Stephanie D. Hoyle

Stephanie D. Hoyle is a member of Fantasy and SciFi Art gallery 463 at Elfwood.

Photo or selfportrait of Stephanie D. Hoyle. Hey everyone! sory i haven't updated or anything in the past few months been busy with a move and trying to get use to this really small school. well i can't upload any pictures right now but i definately have quit a few for ya. well i hope i get a few more coments from people i hardly have any. but i do get a lot about Chanie...and i might even possibly have a story or to finally published in my wyvern's thing,well later days, ttyl! stephanie

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Guestbook for Stephanie D. Hoyle:
Aug 5 2003 Elfwood artist: Alisha 'Dragon Grrl' GirouxWelcome to the woods! (feels all special for saying that ^_^) You have loads of talent, and you can draw PEOPLE! (well, know ^_~), something i have to work on!!! Keep it up, you have a lot of potential!!

Comment From The Artist: jeepers! i have a comment!*_* im so happy. HI! i went to your site to and you have some really neat pictures to i like your dragond-lol- that is something i have to work on..

Jan 13 2004 Thomas GogerWhy do all of you people write to this lozer. Just kidding she is my cusen she is cool "cough" "cough" she is also 8 days older than me
Jun 19 2004 Elfwood artist: David Heaton This is so good! Every single figure is so neatly in proportion - and you make it look so effortless... Keep going, we want more!
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