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The Swiss Scene Server provide you, beside of several web pages following additional services.


Do you need web-space for your projects? We have enough space available.

  • We provide you an own address like, or with your own domainname (if you have one).

  • With your FTP and SSH account you can work in your directory like on your own server.

  • You can use your own cgi-skripts
    (See at our CGI/Perl-tutorial for beginners)

  • We support php4

  • You can use .htaccess-files
    (See at our short access-security - tutorial for beginners)

  • You can host your WAP sites in your directory anyway WAP suxx.
    (See at our short WAP-tutorial for beginners)

Optional, on your request:

  • Statistics

This service is for all non comercial sites free! Do you have some questions about, do you need some more information or would you know our prices for comercial sites, so contact radio_24.

Some information to SSH:
We haven't telnet because of some insecurities. The use of SSH is not so different. The only difference is, you need a special client and the first time you contact the server, the client will ask you, if you are sure to connect this host. At this point you should answer with yes.
To find a client under Linux is very easy, probably it's a part of your distribution otherwise look on
For Windows: PuTTY [ 112 kb,
PuTTY-Homepage] is a free, little SSH-Client.



We are running a scene related FTP server at With over 120GB of scene related releases in over 140'000 files. You can browse through the ftp with the web browser too [click] or search for releases.

Did you or your group release something, so please check, if it is on our server. For new releases: upload it to the server and create a news-entry with a link to your file. Is something missing, so informe

To provide you a good server, we need more support from you ! Thanks !



You can have your own <name> mailbox. We have our own SMTP, POP3 and IMAP - Server. Of course, you can check your mailbox with your browser, if you want. Paranoid? Check your mail with SSL-encription [click].
Do you want an own mailbox on our server, so contact radio_24.


CHScene mailinglist is at [Join it] [Leave it]
Buenzli Info mailinglist is at [Join it] [Leave it]

If you need a mailinglist for your project or group, so contact me.



It exist a scene related newsserver at
Subscribe you to country.switzerland .



Do you want meet other sceners and talk with people? Come on the
ircnet (serverlist) in the channel #chscene and meet us there. IRC - Client for Win32
BitchX IRC - Client for UNIX and Win32
X-Chat for X Windows.