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Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers (GCN)
No harm, plenty of fowl.
By Andrew S. Bub | May 12, 2002

The Lowdown: Great for all ages, if a bit too simplistic and easy for advanced players.
Pros: Great looking, fun and whimsical.
Cons: Not very challenging for advanced players.

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Platform:  GameCube
Game Type:  Adventure
Developer:  Disney Interactive
Publisher:  Ubi Soft

Full Game Information
Disney's bad seed, that foul beaked sailor fowl Donald Duck, is back in an old adventure, but one that's new for the GameCube. The game, Goin' Quackers, first appeared on the PlayStation, then on the N64, the Dreamcast, and the Playstation 2. This GameCube version is a picture perfect port of the PS2 version with nothing new or added, it's just a simple 3D platformer, and not a very challenging one at that, but it'll likely bring a smile to the faces of kids, parents, and Disney fans alike.

At the game's start, Donald and another duck are watching Daisy on TV; she's a newscaster who's infiltrated the lair of an evil magician named Merlock. The villain spots her, nabs her, and sets Donald off on a collision course pitting his ducky moves and his anger management skills against all kinds of obstacles, baddies, and bosses. There are five levels all linked together by Gyro Gearloose's teleporting machine. Naturally the machine isn't able to teleport the Donald directly to his ladylove's rescue, so Donald has to explore each level collecting gears in much the same way Mario grabs those coins. Grab five within a set time period, and Donald unlocks a letter. Do it six times and you'll spell S-E-C-R-E-T and Donald's nephews will give you a new secret move. The secret moves and attacks become pretty useful later in the game, so repeating earlier levels to unlock them is worth your while.

The first level is Duckie Mountain, a 3D level filled with logs, pits, and thorny bushes. Complete that and you head to Duckberg, Magica De Spell's Haunted Mansion, and finally to Merlock's Ancient Temple. Each level follows the same basic pattern: Two 3D platform levels, one 2D platformer level, and then Merlock sends a giant hand after you creating a a timing puzzle that has Donald running toward the screen with the hand in pursuit.

Finally, there's a boss level. The bosses aren't difficult. Generally they involve dodging attacks, waiting for the boss to make a big attack, jumping out of the way, and then jumping on the stunned bosses head. The game isn't particularly challenging, but what difficulty that's there is certainly well-paced, and the game doles out extra lives, save checkpoints, and other goodies frequently enough so that your five-year-old child will enjoy the gameplay.

No, this isn't Daisy.
Donald can leap, double jump, punch, and even perform a jump-kick move. He can scream, which stuns enemies for a short time, and when he gets hurt, he gets progressively angrier. Anger works like health in Goin' Quackers. When an angry Donald spins into whirlwind mode he'll become invincible, but if struck before this mode completely possesses him, he'll pass out and you'll have to restart from the last checkpoint. A milkshake will soothe his angered brow (think health potion).

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