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William Ashley (Billy) Sunday
Billy Sunday Billy Sunday (1862-1935) was an American evangelist born in Iowa. A professional baseball player in the National League, he was saved in 1886. Associated with J. Wilbur Chapman from 1893 to 1895. An evangelist from 1896 to 1935, he made an attack on liquor the mainstay of his campaigns.

William Ashley Sunday. Short chronology and biographical sketch.
Echoes from Glory. Selective sayings/portrait of Sunday.
Billy Sunday Funeral. November 9, 1935. Includes message by Dr. Harry Ironside.
Gravestone of Billy Sunday. Forest Home Cemetery (Waldheim), Forest Park, Illinois. Another source.

Archival documents/images:
Billy Sunday. Photographs from Chicago Daily News, 1902-1933.
Hitting the Sawdust Trial with Billy Sunday.
Suggestions for Personal Workers.
Billy Sunday's Help to New Converts.
Papers of William Ashley "Billy" Sunday and Helen Amelia (Thompson) Sunday. Collection includes correspondence, sermons, photographs, campaigns, associates, etc.

Billy Sunday Online. Sermons, images, audio, timeline.

Recommended book: Billy Sunday: Home Run to Heaven by Robert A. Allen. Published by Mott Media, c1985. 160 pages. ISBN 0-88062-125-7.

Recommended video: The Billy Sunday Story. With Dr. Homer Rodeheaver. Beacon Video Ministries, ©1989. 45 min. Available from Sword of the Lord.

Helen SundayHelen Amelia Thompson Sunday (1868-1957): Wife of Billy Sunday. She met him in Chicago when she was eighteen, shortly after his conversion to Christ, and they were married in 1888. During the early years of his ministry, she and the children (Helen, George, William, Jr., and Paul) were separated from him for long periods of time. After 1907, Helen, or "Nell" (also called "Ma") traveled by his side most of the time, doing much of the planning for his evangelistic campaigns, handling finances, speaking at women's meetings and being there to encourage him. After Billy's death in 1935, she traveled extensively throughout the country helping to raise money for rescue missions and similar Christian ministries, addressing youth rallies, and was active in the work of such Christian ministries as Bob Jones University, Youth for Christ, and the Voice of the Andes radio station. Two additional photographs of Helen Sunday include one undated and another dated 1912.
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