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General Resources on Austronesian Languages

Resources on Formosan Languages

Resources on Western Malayo-Polynesian

Resources on Eastern Malayo-Polynesian

Austronesian writing systems



General Resources on Austronesian Languages

Austronesian On-line Resources from the AN-LING list

The Austronesian World a set of links and resources by Frédéric Plessis

An Introduction to Oceanic Lingusitic Prehistory by John Bowden at Melbourne University

A comparison of Austronesian languages a brief comparison of the vocabulary of several different Austronesian languages

Bibliography on Polynesian Syntax from a course on Tongan syntax taught by Mike Dukes at Stanford University

Polynesian/Austronesian languages pages – a small set of pages with links on Hawaiian, Tongan, Samoan, Maori, and Indonesian/Malay.

Pacific Island Internet Pages general resources on Pacific Island cultures

Oceanic Linguistics – An academic journal

Pacific Linguistics – An academic journal, publishes numerous monographs as well

Polynesian Voyaging Society – Re-enacting Polynesian migrations


Resources on Formosan Languages

Map of Taiwan’s Indigineous Peoples

Preserving Taiwan’s Indigineous Languages an article by Feng-fu Tsao

Atayal – An introduction to Atayal (Formosan) language and culture


Western Malayo-Polynesian

Malay Language and Literature 

References on Malagasy 

Indonesian Language Resources 


Ilocano Language 

Malagasy for Foreigners 

Malagasy Bibliography 

Cebuano Linguistics 



Basics of Filipino Language 

Metamorphosis of Filipino 

Tagalog pages from Northern Illinois University


Resources on Eastern Malayo-Polynesian

Basic information on Tetun (Central Polynesian)

Samoan language resources

Ndi dictionary - Austronesian

Samoan language

Kiribati Grammar Sketch (Gilbertese)

Seediq (Western Polynesian) basic information from Arthur Holmer at Lund University in Sweden

Kualono – Hawaiian language resources

Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Mäori – The Maori Language Commission a great set of resources on Maori and language preservation


Basic glossary of Rapanui – intended for tourists

Vanuatu Languages

Polynesian Languages and Literature Group 

Languages of Guam -- Chamorro Language lessons



Austronesian Writing Systems

Rongorongo – Extensive information on the undeciphered hieroglyphic writing used by the Rapanui of Easter Island

Rongorongo – another page on the writing of the Rapanui

Another Rongorongo site by Sergei V. Rjabchikov focusing on his interpretations of the system

A page on Javanese writing by Sangga Sarana Persada

A Phillipine Leaf – A site about literacy and traditional writings systems in Pre-Hispanic Phillipines by Hector Santos

BabayinAnother page about traditional writing in the Phillipines