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Space Product Development

NASA fosters industry uses of the knowledge gained from space research to create new products and processes, to gain economic competitive advantages, to create new jobs, and to improve the quality of life on Earth. This program also provides the opportunity for students to participate both in the development of space research hardware and the rigors of industrial research.

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Space Product Development Division  - Is responsible for NASA's commercial product development program to encourage and increase the United States' industry involvement and investment in space-based materials processing and biotechnology technologies. This is accomplished by conducting industry driven, high technology applied research, which will lead to improved commercial products and services.

NASA's Commercial Space Centers (CSC)  - Are nonprofit consortia of industry, academia and government, focused on commercial space research and product development. The program was established by NASA in 1985 (then known as the Centers for Commercial Development of Space (CCDS) Program) to increase private sector interest and involvement in commercial space related activities. The program's goal is to stimulate advances in promising areas of space research and development with commercial applications.

ISS Commercial Development  - The ISS Commercial Opportunity is about stimulating business investment in the development of new markets and industries in low Earth orbit.

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NASA Overview: Technology Transfer - NASA seeks to foster partnerships to develop technology for NASA missions and commercial purposes, and to facilitate the transfer and commercialization of NASA-funded research and technology.

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Flu Fighting Drug  - A NASA-industry team has used the results of Space Shuttle experiments to develop a new flu drug that may decrease the length and severity of the illness and even prevent the development of symptoms in those exposed to the virus.

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