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From: "Stephanie Rinder" <osaintrecruiter@scientology.net>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Handling suppression
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Organization: OSA
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Dear ARS Posters,

I am writing to you to offer you a unique opportunity to work in
the Office of Special Affairs International, where you can help handle
suppression and rid society of psychiatric influences and thereby
enable orgs to flourish and prosper like never before.

In France, OSA is working to bring an end to religious intolerance
and hatred so that not just Scientologists, but people of all faiths
may practice their religion without restraint. While on the one hand we are
confronting and handling those suppressive elements that attempt to cut
across the expansion of Scientology ( see
http://france.freedommag.org/), on the other hand, OSA is getting into
communication with various parts
of society and helping them succeed in their endeavors through the
acceptance of and use of Scientology tech (see

For example, OSA staff were responsible for the What is Scientology?
tours which have introduced hundreds of thousands to Scientology around the
world. They also oversee CCHR campaigns that relentlessly expose the
destruction done by psychiatrists in the name of "help".

Along with having and using all of the technologies of Standard Ethics,
Tech and Admin, OSA also has its own standard technology of Public
Relations, Legal Affairs, Social Reform and others, all based on the
research and discoveries of LRH in each of these fields. Within our
team, we have staff who work in many different areas.

As Scientology expands into the 21st century, little could be more
important than to lay the foundation for that expansion by handling any
barriers to a safe environment. As the task becomes more demanding and
we expand into more areas, more staff will be needed to play this
challenging and rewarding game. It is for this reason that I am inviting you
to join the OSA team.

Please write back to me right away. I am looking forward to hearing
back from you.

Stephanie Rinder



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