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A series of latest attacks killed more than 100 Iraqis
Canada: Third case of mad cow disease
US to release five Guantanamo prisoners
New homeland security chief appears to be a safe choice
Abu Ghraib scandal hasnТt finished yet
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Man stays alive after drinking two liters of vodka
Making love to a car finally pays off
Young girl wants to kill her lover, just to keep his BMW X5
Menstruating women possess the ultimate power
Anna Kournikova gets married, divorced and pregnant
Woman spends 45 years playing Santa Claus
Every type of woman is good in its own way
Orange Christmas trees grow in Ukraine
Chastity belts become more popular with modern men
Boris Yeltsin's wife Naina shares intimate secret with Hillary Clinton
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Michael Moore and the Loony Liberals - 01/11/2005 13:52
Bullseye!! - 01/10/2005 19:59
Man of the week: Nelson Mandela - 01/10/2005 11:53
Setting the world right - 01/06/2005 17:23

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Other subjects "World":
Accident aboard the U.S. sub bears stunning resemblance to the "Kursk" tragedy - 01/10/2005 19:24
Russian tourists in Thailand refuse to be rescued - 01/06/2005 14:15
Uzbekistan and the Great Powers: courting instability - 01/04/2005 14:24
2004: Drawing the line - 12/31/2004 14:19

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Hot spots and Incidents
Other subjects "Hot spots and Incidents":
Strongest storm in 40 years lashes Russia and northern Europe - 01/10/2005 11:33
Abu Musab az-Zarkawi arrested - 01/04/2005 12:45
ADRA continues multi-country tsunami response - 12/31/2004 13:12
Organizer of Viktor Yanukovich's election campaign found dead in Kiev - 12/30/2004 15:21

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Other subjects "Russia":
Leap year 2004 brings pessimism to Russian society - 01/05/2005 13:53
"Russia's domestic policy was the weakest point in 2004" - 12/30/2004 13:04
Putin acknowledges state's implication in Yukos intrigue - 12/27/2004 17:19
Revolutions to grip Russia and former Soviet republics in 2005 - 12/25/2004 15:41

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Society and Culture
Other subjects "Society and Culture":
Asian earthquake pales in comparison with natural disasters of the past - 01/10/2005 15:43
Psychic security department protects Russian presidents from external psychological influence - 01/06/2005 17:13
Russian man to become exclusive owner of Earth's atmosphere and clouds - 01/05/2005 16:15
The year of the Green Rooster: tips for a successful celebration - 12/30/2004 15:20

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Science and Health
Other subjects "Science and Health":
Quantum teleportation useless to teleport humans - 01/06/2005 15:43
Russian city of twins continues to puzzle scientists - 01/04/2005 14:31
Russian scientist warns of another major tsunami - 12/30/2004 17:22
Russia flies to Mars in 2014, USA's Martian mission slated for 2030 - 12/29/2004 17:11

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