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Compound Warfare: An Anthology

Dr. Thomas M. Huber, Editor



Introduction Thomas M. Huber
1. The Wars of Colonial North America, 1690-1763 Michael D. Pearlman
2. Washington as Strategist: Compound Warfare in the American Revolution, 1775-1783 Jerry D. Morelock
3. Napoleon in Spain and Naples: Fortified Compound Warfare Thomas M. Huber
4. Compound Warfare on the Great Plains: A Missed Opportunity Dr. Jerold Brown
5. The Anglo-Irish War of 1919- 1921:"Britain’s Troubles¾ Ireland’s Opportunities" John T. Broom
6. Compound Warfare in the Military Thought and Practice of Mao Zedong and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Huai Hai Campaign (November 1948—January 1949) Gary J. Bjorge
7. Compound Warfare in the Vietnam War Randy Briggs

8. Compound War Case Study: The Soviets in Afghanistan

Robert F. Baumann
Conclusion Robert F. Baumann




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