BlackAura's Junk

This is just some files that I didn't know where else to put.
DCSelfBoot 0.1 - Selfboot Inducer for Linux/Unix prototype
Cygwin SH-4 Toolchain - Precompiled SH-4 toolchain for Cygwin
Cygwin ARM Toolchain - Precompiled ARM7 toolchain for Cygwin
Cygwin KOS 1.2.0 - Precompiled KallistiOS 1.2.0 for Cygwin
Genesis Plus / DC 0.1 - Dreamcast port of Genesis Plus - First release
Genesis Plus / DC 0.1 SBI - SBI 2.1 release of Genesis Plus (untested)
Genesis Plus / DC 0.1 Source - Source code for DC port of Genesis Plus
Jump 'n' Bump - Dreamcast version of Jump 'n' Bump
Jump 'n' Bump Source - Modified files for Jump 'n' Bump
DC PAL converter - Util to convert NTSC homebrew apps to PAL format
XDP ISO Image - ISO format image of XDP Interim v7
XDP Bootkit - Selfboot kit for XDP Interim v7
Boot tool - Test version of DC boot tool.
BlackAura's SMS Emulator - Master System emulator I wrote about a year ago. Works pretty well.
Bleemcard - Bleem!cast memory card converter
AuraBoot CLI - Win32 version of my DC boot tool
AuraBoot CLI Source 0.0.2 - Updated source code for AuraBoot
AuraBoot CLI Source 0.0.1 - Original source code for AuraBoot
AuraBoot CLI Readme - Readme for AuraBoot - Tech stuff only
NesterDC Package - NesterDC package for AuraBoot
NesterDC Themes Package - 10 NesterDC themes packaged for AuraBoot
NesterDC Package - GNUBoy DC package for AuraBoot
NesterDC Package - Smeg package for AuraBoot
nxQuake Preview 1 - Basic port of Quake to the DC
nxQuake Preview 1 - Source code - Source code for nxQuake Preview 1
QuakeDC Menu - Menu system for QuakeDC, like Joymenu. Has bots, cheats and maplists.