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14 October 2004




Ancestry Library Edition and Newspaper Direct Released by ProQuest

In a previous column I mentioned that ProQuest is partnering with MyFamily.com. ProQuest is better known as the company that owns HeritageQuest Online. (One needs a family group chart to separate the genealogy companies at the rate they are joining and combining resources and companies!) Together they are releasing a new database called Ancestry Library Edition. This will replace AncestryPlus currently available at the library. The new database contains resources such as New York and San Francisco passenger lists and the New Your Petitions for Naturalization Index.

One item which interests me is the print on demand service with NewspaperDirect. These are in 30 languages target newspapers from over 70 countries. Check out the Ancestry Library Edition the next time you go to the library to research.



Everton, the publisher of the renowned “Handy Book for Genealogists” is up and running again. This time the new owner is making available the extensive but previously unavailable collection of the Everton Genealogical Library. Everton’s is an icon in the genealogical community.

Now the company is owned by a team of experienced genealogists and publishers with one major plan: To revitalize the Everton tradition of the longtime reputable company.

The new owners start by assuring the subscribers they will honor each and every issue of the magazine they paid for and not received. The Genealogical Helper is certainly a staple in the library periodical collection everywhere. Holly Hansen will return as the Editor. She will continue to publish the latest in research technology and resources. Other important sections are in the process of being expanded. One example is the book review section.

They plan on making the Everton Genealogical Library available as a part of a public library resource. Scanning of these 60,000 plus titles has already begun and the race to make these available to the public through the libraries is on. In consideration is the possibility of making the database available remotely. This would be a first for the genealogical community.

Walter Fuller, the new President and Publisher, wants to fulfill the needs of all genealogists. If there is a service you would like to see, contact him and let him know what is on your mind. Unfortunately, I don’t have an address or URL for the company except that they are located in Logan City, Utah. I am sure it will show up on Google shortly. Just keep trying to contact them.



Another hot topic that you will want to check is the Immigrant Ancestors Web site offered by Brigham Young University’s Center for Family History and Genealogy. The site uses emigration sources in the home country to locate birthplaces missing in port records in the new country. Currently you can search Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, England and France, but you will be able to search other countries as they are added in the future.  http://immigrants.byu.edu/Beta/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabindex=0&tabid=1



Bill and Tina Cribbs have just created a Website for you and they are calling it, GenealogyBuff.com. Bill says his wife Tina encouraged him to create a simple site that was complete with information, but that was not so busy as to confuse or discourage novices. However, it was crucial that it contain enough information to get the beginner started without them becoming frustrated. Tina and Bill seem to have accomplished their goal for it is easy to maneuver around the home page; it distinguishes the free databases from the paid; find the target of research; and, understand the information given when you arrive at the data. You can access it at http://www.genealogybuff.com.  



Genealogy II will be offered October 21 through December 16 at the Preston Ridge Campus of CCCCD, Taught by Lynne Darrouzet, JD, CGRS, the course will build on the methods introduced in Genealogy I to further acquaint the students with original records sources, including land and tax, probate and court, military, immigration and naturalization, church and cemetery records.  The course is open to those who have completed the basic course; those returning to genealogy or for the researcher seeking professional credentials. For more information call: 972-985-3758. To register go online: http://www.ccccd.edu/cs/areasofstudy/conted/contedmain.html or call 972-985-3721.


Brenda Kellow, certified genealogist, has a bachelor's degree in history and both teaches and lectures on genealogy. Send reunions, announcements, notices of books to review and other queries to: traceroots@comcast.net. No research commissions are accepted.  

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