SF&F; Picture 17 out of 27 by Amanda C. Barham.

Woo, it has a really long neck and is very.. old and inaccurate. But hey! Oh well. =P

Comments for this picture:
Feb 19 2001 Elfwood artist: Nike Oehme (aka LadyMin), (Click here to visit!)I adore the colors, the flames look so great, and the idea is brilliant. Only little criticism is, indeed, the back: Even if you want to make it look starved, the two edges on the end of the neck and the beginning of the tail look awkward. Nevertheless, I really love this one. A lot.
May 4 2001 Elfwood artist: Mia Bengtsson, (Click here to visit!)This is so weird! A cople of years ago, i drew a unicorn just liek this one (except for the goatie!)!! It's very cool, aint it? You have done the fire very good! *hugs*
Jun 3 2001 Elfwood artist: Jamie B. Ludovise That's really cool! The fire blurring back gives it a real feeling of motion.
Oct 22 2002 Elfwood artist: Heidi Mira Jackson Wow I love nightmares, Never seen one with a horn before though. I think it looks great.
Oct 22 2002 Kajsa Strand Oh i like this one!
Jun 8 2003 Elfwood artist: Danielle 'Aranil' Hanifin Nightmare? This is what I DREAM about (only without the starvation part)! You've jus totally inspired me!
Jun 19 2003 Anonymous I luv it but the back is a little strange (maby u could try having ribs show?) and swaybacked looking, and the neck is kinda long, but i don't care, i luv it n-e-way!!!!!
Jun 19 2003 Silvara Dragon I have seen many flame-unicorns or fire-horses or whatever you want to call them, but the horn is never flame itself. I like the idea, ver cool.
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