy down. The boy expects them to value him and waits for their appreciation in vain.

3.      As his own Principal belongs to another school of thought, the body’s article appears to challenge the Principal’s authority. The boy in his ‘loyalty’ to the elderly Principal comes forward to sacrifice his fame.

  • What should the boy do?

He should silently work, write article after article, and pass all the exams. Before he passes M.A., he will write a book and become famous. That MAY gain him his Principal’s appreciation.

NO devotee has come forward for this patient, persistent work so far.

Prayer is human aspiration that fulfills the human need. Consecration is the Divine creation fulfilled in all human beings by the instrumentation of a single human soul. Prayer and consecration are the lower and higher ends of universal existence trying to fulfill the individual human need and the universal intention of the Divine.



Detachment | Top

One can be impartial but not detached, said Laski. It is true for him and his way of thinking. Impartiality is a discipline mind accepts, whereas detachment is a status of consciousness beyond the scope of mind. Those who function with the mind as the central instrument cannot hope to grow detached.

Detachment is a capacity to function in a plane without itself being part of it. Only the Soul is capable of functioning in the mental, vital, physical planes like that. The highest reach for the mind in this direction is impartiality, for the vital forgetting the object of attachment and for the physical detachment is to move physically away from the object of attachment. These parts of being are not meant for these.

To make detachment 100% possible, attachment in every realm is to go, even the attachment to the Divine. Even on that pretext that vibration must be shed. The three successive preliminary conditions for commencing Integral Yoga are Renunciation, Equality and Oneness. Detachment comes when equality is established. The process is to constantly try to lift vital, mental acts to the plane of the Soul till one comes to function from the Soul centre, rather soul begins to function in one through the silent mind, quiet heart and calm nerves.

Mind helps this process if it acquires fuller knowledge of the processes of its present method and a stronger will to put that greater knowledge into practice. The emotional centre can similarly help if it overgrows the need of a certain event that makes for attachment as an experience. If the centre is fairly strong it can reject the experience in future in as much as it has overgrown the need for that experience. If it is weak, the centre must quickly exhaust that experience by passing through it. The physical consciousness has its own being and it primarily acts for its own preservation. As and when this preservation is in jeopardy the physical consciousness puts the mind aside and acts from its own knowledge to preserve the body. This is illustrated by people saving themselves from fire accidents, drowning etc and not knowing how they escaped. The body knows how to protect itself and does it perfectly when needed. For detachment to be possible at the physical level, the body must be penetrated by the higher consciousness and the body should know there is nothing outside from which it needs to protect itself. This is possible only when the light lodges in the physical. In short the mental, vital, physical centres must either reject or exhaust the need to go through the experiences which they now enjoy. The test for having achieved this is equality.

EXCERCISE : - It is easy for one to know most of the areas of his attachment. Mental attachment is shown in either pride or vanity over doing a thing apart from its use value. Emotional attachment is sentiment. Physical attachment can be illustrated when one is not able to sleep in a new place or write with a pen other than the one he is used to. Make a full list of all the activities to which one is strongly attached. Choose one for mental attachment another for sentiment and a third one for physical attachment.

Call Mother and establish her. Offer Her all that you are and all that you are going to do. Examine the nature, form and layers of one of the attachments. Recollect the history of its formation. Offer all that passes before your mind to Mother who has responded to you. This is the first part. The second is to examine your nature and its needs that make this attachment possible. Know this second part but do not take it up in the first stage. On examination you will find that many aspects of this attachments are silly, some are needless and nothing is indispensable. Examine them in the three aspects of mind, vital and physical.

After the examination and the understanding offer all these ingredients to Mother. If possible offer the ‘examination’ and the ‘understanding’ too. What is important in the effort is total willingness to accept the results and a readiness to shed what is discovered as unwanted. Individual attachments will give way soon but the attachment itself will show itself stronger in other similar acts. Now list all acts of attachments that can be said to be of the same strength at one given level. Concentrate your effort in a few of them that stand out in that plane. When the few you concentrate on give way ALL acts of attachment at the plane will suddenly disappear. Now is the time to move to stronger ones.

The whole being should be behind this effort. The effort is taken as a token at certain landmarks. The results will be rewarding if one lets Mother wash away the stain of attachment. The only danger is one is likely to grow attached to the success in shedding attachment. This means one is shedding attachment at one level and is fortifying it at the next higher level. That is the occasion to examine your nature that needs the experience of attachment. That is to be taken up later.

For more on this subject, Go HERE


IQ really only A Basic Thinking Function, while HQ is really what matters... | Top

Here, we have these conventional types of 'thinkers' that have not even kept up with latest findings in regards to their 'intelligence'.

We now have evidence that as long as the brain moves in the IQ region of thinking, no HIGHER BRAIN CHANNELS develop. In order to achieve the true benefit of thinking, one first has to relate ones thinking to FEELING (not emotion), and second THINK INTEGRAL, and no longer just about mathematical style problems.

Integral thinking can only take place, once one has a marginal Philosophical understanding of the truth plus an aptitude for science, and above that, a creative envisioning capacity.

Here are these societies, whose members think they are above and beyond others based upon a human measuring standard that has absolutely nothing to do with 'wisdom' and the single-eyed human of the future.


American Mensa, Ltd., 1229 Corporate Dr. West Arlington, TX 76006 - 1-800-66-MENSA .Open to individuals who have scored in the top 2% on a standardized intelligence test. Founded in 1945 by R.Berrill and L.Ware. Name of Journal: Mensa Bulletin Visit them on the web at

International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, c/o Harry Callahan, PO
Box 34304, Omaha, NE 68134 -- Open to individuals who score in the
99.9th percentile on a standardized adult intelligence test. Founded
1974 by Chris Harding. Name of Journal: Telicom
Visit them on the web at

Intertel, P.O. Box 150580, Lakewood, CO 80215 (303) 797-7210-- Open to
individuals who have an IQ at or above the 99th percentile on an
accepted test. Founded in 1967 by Ralph Haines. Name of Journal:
Visit their website at

Mega Society, c/o Rick Rosner, 5139 Balboa Blvd #303, Encino, CA
91316-3430--Open to individuals with an IQ in the 99.9999th percentile.
Founded in 1982 by Ronald K Hoeflin. Name of Journal: Noesis
Visit their website at

One-In-A-Thousand, PO Box 539, New York, NY 10101 (Ronald K. Hoeflin,
Founder)--Open to persons with measured IQs in the top 1/10% of the
population. Name of Journal: Oath
Visit them on the web at

Prometheus Society, c/o Robert Dick, 13 Speer Street, Somerville, NJ
08876--Open to individuals exceeding the 99.997th percentile of general
intelligence. Founded in 1982 by Ronald K Hoeflin. Name of Journal:
Gift of Fire
Visit them on the web at

Triple Nine Society, PO Box 29, Dover, MA 02030-0029--Open to those
individuals who score in the top 99.9th percentile on a standardized
intelligence test.
Visit them on the web at

Sinistral SIG, 200 Emmett Ave., Derby, CT 06418 (203) 735-1759-- Open to
left-handed people whose IQs are in the top 2% of the population and who
are eligible to be members of Mensa.

The International High Five Society, 3546 Devon Hill Road, Toledo, OH
43606-1102 (419) 474-3809 FAX: (419) 474-1009, e-mail: .--High Five is open to anyone testing above
the 95th percentile on a standardized test of intelligence.

The International High IQ Society
The International High IQ Society was founded in April, 2000 to enable the
bright people from around the world to come together on the internet.
All information can be found at 

----- Original Message -----
From: Ina Bliss
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 10:27 PM
Subject: Questions about 'IQ' and the perception of it

Dear Sirs,
since in the info on your site you solely mention
'IQ' and the 'more and less intelligent',
I am wondering if you realize that IQ-measured thinking is the lowest form of human thinking (singular, one at a time mechanical)?
0- Freud has proved 70 years ago that we act, even before our left brain hemisphere triggers one single interpretative 'thought', signalizing that humans are fed by direct spiritual power from a source beyond ourselves, rendering singular human thought completely UNNECESSARY. (This is being experienced by humans involved in life-threatening situations, when they have no time to 'think' and just act upon what they already 'know', even without having experienced a similar condition before.)
1- The universe, according to quantum physics, consists of intelligence (99% empty space and energy/intelligence/information), and it just flows through the human 'body', made of the same INTELLIGENT quantum packets as the remainder.
2- The human brain is simply a PU of intelligence and has NO seat for 'memory'.
3- Every individual is unique, and there simply cannot be a common quotient for ability and capacity in utilization of potential, for thousands of combinations of intuition, inspiration, intelligence, response, wisdom and its multi-dimensional application are possible.
4- Only High-Powered thinking (HQ) creates NEW brain channels, which give humans the newly gained potential for applied WISDOM. (Phase 1 - Knowledge applied leads to wisdom, Phase 2 - applied wisdom is the next higher level, also called time-spaceless creation, which humanity is approaching).
5- Any new conclusion of any individual human brain enters common human consciousness and raises the level of 'physical' intelligence of every cell in every human body simultaneously. (Japanese Tests of the intelligence contained in water crystals)...
6- Every cell of every human body contains >3 billion base pairs of DNA information, which is equivalent to 1,000 encyclopedia size books.
7- However, the human is not driven by his intelligence, but by the high, or low-frequent emission of energy centered in the solar-plexus, the 'sun' of the body, which in turn creates human happiness, or struggle via attraction.
>>Can any human actually credit himself for 'HIS' intelligence?
There's much more...
Just thought I give you that little nudge, before you stand still in your false suppositions in regards to 'IQ'.
Ina Bliss


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