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Starting a Successful Marriage Course
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How to Improve Your Marriage Course
How to Improve Conditions in Life Course

Ever wanted to be truly happy? Be successful in your personal relationships? Be able to enjoy life and not just live it "day to day"? You can! No one gave you a road map to travel through life when you were born. In fact, nobody told you that life is composed of many different parts and how to deal with each. But what would happen if you had the answers to these questions and the knowledge to really handle life and its problems? Is it possible that your potentials are greater than anyone would have you believe? Find out on The Personal Efficiency Course!

Conditions in life either improve or get worse. They don't stay the same for long. Sour relationships, career setbacks, lack of self-confidence are all bad conditions that can be handled when you know how. There are exact formulas to improve any condition which may be holding you back in life. Learn them on this course and take control of your own future.

Every time you fail to do what you know is right you lessen your ability to live a happy life. Each time you compromise with a situation to be "agreeable" you have given up some of your freedom. Before now there was no technology that would show you how to maintain honesty and personal integrity.

Do this course and discover:

  • What personal integrity really is
  • How to make decisions that lead you toward a better life
  • How to maintain personal honesty and get others to do so as well
  • How to feel good about yourself and your life.

If your life like a roller coaster ride? Up one day and down the next? You can gain control! Spot what - and who- is causing things to go wrong in your life. You'll be able to identify the people who are really your true friends. Find out who to trust before it's too late. This couse delivers proven, successful methods that you can use to succeed despite oppression.

An inability to deal with others and create lasting relationships can depress the quality of one's life. There is an exact technology to improve relationships and make them work well. WIth the breakthroughs contained on this course, you can understand and have relationships the way you would like them to be. On this course you can discover:

  • The three vital components of understanding and how to use them every day
  • Two rules for happy living
  • How to spot the source of any interpersonal conflict

You're planning to get married - congratulations. No doubt you've given it a lot of though. Yet, no matter how committed you feel, there may still be questions passing through your mind. And if you've been married before, sometimes getting married again is even tougher than the first time. Why do so many marriages fail? How can you be sure this is really the right person for you? There is data on how to choose a correct partner and how to ensure that your dreams are fulfilled. On this course, you'll be given the tools you need to start a successful marriage and keep it going.

What can you do when the bloom has gone out of a marriage and it has settled into a dull routine? You can get plenty of advice in popular magazines and paperbacks, but never the correct or true information. You can virtually turn back the clock and restore your marriage to its original happy state - or even better. Take this course and learn how you can grow together, increase your love for each other and handle upsets with better communication.

When a marriage is falling apart it may seem hopeless to try to restore communication - and even less possible to restore trust or happiness. The divorce rate and the incidence of "single parents"in our society are testimony to the fact that men and women do not have the know-how to prevent such heartbreaks. "Modern" psychological "marriage counseling" rarely advances beyond airing grievances and then making compromises which deaden the joy in a marriage. This course provides real help. You can:

  • Restore real communication between husband and wife
  • Regain honesty and trust in the relationship
Prerequisite for this course is the completion of Scientology Marriage Counseling with a Scientology Minister.

Your child's future - and your own happiness - depend on how you handle your child. Do you know the right actions to take? Can you maintain discipline and have the warm, loving relationships that you want in your family? Can you prepare your child for success in life without breaking his spirit or independence? This course gives you the know-how you need. Find out:

  • What's behing childhood revolts
  • How to increase a child's intelligence and self-reliance
  • How to handle children's upsets
  • How to establish real communiation with your children
The prerequisite for this course is the How to Improve Relationships with Others Course.

Today the workplace is more competitive than ever. Jobs are scarce and you need every skill you can acquire to survive in the work-a-day jungle. Even if you have a steady job, how can you escape the dull grind that poisons creativity and enthusiasm for life? Until now, there were no answers. This course makes the able man more able. It gives him the tools he needs to forward his own career and really find satisfaction in his work. You'll learn some amazing things:

  • How to deal with confusions on the job without becoming overwhelmed
  • The key to dealing with co-workers, subordinates and even the boss
  • A simple exercise you can do to handle exhaustion
  • The secrets of increasing job satisfaction

Money. We all have problems with it. We all need more of it. Too little of it ends up in the bank and too much of it flows out to our creditors. Just what is money? What does it represent? And understanding that, is it possible to control the flow of money and increase it? The answer is YES. On The Dynamics of Money Course you can gain the knowledge, control and know-how to turn your financial scene around.

Personal finances can be confusing. You can gets lots of advice on how to handle them, but how can you really safeguard your money and make it work for you in this risky day and age?

All finances, whether business or personal, operate on certain basic, fundamental laws. These laws have been isolated and are revealed on the Financial Success Course. You'll do practical drills and demonstrations which enable you to put this data directly to use with maximum effect.

Prerequisite for this course is the How to Improve Conditions in Life Coures.

Honest relationships are built on trust and the ability to communicate effectively. Yet communication can be difficult, especially when you face tough situations at home, at work or with others.

The Success Through Communications Course gives you the edge you need to really get your ideas across. Learn effective communication skills to improve your life right now!

You'll learn eighteen simple yet powerful techniques that will show you how to:

  • Handle any upset in communication and restore happiness to your relationship
  • Strike up a conversation with anyone - evern an angry, shy or silent person
  • Be there comfortable and communicate in any situation
  • Become an effective listener
  • Divert a conversation smoothly off a subject when you don't want to continue talking about it
  • End any conversation when you want to - without creating an upset
  • Direct the attention back onto a subject that you want to discuss

Your child's world is full of new experiences, new people and new activities which expand far beyond the home. His is a time to learn, to make new friends, to create and get involved in school activities which can determine future goals and interests. Your child will encounter many problems and will have to make many of the same decisions you had to make. Does your child have the know-how to deal with it?

The Children's Communication Course provides the basics on communication so that they learn how to communicate well and make themselves fully understood. A child who can communicate is at cause!

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