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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic In Stores
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic In Stores

New Jade Video and Desktop
[Dec 22] Witness the Horse Demon Transformation fighting style and get Furious Ming on your desktop. We congratulate West Nottinghamshire for winning a Beacon award, and lay out our Holiday Top 10.

BioWare Developer Of The Year
[Nov 08] BioWare was presented with the Game Developer of the Year award at the Billboard 2004 Digital Entertainment Awards in Los Angeles on Friday. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic also placed as a finalist for PC Game of the Year.

BioWare Store Offers Premium Content
[Oct 25] BioWare has announced the launch of the BioWare Store, an online marketplace that will initially offer three premium Neverwinter Nights modules developed by BioWare staff and NWN community members. Visit today.

KotOR Goes Platinum
[Aug 13] Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is now a member of the exclusive Microsoft Platinum Hits series. For under US$20, you could be dueling sith with lightsabers, piloting ships at light speed, and matching wits with Darth Malak!

KotOR wins the Nexus Award
[Apr 22] KotOR has won the Nexus Award for Best Fantasy Videogame at this year's Brussels International Festival of Fantastic, Thriller & Science-Fiction Film. KotOR also recently placed #2 in IGN's top Xbox games list.

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