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Transdraw is a distributed collaborative vector-based graphical editor. It uses a transactional protocol to guarantee

The user never has to wait for the network and everybody sees and edits exactly the same drawing. The editor is designed to behave as much as possible as a single-user editor. If two or more users try to modify the same graphic entity at the same time (for example, by trying to make the same rectangle blue and red), then one user eventually wins and the other users see their modifications cancelled. The development of Transdraw is part of the PIRATES project.

Before continuing, make sure you have read and agreed to this license.

Quick start

  1. See the heading Download below to get the binaries and the Mozart system if needed.
  2. Start a new drawing by running the program TransDraw.
  3. Click on Open an Editor to open a local editor of the drawing.
  4. You can invite anybody by sending a mail invitation : use the Invite by mail... command from the Tools menu.
  5. To make the drawing available to other people, click on the Pickle to a File button and give the name of a file accessible by URL. For example, the file ~ned/public_html/MyTicket will be available by the URL
  6. Now the drawing is available throughout the Internet. Anyone with Internet access can enter:
    1. Editor <URL> <Username>
    to start a new editor for the drawing.
  7. There are many other ways to start a new editor: through a Web page, inviting a new user by email, or explicitly within a given TransDraw session. These ways are explained in the appropriate sections of the User Manual.
User Manual


Starting a new drawing

The editor

Command line parameters

The URLTooza program

Setting up 

To use TransDraw you must first download and set up a Mozart engine.

You may also have to configure your browser to support the Oz applets.

Download binaries for Mozart 1.2.0

Note that the binaries are in fact exactly the same for Unix and Windows. They are packaged in the standard archive format for the two platforms. The Unix platform doesn't need the binaries to have the .oza extension to run, so it isn't set. At the opposite, Windows needs that extension to be set in order to correctly run the application.

Download sources

The sources are packaged in the file transdraw_sources.tar.gz (~160 Kb).

If you find any bug, please report it to with a maximum of information (error messages, how the error appeared, how to reproduce it and so on).

If you have any comments, any suggestions, or just like the application, send me a mail to let me know at