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MEXICO, Guadalupe Island - November 2002
Maintenance of goat exclosure fences

In December 2000, Seacology provided funding to the Island Conservation and Ecology Group (ICEG) to construct numerous fenced exclosures to keep goats out of fragile areas. Since that time, there has been a dramatic change inside the exclosures and there are over 150 new Guadalupe Pine seedlings. These could become the first pines on Guadalupe to reach maturity in over 100 years. Seacology is providing funds to ICEG to maintain these fences and insure protection of the regenerating plant species.*

UPDATE November 2003 - The goat exclosure fence construction was completed in late 2001. The Mexican government has pledged $600,000 to assist in the removal of goats from the island, and has stated that restoring Guadalupe Island is a top priority for 2003/2004.

UPDATE July 2004 - This year, pine seedlings within the fence are now a meter tall and many endemic plants are thriving, some that have not been seen on the island for 20 years or more. The Mexican government's pledge to assist in goat removal was approved and removal of animals is scheduled to begin this summer.

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*Support for this project is generously provided by the
Nu Skin Enterprises Force for Good Foundation


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