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Update your firmware to V1.xx ( also 1060c ! ) PACKET WRITING !
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More memory for the 1420c Compatible software
Terminators X-mas tree in your 1420c ( not )
Functional configurations Problems & questions
Firmware versions Manual 'How to update'


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Note from me : I stopped maintaining this site since there will be no more updates from Ricoh and, heck, the 1420c seems a lil old now !
Alltough mine is still working excellent ( after about 5000 cdr's burned... ! )
To all the guys and gals who helped and mailed, thanks a zillion !
I will try to get this site up and runnin' cause it's still needed ( only last three months about 5000 hits ( says the stats from the server ( dated March 26th, 2000)))
Again thanks to you all ! You made this humble site a success ! Please click on the banner to keep this site up !

I did put the counter on 60000 hits on March 26 2000 since I changed provider and then counter stopped working okay
This seems a fair number ( calculated from the server stats ! )

This page was last updated on march 26th 2000.
The last update EVER !

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