The Q.I.C. Building  
B u i l d i n g
by DAV
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This map was released after "Strogg Building", another map by the same author reviewed by me here, but the style is the same and unfortunately it hasn't improved anything. This time the mission is to kill all the Tank Commanders and then find the exit located somewhere inside the building. Not very complicated in theory, moderately fun in reality.

The mission starts outside a building that probably is the largest building I've seen in any Quake 2 map. Once you get over the shock and make you way up to the large entrance door (that has two turret prefabs mounted beside it), you'll find that the rest of the building is equally large. It has a left and right wing that almost looks like they've been copied and pasted. No stairs join the floors together, instead a lift and an inclined floor has been used. A couple of small storage rooms have been equipped with shelves, but it is impossible to pick up what's stored on them, although one can crawl under them. Better lighting in a few places compared to earlier work by this author, but the same sparse use of textures (very odd choices in places) brings the experience down.

Once the mission starts you're given the rocket launcher immediately, and that's usually not a good sign of what is to come. The turrets near the entrance are easily taken out with the blaster from a distance, and the Tank situation directly after that is solved with the RL. From there on, it's pretty easy to advance through the rooms; most commonly populated with light guards. As you do so, all the powerful weapons can be found except the railgun and BFG, and since there's lots of ammo available, wasting the enemies becomes almost a routine job.

The game flows pretty well, with the exception of the beginning, at least if you like me use the blaster on long range targets, since they don't see you until you're up close. That makes the turret drivers easy to kill. It seems like turrets are best used in medium sized rooms, where they discover the player directly, who then has a more limited amount of space to move around in. Having this much ammo available makes it easy to kill the heavier monsters as well, so you'll get to the exit pretty quick. The r_speeds are up to 2000 when you're outside the building, but most of the gameplay takes places inside, where they are between reasonable numbers.

When you've reached the exit of this map, you'll be teleported straight back to the beginning of it, and it will start all over again. As usual, it's up to you to decide if you like it or not, but my opinion is that once you've played this one, you'll probably not feel the need to play it again. The only thing that makes it tick is the fun you'll be having when fragging all the enemies in a fast pace.

*DM = Deathmatch / CO = Cooperative / DS = Difficulty Settings / NS = New Sounds / NG = New Graphics / NM = New Music