Wheatgrass and drops of water

30th November 2004

Wheatgrass and drops of water

This set of close-up photography is one my favorite from my archive. It was just one of those days where it all came together. so to speak.

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Ikea lampshade

28th November 2004

Ikea lampshade

This lampshade has been hanging from our lounge ceiling for well of 6 months now and I’ve never looked at it with a photographic eye… It’s only while I was looking at Adam Polselli’s photoblog did I come across this picture of a lightbulb, so I got a little inspired to take these… Thanks Adam.

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Praha - Czech Republic

25th November 2004

Praha - Czech Republic

I went to Praha or Prague for the first time about three years ago now, I enjoyed it so much that I convinced my mates to go there with me. It was like visiting a living history museum, a true snapshot of what I imagined Russia to be like, or seeing Paris 50 years ago. It is a quirky/magical city with a real buzz and I felt that the people had a real sense of optimism for the future of their country, something I feel we miss in our western modern countries. I hope that it mangages to keep it’s national spirit and identity now that it’s become part of the European Union.

Unfortunatly I’ve lost many of my negatives of this time and all I have left is these photos, which I scanned when I got back. I think that I need to plan another trip. Anyone fancy it?

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Icy winter on Stanpit marsh

23rd November 2004

Series of Ice, Snow and Winter

It’s that time of year again when the frost bites at your nose and when you can really snuggle down into the big comfy duvet of yours. I love getting into a cold bed (one with a think duck down duvet) and curling up into the fetal position, waiting in great anticipation for the warmth to spread. And when it does, it is sooo cosy. You feel as snug as a bug in a rug, so to speak.
Anyway following out recent frost I decided to put this together. This series of photos is inspired by all that is great about the winter.

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12th November 2004

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As promised here are the photos from my recent trip to Amsterdam.
I think that this city is one of the most relaxing / liberal / friendly places I have ever visited. I really enjoyed my week here. It’s one of those cities where I could Imagine living, but I always say that about anywhere I visit. I always come away from a city trip re-invigorated and inspired to create! I suppose that’s why I want to live in the places I visit.
The best way to see this city is by bike, and oh sweet Jesus are there a lot of em about (400k in the city alone, which means walking can become quite a tricky and dangerous excercise.)
I stumbled across a fantastic little bookshop called Mendo in the heart of the old city. Anway I got chatting to the owner (by the way EVERYONE in Holland seems to speak English) and he remcommended a rather great book Called ‘Amsterdam: Style City’, which has photos and the locations of all the coolest / chicest places in amsterdam. He knows the photographer of this book and he told me in great detail what a lucky bastard he is… the photographer gets paid to eat / sleep / live and breath in the most stylish cities on earth, and all he has to do is take nice pictures!! Lucky man, I would like a job like that. As you can tell I’m just a little jealous.
Anyway enjoy the photos.

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Wings of steel

11th November 2004

 Mez Hopking 2004

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, photos to follow shortly… I took these photos from the comfort of my BMI Boeing 737 seat. I love flying - sooo cool, such a shame we don’t have wings or anti-gravity suites… I think they turned out pretty well, considering they’re shot through that nasty scratched perspex.


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Gauloises - Tis cool to smoke

10th November 2004

Gauloises special edition packets
Oh yes - it is cool to smoke Gauloises. Smoking maybe frowned upon by many and the Govenment may have passed legislation to ban smoking in public places (exept those establishments where food isn’t prepared)… but rest assured, because if you smoke Gauloises the world will love you and be delighted to passivly smoke your golden fumes. Smokers die younger, but who cares when you look so god damn cool.

Check out Gualoises’s site where you can ‘cool’ yourself and your desktop up.

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