Thursday 16th September 2004


TSTT to spend $250m on Internet upgrade

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Acting TSTT Chief Executive Officer Bernard Mitchell on Tuesday announced that the telecommunication giant will be investing some $250 million dollars to develop a high speed Internet access network known as Next Generation Network.

Speaking at the opening of their fourth community communication centre at Rochard Douglas Road junction, Barrackpore, Mitchell said that the NGN development will be done over the next 18 months.

It will “support over 15,000 high speed internet access lines and provide almost 70,000 new and rehabilitated phone lines,” he said.

Through the new network, TSTT will “be able to offer new communications services that blend voice, video and data services,” he said, adding the NGN will “also enable us to take high speed Internet access into many more communities.”

The acting CEO told residents of Barrackpore gathered for the simple opening ceremony that the centre was constructed at the cost of $1 million. The centre, he said, will provide them with all of the key communications technology.

These include phone, fax, Internet, “as well as computers, printers, scanners and copiers right in your neighbourhood,” he said.

Mitchell also used the opportunity to assure that the telecommunication giant has not increased local telephone rates.

“When we reduced our international rates in June of this year, many people felt that local rates were simultaneously being increased. That was never the case because TSTT cannot unilaterally increase these rates,” said the CEO.

He said there is a process of consultation between TSTT and the Telecommunications Authority before local telephone rates can be increased.

In addition to consulting the regulator, TSTT also has to hold public consultations, with customers and other stakeholders.

“The public can be assured therefore that local rates are still at the same level that they have been at since 1985, that is, for the past 19 years,” said Mitchell.





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