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February 1999
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Colossal magnetoresistance

Feature: February 1999

The discovery of colossal magnetoresistance in certain oxides of manganese has stimulated intense research into the properties of manganese perovskites and could lead to a new generation of electronic devices. Josep Fontcuberta. toc>

Structural properties<BR>of manganites
Structural properties
of manganites

In 1986 Alex Müller and Georg Bednorz of IBM Zurich discovered high-temperature superconductivity in copper-based oxides. This finding, which was rewarded with the Nobel Prize for Physics in the following year, triggered intense research into the properties of the transition metal oxides. Since then scientists have questioned the very nature of the metallic state in these materials.

A few years after the initial discovery, in 1993, more excitement greeted reports that certain manganese oxides showed a huge change in electrical resistivity when a magnetic field was applied. This effect is generally known as magnetoresistance, but the resistivity change observed in these oxides was so large that it could not be compared with any other forms of magnetoresistance. The effect observed in these materials - the manganese perovskites - was therefore dubbed "colossal" magnetoresistance to distinguish it from the giant magnetoresistance observed in magnetic multilayers.

In the February issue of Physics World, Josep Fontcuberta of the Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB) in Spain explains why magnetoresistance is an expanding field of physics research.

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