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Yolanda Hogeveen - Teacher Librarian
Joan Eastoe - Library Technician
Suzanne Teeple - Library Clerk

Mission Statement
The primary goal of the school library program is to assist students and staff in learning and mastering information literacy skills - the foundation of lifelong learning. By utilizing and incorporating these skills in their curriculum areas, students and staff will become life-long, effective and informed users of ideas and information.

The library program implements the Resource-based Learning Model to support and enrich the school's educational goals and objectives. Teachers and teacher-librarians work together to create co-operatively planned units that promote student-centered learning and to ensure that students are actively involved in their own learning. This progam integrates the skills of information literacy and technology to ensure that curricular outcomes are being met. Students acquire the necessary skills that will enable them to effectively formulate questions, to access, locate, evaluate, interpret and communicate information and ideas that are essential for meeting their information needs.

About Our Library

The library is open from 7:45AM to 3:45PM and library staff is available during those times to assist in the location and use of the library's resources. The library offers a quiet place for study, homework or recreational reading. It houses a large selection of up-to-date informational books, reference materials, periodicals, and a variety of electronic resources. A coin-operated photocopier is also available for use.

The library is fully automated and the library staff will assist students in searching online using the computer terminals. Access to electronic resources such as EBSCOhost (online periodicals), the World Wide Web, World Book encyclopedia and the Winnipeg Public Library is available through the Internet.

Informational and recreational materials may be loaned for two weeks and reference books may be taken out overnight. Student ID cards are used as individual library and Internet privilege card.

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