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About Us - Short History

The Story of ConnectU
The idea of ConnectU was spawned in the winter of 2002 after it became obvious that the social and dating scene at Harvard needed some work. Initially we may have used the site as a springboard for hitting on Boston's finest, but we eventually decided to deliver on our claims to improve our campus social scene by creating an online, university-wide friends and dating network.

Over the course of development, we've had our ups and downs. We've cycled through several programmers, even one who stole our ideas to create a competing site, without informing us of his intentions. But we've been troopers. At first we were devastated and climbed into a bottle of Jack Daniels for a bit, but eventually emerged with a bad headache and renewed optimism. We weren't going to lie down and get walked over like this.

So we regrouped, reassessed, and the end result is ConnectU, albeit a couple of months late. We have learned a lot over the year and a half it took to bring our idea to fruition. We have developed a healthy sense of skepticism, learned to be smarter in our dealings with people, but most importantly learned the importance of doing something you love.

We thank all of you for taking the time to read about ConnectU and especially our members. It is you guys who make this site the fun that it is, it is for you guys that this site was made. This is something we will never forget.

Love and Peace,

Cameron, Tyler, and Divya