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How Moonshine Works

Think the days of backwoods stills and black market liquor are over? Think again: Police are still arresting moonshiners, those entrepreneurs who produce their own liquor and make a nice profit avoiding federal taxes.

Learn how moonshine is made, why the practice began and how the law deals with moonshine today.

Coming Soon: How Stem Cells Work

How Segways Work
You think "left," it goes left -- or at least that's how it feels to the rider. Find out what's going on inside the Segway and what makes it so unique.
How Hypnosis Works
There are hypnotherapists whose job it is to help people quit smoking, increase confidence... Skeptic or believer, hypnosis is an interesting phenomenon.
How Viagra® Works
While most of us know that it's used to treat erectile dysfunction, very few of us know how it does that. Learn all about Viagra®.
How Cell Phones Work
Chances are good that you've got one. Want to know how it works? Learn all about cell phones and the networks that carry your calls.
How Lock Picking Works
In movies, burglars can open a lock using a paper clip. Is it really so easy? Explore the everyday technology of locks and keys

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Why does your body temperature rise when you have a virus such as the flu?

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The first paintball markers were for work, not play. Foresters used them to mark trees and ranchers used them to mark cattle.


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