Raw video footage from the U.S. military offensive in Fallujah, Iraq, 2004.


I am after any video footage of fighting / news reports related to fallujah.

Idealy I'm looking for soliders who have taken footage, but I am also after any links to websites with streaming news and videos (I'll rip them and put them up here).

All submissions will remain confidential unless you request otherwise.

Thursday, 2nd December

I captured this off HDTV today: The body found is not Margret Hassans.

Tuesday, 30th November

Raw Footage of a Marine Firefight near one of Fallujah's many mosques.
The video shows a unit atop a roof firing on insurgents, calling in M1 Abrams support and ultimately showing the demise of a couple insurgents.

Short Video clip of BBC reporting from Fallujah.

Associated Press reporting from Fallujah.

Video Clip by Insurgents - Insurgent With Rocket Launcher.

Saturday, 27nd November

Added: BBC reporting on the battle for Fallujah - 20 Minutes long / 40Mb.

Tuesday, 22nd November

I've added four new videos, plus the download section is now up and running.

Saturday, 20th November

Added 10 new videos.

Thurssday, 18th November

I have added 23 CBS videos to the site, they arent available for download yet but you can stream them from the watch video section

Wednesday, 17th November

I'm currently uploading a few more videos (13Videos / 100Mb), check back in a few hours time.

Fallujah In Pictures - Pictures from Fallujah that probably won't be on your television.

Jake sent in word of some footage which will be aired tonight on LateLine (Australia), I'll try and rip it with my HTPC.

I've added more videos:
Falluja Shooting Caught On Tape (US Solider Shoots Insurgent)
Fallujah Seized
Fighting Subsides In Falluja
US Takes Control Of Fallujah
US Troops Patrol Fallujah

Tuesday, 16th November

Added US Offensive in Fallujah video.

If you come across a video which is not here, please get in contact with me
and I will do my best to get it up onto the site!

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