:: Day by Day - Hachi and Nobu step after step ::
03.09.2001: Nobuo "Nobu" Terashima goes to Tokyo to visit her friend Nana Oosaki and bring her stuff from her hometown. That's how he gets to meet Nana "Hachi" Komatsu. (Chapter 4).
03.09.2001: Nobu first compliments with Hachi. (Chapter 4).
03.09.2001: Nobu impresses Hachi by making it clear to Nana Oosaki that he wants to reform the band they had in their hometown ["You're privileged! A safe future is granted for you! What's the need to throw it all away?" "I do want to throw it all away! How many times do I have to tell you that I'm only happy if I play guitar when you sing?"] (Chapter 4).
03.09.2001: Hachi listens for the first time a song written and played by Nobu. (Chapter 4).
03.10.2001: Before going to sleep, Nobu and Hachi talk face to face for the first time. (Chapter 5)
03.10.2001: Hachi goes to see Black Stones (Blast) rehearsal to audition a new bassist, Shinichi "Shin" Okazaki. (Chapter 5).
04.19.2001: Hachi sees Blast rehearsal again. (Chapter 7).
04.20.2001: Hachi, coming home from work, finds Blast announcing her their first live concert in Tokyo. (Chapter 8).
05.05.2001: Hachi goes with Junko and Kyosuke to Blast's first gig in Tokyo. (Chapter 9).
05.07.2001: After finding out from Misato about Nana's past, Hachi goes to Nobu's to get insights in the matter. (Chapter 11).
05.08.2001 (? approx.): Hachi, at Blast's rehearsals, talks to Shin, Nobu and Yasu about Nana and Ren. For the first time, Nobu thinks that Hachi is very cute. (Chapter 11).
05.27.2001: Hachi and Nobu meet again at Blast's rehearsal. Hachi asks Nobu to introduce her to Ren. (Chapter 14).
06.07.2001: Mah-Jong match at Nana and Hachi's (Chapter 14).
06.07.2001: That very night, when beverages are over, Nobu is sent to buy some more. Hachi goes with him to lend a hand, and they talk about how feelings change in time. ["To meet someone and love that someone the way Nana and Ren love each other, is just such an uncommon experience." "You mean that destiny plays a big role in it, don't you? I like this theory of yours, Nobu. I hope to find my one, too".] For the first time, Hachi realizes that she and Nobu have a lot in common. ["Now, the sadness I was in not so long ago has disappeared. If a guy like Nobu was my boyfriend, I really think I could be happy everyday!"] (Chapter 15).
06.08.2001: Hachi doesn't go to see Blast rehearsal, and Nobu complains about it. (Chapter 16).
06.25.2001 (? approx.): At Blast's rehearsals, Nobu and Hachi talk about Trapnest's last gig, taking place on July 8th. Nobu's glances at Nana grow sweeter and sweeter... (Chapter 17).
07.07.2001: For Tanabata, Blast gather at Nana and Hachi's to write together the tanzaku. (Chapter 17).
07.08.2001: After Trapnest's concert, Nobu fights with Takumi about Hachi, and he makes clear to everyone his feelings for her. (Chapter 17).
07.09.2001: Going home, Nobu talks to Shin about this situation, complaining he's not able to affirm nor to control himself ["I'll watch Hachi from afar, without asking anything to her! You've just said this is the true essence of affection, haven't you?! Well, I wish I could behave like this... but I just can't".] (Chapter 18).
07.09.2001: Nobu goes to Hachi's in order to confess to her his feelings, but he doesn't manage ("What's going on, Nobu?" "No, I can't... I'll come back another time. It's useless, I haven't got a chance against him! But I swear one day I'll defeat him!" "Who are you talking about?" "Takumi!") (Chapter 18)
07.10.2001: Before rehearsals begin, Nobu tells Shin about his failure. (Chapter 19).
07.10.2001: Hachi tells Nana what happened between her and Nobu (Chapter 19).
07.10.2001: At home, Nobu talks with Shin again, and eventually he gets to decide what to do. (Chapter 19).
07.10.2001: Nobu goes to Hachi again and, on the shore of the Tamagawa, with Nana Oosaki singing in background, he confesses his feelings to Hachi, who realizes that Nobu's words make her feel really happy ["I don't know why, but I feel happy. Way happier than when Takumi has spoken these very words..."] (Chapter 19)
07.22.2001: After the declaration, Hachi has begun again to go see Blast rehearsal. As usual, Nobu takes her home and she daydreams about the two of them as a couple when Takumi suddenly reappears out of the blue... (Chapter 20).
07.22.2001: After what happened, Nobu runs home, panicking. ["Men and women are tied by sexual instinct in the first place, don't they? In your opinion, is it ever likely that they could really love each other?"] (Chapter 20).
07.29.2001: Early in the morning, Nana goes to Nobu's, bringing him a lot of the food cooked by Hachi the night before, moving the boy (Chapter 22).
07.29.2001: Blast wait for Hachi to come back from work to thank her. "Blast's debut" is the main theme, and Hachi's words move Nobu. ("Look at me, I've never been a fan of hardcore music (...) but I really like Nobu's songs! I'm not saying that because you're friends of mine! I've loved Blast's songs ever since I first heard them! I remember I was impressed... I even got goosebumps... it's impossible that your music won't sell!) (Chapter 22).
07.29.2001: A plan put up by Shin turns out successful so Hachi and Nobu eventually manage to talk to each other honestly ["Thanks, Nobu! I thought you wouldn't ever talk to me again... so I'm very happy you came at our place today. (...) If you knew me well, you'd be let down..." "Well, I'll face this risk. Come on, put me to the test! You know, I haven't understood yet what to do to forget you..."], and finally they kiss (Chapter 22).
07.29.2001: Hachi and Nobu go eventually to do the shopping they needed to do for the other guys, and Hachi, re-thinking about the situation, decides to leave Takumi to stay with Nobu. (Chapter 23).
07.29.2001: Hachi hastily set things "straight" with Takumi and reaches Nobu at the shop he works in. The two can finally let their feelings free. (Chapter 23)
07.30.2001: Waking after the first night together (spent at Nobu's), the boy tells her new girlfriend some facts from Blast's past (Chapter 24)
And then, what happened? Out of respect for people who read the italian edition of the manga, this cronology is going to be updated following the timeline of Panini Comics edition.
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