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This rather intresting interview with Darken was realised long time ago (About one year) for my old 'zine, but I decided to put it here as it is very intresting and still unpublished. (IN)

Greetings Rob! What is GRAVELAND doing in these days?
Hail!!! I work all the time. Always the same. Some time I finished work on music and covers for two new No Colours rec. releases: digi pack 'Thousand Swords' and mini CD 'Impaler's Wolves'. Now I work on second LP Lord Wind. Next week I will start work on three tracks for split with Honor. Honor is a Polish skinhead band.  This split will be released on CD and tape at the end of this year.

The cover art of "Immortal pride" is really impressive! Who did draw it?
I do not know the name of the author of this drawing. I saw this drawing on the cover of  Svarog magazine about paganism from Ukraine. I am in contact with Halina Lozko from Ukraine who works in this magazine. She let me use this drawing.  I am very grateful her for this permission. This drawing is really great. It has its own specific atmosphere of the pagan past. It goes very well with the title and main idea of this LP.

Speaking about cover arts... the one of "Following.." is very good as well, and it was made by you. Did you have some education in any art school?
I do not have any education in an art school. Everything that I know I learnt by myself at home. Cover for 'Following...' was very easy to make with computer help. I had an idea of this cover. I prepared a outline and then I worked on the computer.

Can you describe "Immortal Pride" lyrically?
I always have problems with writing lyrics for Graveland and I do not like doing this. But war and paganism are good topics to write about so I write about heroic deeds and usual everyday lives of our pagan ancestors. I like specific atmosphere and style of Nibelungen Saga or Poetic Edda. I would like to write in that style. Lyrics for 'Immortal Pride' are about a warrior who fights against murders of his folk, it is like a story of his life. Still I am not entirely satisfied with these lyrics but I like them and I think that I am going in a proper direction. I will never write sweet lyrics to make weak people feel nice. All trendy bands have very sweet and boring lyrics. I hate this. For me the most important thing is the spirit of lyrics. Writing lyrics about unimportant things is a waste of time. Lyrics for 'Immortal Pride' are not perfect but they are good and can help listeners of music to understands my work better.

Who is the "man that dared to baptize and plunder primeval lands of your ancestors", the booklet speaks about?
Saint Wojciech. He came to Poland from Czech republic and started to baptise Poles. But my ancestors resisted and killed him. This is why he became saint. Now he is glorified as one of the main guards of Poland.

"Immortal Pride" is slowest and more epic, compared with your previous releases... do you think it might be defined less extreme as well?
This LP is different than previous ones. It includes only two very long songs. In style, it is similar to Bathory's Hammerheart. I think that it is difficult to call my music Black Metal. My music becomes more and more original, I use folk riffs and pagan melodies. This LP is much easier to listen to than 'Following...'. 'Immortal Pride' is a new Graveland face. In 'Creed of Iron' (next Graveland LP - we will start work on it in spring 2000) I would like to get closer to music of 'Conan the Barbarian' by Bazil Polendouris. Probably I will also sign in some parts of LP with my normal vocal. It will has nothing to do with softening Graveland style. I just want my music be more pagan and permeated by new topics. Soon Graveland will give reasons to be identified with Hammer Metal!!!

Does GRAVELAND still play Black Metal in your opinion?
A: I develop all the time and my music changes. I was always looking for a specific original Graveland sound and style. Now I think I found it. I call my music Pagan hammer  metal. Pagan metal is a herald of all changes in today's beliefs and customs of White society of Europe. Paganism is present not only in metal scene but also in other spheres of culture and art . For me paganism is a return to traditions, beliefs of our ancestors, it is a proof of power, perfection and might of a White Man. Pagan metal is a weapon, it is an immortal instinct that orders us to go with courage and with no compromise. Black Metal was created by people inspired by Satanism. I am not a Satanist. I think that Satanism leads to destruction and I would like to create strong Pagan Aryan Society of White Pride Warriors. Satanism had a big influence on my religious convictions and on small part of my spirituality. When I was younger I was under a big influence of Satanism. From Satanism I used to take power to resist christian customs and pseudo worths that were cultivated in my family. I learnt to hate institution of church. Today I consider satanism as religion born form pagan customs of christianized Europe. I think that satanism is  strongly connected with christianity and because of these strong connections between satanism and christianity many of my friends and I left satanism for paganism. My fascination of satanism in my younger years gave me not only hatred against christianity but also fascination of darkness. I think that one can feel it in my music. Thanks to all these things folk music that I create in Lord Wind is different from other folk music played all over the world. But as I said BM is a music created by Satanists. I am a pagan and I develop in a different direction. Besides it is not so important how do you call my music. The most important thing is its strength, originality and influence. Through my music I would like to remind young people about their true roots of a White Man, about their identity, I want to help them in finding ideas and worths bound in blood. The idea from 'Following the Voice of Blood' is still alive. Knowledge of our ancestors is bound in our blood, it runs within our veins, we must listen to our blood and follow its voice

The lyric of "white hand's power" in "following..." was written by JFN of ABSURD. What is your relationship with this German cult band?
Members of Absurd are our friends. We have always supported them. We have never changed our opinion about them.  Absurd is a cult band in Germany. Thanks to their deeds now they are the legend. There is some fucking left-wing mass media propaganda organisations that try to destroy this legend by showing stupid, full of shit programs on TV and documentary films about Absurd. Leader Absurd, Randal, wrote for us lyric for 'White hand's power'. We included this lyric on our album gladly. Hendrick and Wolf visited us in Poland. We were very glad to meet one  another. Last month Absurd - Darker Than Black Prod., No Colours rec., and Burznag Rec. had problems with the Police. The police came to Hendrick house and confiscated DTB prod. stuff, computers, CD's, magazines etc.They looked for new Absurd LP's and CD's. Now JFN doe's not have internet aces so he can't answer your letters. The same thing happened to Burznag Prod. The police confiscated distribution and production stuff. The police also investigated No Colours rec. Probably they looked for new Absurd LP and pro-nazi stuff. They confiscated a lot of No Colours rec. stuff. Few days ago I met Steffen of No Colours rec. He told us that probably the police will return him some of confiscated stuff. That is a good news. The bad news is that Hendrick will spend in prison two years and eight months. DTB will be conducted by Wolf probably.

What are your side projects actually?
Besides Graveland and Lord Wind I play intros in Thor's Hammer and I will make some chorus in iuvenes debut LP. Besides as I said earlier I work on tracks for split tape and Cd with Honor.

Let's speak about LORD WIND now... Why did you feel the need to create some music in that style?
Lord Wind is my pagan folk solo project. Lord Wind and Graveland represent two parts of my identity. Graveland is full of anger, hatred and retribution. Lord Wind is a very personal music, very different from what all other bands play. Lord Wind is full of longevity for all these things that passed away, full of respect for pagan beliefs and traditions of our pagan ancestors. There are hope and faith in this music. Music Lord Wind is inspired by old compositions created by bards and trubadours. Lord Wind is to teach people how to find their pagan identity that sleeps in our blood. At the beginning Graveland was very BM band. I used only BM riffs etc. But besides BM I used to listen to old medieval music so I created Lord Wind to develop some ideas that I took from this music. I created Lord Wind to develop my spirituality. I use folk riffs and melodies. FMP released CD and digi pack version of debut Lord Wind LP 'Forgotten Songs'. A long time ago I released tape version of this LP. There are some differences in tape and CD version. I changed some songs. I think that CD version is better than tape version. I sold all tapes I had released but I hope that thanks to FMP many people will listen to Lord Wind. Now I work on second LP CD Lord Wind. It will be different that 'Forgotten Songs'. Real symphony. I think that I should compose soundtracks. I had a different conception of second Lord Wind LP. I was to buy medieval instruments but I did not have money for it. So I had to change my conception. But I do not regret. I create something great, I think.

Why did you choose the name LORD WIND?
I wanted to create something deep and spiritual. I think that Lord Wind is a great name for such a project.

I have heard lots of rumors around about the end of INFERNUM, like that Anextiomarus left the band to join the police... Can you enlighten us about this?
It is an old story. I have nothing new to tell you. We had to get rid of Anextiomarus because of his mental breakdown. He was too weak to play Black Metal, too weak to be with us. He wanted to play for fun; war against christianity was a very good play for him. But finally he understood that it was not a play but real life and he lost control over his deeds. He wanted to make us stop being underground band and start releasing LP in commercial labels. He was afraid of the police. He had problems with alcohol and drugs. As a kid he had some problems with his health and it was the cause of his schizophrenic behavior. He changed his mind every second month. First he was a nazi, then he was a communist. He wore red T-shirts and became the member of communist party in Wroclaw. He was a Hari Krishna believer. He used to work for the police as an informer. Because of that he had problems with drug dealers. He spent three weeks in mental hospital because he was dangerous for other people. All his problems started after his contact with State Security Bureau. He included some nazi ideas on Infernum cover and State Security Bureau made an investigation against it. It scared him because he realized that it was dangerous. He wanted to save his ass so he told the police everything he knew about Polish Black Metal underground. It caused some problems. But fortunately thanks to his sick behavior the police did not believe him. Anextiomarus is a fucking betrayer, jewish scoundrel. Now he is nothing so we can forget about him.

Can you explain us what are the reasons of the extremely bad relationship between BEHEMOTH and the whole polish black metal scene?
At the beginnig my relations with Behemoth was not so bad. But at that time Nergal supported BM ideas. But later he understood that it was not a play and he gave it up. In fact he did not give a shit about BM. He started to play for fun and money. Now he is a fucking pacifist, big enemy of pagan and NS ideas. Fuck him!!! Behemoth is BM star among teenangers. I agree with Randal from Absurd/Darker Than Black that calls Nergal sunny boy. Behemoth cannot create original music. They copy bands from Norway as Mayhem, Hades, Emperor etc. Their music  is weak, deprived of darkness and evil. They play for drug addicted scums and gays.

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I have heard around that Nergal of BEHEMOTH was beated up several times... Any comment?
Yes. That is true. Nergal is a pathetic creature. He has nothing to say but he pretends to be a strong man but he is a coward that does not how to fight. One day Capricornus visited him in his house. He was so terrified that he was very nice to Capricornus. He gave him something to eat. Capricornus had a lot of fun looking at this terrified 'BM star'. Capricornus was to kick his ass but finally he felt pity on him and did not do anything.

Is "the temple of fullmoon" still alive? If yes, what are the activities of the organization right now?
The Temple of Fullmoon does not exist anymore because it was too dangerous. People started to have problems with the police. Generally 1995 was not a good year. During meeting of The Temple of Fullmoon in Szklarska Poreba the police arrested us. We lost many very important materials as magazines etc. Huge source of information for the police. Because of this incident TTF was dissolved. At that time many people that were too weak to deal with such problems left underground, others dissociated themselves from us. But those who stayed in underground despite all dificulties and danger, now are strong and very valuable people for neopagan movements in both aspects: cultural and political. Today situation is much better and easier but still we have to be careful. Now Polish Black metal underground is united by pagan ideas. Bands as North, Perunvit, Venedae, Iuvenes and Black Metal NS hordes as Capricornus, Thor's Hammer, Dark Fury, Thunderbolt, Fullmoon, Veles work for return of paganism. Now people are member of official pagan organizations as Zrzeszenie Rodzimej Wiary 'Slezanie'. We meet one another to celebrate pagan feasts, we make weapon and cloths, to take part in warrior fights shows.

What are in your opinion the best bands in Poland?
There is one new very interesting band that I would like to recommend you: Iuvenes. Some time ago I released tape version of old promo stuff of Juvenes. Greywolf has a great very low voice and he is a very good drummer. We understand one another so maybe we will work together. Greywolf is also a pagan keen on Celtic beliefs and traditions. Music Iuvenes is a continuation of Bathory Hammerheart. Epic hammer metal. I think that their debut LP will be very interesting. They will start recording debut LP in a few days. This LP will be released by No Colours rec. I will help them in chorus and in preparing cover for CD.

What is Black Metal for you?
BM for me is a style of living. It is not only a way to make some money and become famous. Unfortunately  there is a lot of shit in today's Black metal world. Ideas created by Burzum and Mayhem are not respected. There are a lot of shitty bands that play to earn money and become famous. In Norway there are many such bands. They do not have anything common with ideas created by Burzum and Mayhem. If you read my old interviews you will see that I was afraid that BM would become a fashion and would be destroyed that way. The same thing happened to death and trash metal. Few years ago BM was a big part of my life. But I develop and change. Now I do not play BM. I can even say that BM is a finished part of  life.

Lots of people define GRAVELAND a neo-nazi band, do you agree with them?
I am not Nazi and I have never been but I support nazi movement and racial ideas in Black Metal. I respect Adolf Hitler for all his great deeds against judeo-christian world. I have many friends among nazi and I support them. Many people call Graveland nazi band. I have nothing against it. I think that Capricornus is more responsible for this than I am. But of course my interviews are too extreme for many people and my ideas can be called Nazism. I think that N.S. movement is one of the ways to save our world. Paganism and Nazism have many common ideas.  Graveland has always had problems because of our extreme ideas but I have never been afraid of showing what I think. Now N.S. movement takes inspirations from pagan belief and mythologies because faith is a great weapon against all enemies of White Race.

If some God would give you the chance to choose your death, how would you prefer to die?
Of course I would like to die in fight. War is the first duty of each man. Each man must be a warrior to protect everything he loves and lives for: fatherland, faith, family etc. Law of war and perpetual fight is  valid always and everywhere. There are people who try to change this law in order to realize an absurd idea of creating society living in perpetual peace, happiness and comfort. These people try to change law of war with help of religion, morality and humanitarism. They fail because their enemy is powerful. Saying enemy I mean experiences and needs that we inherit in our blood from our ancestors who understood the law of war. They believed in powers of Nature and lived accordance with  these powers. Today each manshould be aware of his duty in this life and cultivate his skills as a warrior.

Final words...
Thanks for this interview and support. Support rebirth of paganism in your countries. Judeo-christinaity is dying. All ideas spread by christian churches and politics today are only dead words. Massmedia are slaves of the system. It gives us bunch of lies. One must be blind not to see it. Be aware and fight for freedom of a White Man. Do not let propaganda of system control your minds. May Gods take care of a White Man. Fight to be strong enough to survive in a new millenium of a collapse of judeo-christianity. Heil!!!

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