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You are about to walk up the gangplank of the OBSSE's (Order of the Blessed Saint Scully of the Enigmatic) very own, Ship of Dreams. I'm your Captain, and it's my job to see that your cruise with us is a pleasant one. All of us here are 'shippers'. We believe that Mulder and Scully were made for each other in a non-platonic way. There is no need to feel ashamed for being 'mooshie'. We understand. Please look at our lovely brochure to help you decide whether you'd like to join or not. Be advised, although we are an official OBSSE site, you do not have to be a member of the Abbey to gain admittance to our crew. Take a look around and fill out the quick application form to get your boarding pass.

Captain Hopelessly Romantic (Sonya)

Novmber 05
Feburary 25


  • Brochure -- Read about all of the wonders the ship provides
  • The Ship Rules -- Not many, but they're important
  • Application Form -- Fill out our brief form and climb aboard
  • Membership Banner -- Download and display on your Web Site
  • Shipmates -- See who else has joined
  • Captain's Log-- News and information. Updated- 11/05/00
  • The Weather Center -- A barometer gauging the UST/DAL in the latest upcoming episode
  • Ports of Call-- Sacred Shippy Scenes
  • Reasons to Love St.Vince-- Visit the Shrine and pay your respects
  • The DAL Quiz-- Do you know your moments of Deep Abiding Love between TBO and Her Chosen Punk?
  • Season Six Seven Sap-- Capt. NBL's predictions (inspired by a post on Paula Grave's Site)
  • Library-- A place to find Scullycentric stories with a little bit of romance as well
  • The Arsenal - Essays and Arguments that will warm a shipper's soul
  • Message Board for a Scullied Shipper -- A forum to air the burning questions of the day
  • Ship's Mailing List -- How to subscribe, and some basic rules
  • Shipper Links-- For the romantic in all of us
  • Shipmate Links-- By, for, and of interest to, the crew.

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