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- a note on further development and maintenance

- still alive, LinuxForum

- CSL-0.2.0 released

- aRts-0.6.0 released
- KDE2.2 released
- Brahms-1.01 released

- aRts at Linuxtag 2001

- CSL-0.1.2 released
- Gnome-aRts-0.1.2 released
- aRts-0.5.4 released

- CSL-0.1.1 released
- Gnome-aRts-0.1.1 released
- aRts-0.5.2 released

aRts simulates a complete "modular analog synthesizer" on your - digital - computer. Create sounds & music using small modules like oscillators for creating waveforms, various filters, modules for playing data on your speakers, mixers, faders,... You can build your complete setup with the GUI of the system, using the modules - generators, effects and output - connected to each other.

New synthesis modules can easily be written and integrated in the aRts system. The artsd sound server mixes audio from several sources in real time, allowing multiple sound applications to transparently share access to sound hardware.

Using MCOP, the Multimedia Communication Protocol, multimedia applications can be network transparent, authenticated for security, and cross-platform using interfaces defined in a language-independent way using IDL. As a core component of the KDE 2 desktop environment, aRts provides the basis for the KDE multimedia. It can also be used independently of KDE (i.e. uses no Qt- or KDE-libs for most things).

This program is distributed under the GPL (Gnu Public License). Read the COPYING-file inside the archive carefully. Large parts of aRts are also under LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License), which allows using the aRts libraries even in proprietary software.

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