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EA GAMES : NFSU2 Community Spotlight Posted by Dranet on 02/1 at 6:08 PM

NFSupreme on NFS SpotlightWe thank Mr. Jonathan Long, the NFS Community Manager, for promoting our website to the EA Games Need for Speed Underground 2 website's Community Spotlight. On that site under the Community Spotlight, it displays our button and a brief sentence: "NFSupreme contains high quality images, reviews, descriptive information, forums, and you can UPLOAD your own ride!"

Click here to see the Community Spotlight link on EA Games

Also, we'd like to point out to all the fans and say thanks for all ya'll support. Also, feel free to browse our reviews section and if you are interested, you may also submit your own reviews. We have a $1 program where you can earn a dollar by simply submitting a review, however, certain requirements have to be met in order to qualify.

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Weekend Schedule Posted by Dranet on 01/22 at 8:14 AM

Hardware ReviewsCheck out our hardware reviews! More will come soon as time progresses.
Here guys are ya'll schedule for this weekend.

1/18/05 - City Lights Drift (All Day)
Cruise the town in this wild drift race.

1/19/05 - Port Authority Sprint (All Day)
Last one to the finish is a rotten egg.

1/20/05 - Scenic Ride Circuit (All Day)
Try to rank on the leaderboards in this scenic circuit race.

1/21/05 - Capilano Heights Drift (All Day)
Explore Capilan Heights during this drift event.

1/22/05 - Airport Freeway Drag (All Day)
Watch for landing plans in this airport drag.

1/23/05 – The Sunday Drive (All day)
Cruise around Bayview or challenge someone to an Outrun match!

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Posted by Dranet on 01/18 at 9:39 PM

Need for Speed: Most Wanted domains have been registered by Electronic Arts. For skeptics, you may enter the domains into, click "Search", and click "click here for info," enter the code and you will see that these domains are registered under EA.

Source: Nintendo Head
"SPOnG can today exclusively blow the lid on Electronic Arts’ next Need for Speed game, detailing the company’s thinking on the leading franchise update for the first time.

The series will ditch the Underground moniker, with the new game carrying the title Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The information, leaked to us last week, states that the multi-platform offering will ship across the world in late 2005.

Most Wanted will be available for Xbox 2, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, PC, PSP and “Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS.” A pleasant added value news snippet details a “…simultaneous ship, with the Xbox2 platform", which indicates a late 2005 release for Xbox2 too. Though whether the machine will go under the ‘Xbox2’ name is unclear. But the launch period, as dated by the world’s leading third-party publisher, can now be pencilled in.

The picture we get is of a game that is not really too different from the Underground duo, with one key difference: Most Wanted takes the series back to its roots, with police chases making up the body of the gameplay.

The game will feature:
"Outwit cops" missions
- Visual customisation to manage your ‘heat meter’
- Epic Hollywood-style police pursuits with up to 15 cop cars on screen
- Skill-based cop evasion and upgradable evasion technology
- Interactive environments conducive to eluding cops

There is also a rap-sheet system, in which a player’s notoriety is upped by performing more dangerous manoeuvres in the view of following police.

Eight game modes are promised:
- Multiple point races
- Toll booth races
- Speed trap photos
- Outrun
- Outrun best route
- Circuit
- Sprint
- Knockout – Cost to state, pursuit milestones and headlines
- Milestones

Four ‘distinct regions’ will be offered, along with real time weather and an evolving environment. There will be no racing during the night-time, with all the action taking place between sun up and sunset.

Online play will be included with what is described as a ‘similar feature set to NFSU2’ though this time, world-wide play will be included with no conflict between the North American and European versions.

Around 100 motors will be on offer. ‘Asian import (tuners), exotics, American muscle and Euro imports,” as detailed by EA.

Oh, one more thing! Burnout 4 is slated for Xbox 2 launch." - NFSUnlimited & Spong

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Upcoming NFS Underground 2 Events Posted by Supra on 01/10 at 9:57 PM

*Update* There are some awesome events happening this weekend for Need for Speed Underground 2 including Tunnel Construction Drag.

EA Games just updated their schedule for Need For Speed Underground 2. This schedule is for all you who play NFSU2 Online. Playing online with others just doesn't include being able with your friends and buddies, EA Games has also included a leaderboard for the top racers. So go out there and rank on the boards!

Upcoming Schedule
1/10/05 - Wall Center Sprint (All Day)
Race to the edge in this frenzied sprint race.

1/11/05 - Switchback Circuit (All Day)
Take it to the the line and see if you can get on the leaderboards in this circuit race.

1/12/05 -U2 Frenzy (All Day)
Play Underground 2 all day to and see if you can rank on the leaderboards.

1/13/05 - Stadium Drift 5 (All Day)
Watch your traction in this stadium drift event.

1/14/05 - Resort Loop Circuit (All Day)
Reserve a room at the resort after this circuit race.

1/15/05 – Tunnel Construction Drag (All day)
VENOMDAVID is the #1 on the Drag Leaderboards. Play in Tunnel Construction today and see if you get the points to take his spot.

1/16/05 – The Sunday Drive (All day)
Cruise around Bayview or challenge someone to an Outrun match!

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Underground 2 Music Posted by Dranet on 01/9 at 3:54 AM

We thank NFSUnlimited for hosting us as well as mentioning about us on their homepage. In addition, all the submissions to the garage are all accepted. You may check YOUR car by clicking on our garage section.
Electronic Arts released the album arts and basically a demo clip of the audio used in NFS Underground 2. Some of the artists are Freeland, Chingy, Terror Squad, Capone, Xzibit, The Bronx, etc. Finding album arts to all of them will take a lot of time so here it is, all of the album arts are here for the albums that the NFSU2 songs belong to.

- Freeland - Mind Killer (Jagz Kooner Remix)
- Chingy - I Do
- Christopher Lawrence - Rush Hour
- Cirrus - Back on a Mission
- Fluke - Switch/Twitch

Full List of Music from NFS Underground 2

In addition, if you were previously in the Road Crew--it is closed. However, EA opened a newsletter so click if you want to sign up. By signing up, you are basically getting the same updates as Road Crew, except you will not be able to log in and have all that fun interactive activity. However, you can also join our forums and interact with other fans as well as upload your cars to our showcase.

Comments (6)

Road Crew Closed Posted by Supra on 01/7 at 9:37 PM

Update - Subcategories completed
Subcategories for all cars are completed so feel free to upload all your NFSU2 cars at the garage. Unfortunately, cars that were uploaded previously were deleted when we added the upgraded forum. So start showing off your rides now! Also, we have the full version of the garage so it is more powerful--you will have more flexibility with your images. Because the previous version was a free beta version, it did not allow us to back up the files so if your showcase pictures were deleted, please reupload it. Sorry for the inconvenience

After experiencing downtime for the past few days, has an upgraded forum and server. From now on, you will notice the change in the personal garage section. You will now be able to upload pictures at a higher quality and be able to UPLOAD your screenshots of your cars. Meanwhile, you should check your roadcrew account for any emails you want to keep because they are unforunately shutting down, as explained below:

"The Road Crew is coming to a close. The road crew center will close this Friday, January 7th at 5pm EST. Please be sure to get any contact information from friends you’ve made on the road crew and be sure to clean out your “” email account as you will not have access to it or the boards after Friday.

You may be wondering why the road crew center is closing and the simple answer is, it’s just time. We were hired to bring fans of the game together to create awareness with new fans and we’ve done that thanks to you and the crew and we hope to do it again in the future. Before we wrap things up though, we have a few final winners to announce. If you won a prize during the campaign please be patient and your prize should arrive within 6-8 weeks from today.

If you have any questions regarding prizes or the closing of the road crew center you can reach us online tomorrow (Tuesday) via AOL instant messenger between 1pm and 3pm PST. My screenname is “roadcrew2004” but we will only answer your questions if you have an official Road Crew “buddy icon” on your faceplate. click here to access official Road Crew “buddy icons.”

Final Contest Winners
And now it’s time to announce a few final contest winners. Before we do that though, if you see your name below in red we need you to send us your full name, age and complete mailing address. The reason is that you won something during the campaign but when you registered you didn’t enter complete information and we can’t send you your prize without it. Please send your information to ( if you see your name listed below. If we do not hear from you by Wednesday, you will forfeit your prize." - Source Road Crew

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Downloads Section Posted by Dranet on 01/1 at 6:18 PM

Happy new year guys! We have completed our downloads section, which is powered by PHP Arena's paFileDB 3.1 with a skin that we modded to fit our website. Currently we have many downloads on Need for Speed Underground 2 and more downloads will be available as time progresses and as we add more. Below are some of the downloads that we have available.

(links do not work due to server change)

- 100% Gamesave
- 67% Gamesave w/ Tiburon & Escalade
- Parts Modifier
- Unlimited Bank Money
- No Intro Patch

Stay tuned with us as we add more downloads later on!

Comments (10)

Merry Christmas Posted by Dranet on 12/25 at 10:46 PM

Christmas is here and we wish you a merry x-mas and a happy new year! As a christmas present, NFSupreme will be fixing you guys with a downloads section that will allow you guys to download the latest updates, mods, add ons, game save files, utilities and much more! Supra also took a lot of cool crashing screenshots in our screenshots gallery so you might want to check that out.
Merry X-mas!
Also, I installed a personal Garage that you can upload your car pictures into! The username and passwords are in complete correspondence to the forums so you don't have to register twice.[/url]

Comments (2)

Personal Garage Posted by Supra on 12/22 at 2:04 AM

Update: Check out these cool Concept Arts from Need for Speed Underground 2. Most of these are pictures of original sketches and from the original uncomplete rendering of the game.
Do you have a really cool car that you want to show off? Come post pictures of your cars in our new forum section. In the Personal Garage section, you will be able to post pictures of your cars and visit cars that other users have made. But not anyone can post on this forum, only registered users can show off their cars. In order to sign up, you must click on forum on the navigation bar and then go to Register on the forum page. Afterwards, follow the instructions to sign up with the NFSupreme Forum. After registering an account, go to the Personal Garage Forum and post up your pictures.

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Official Contests Posted by Dranet on 12/21 at 1:37 AM

Send-a-Link to your Friends - Click Here
We still want people to check out the official NFSU2 website and we need your help but there is a slight change in the contest (You must now CC us every email). Send your friends a link to the website for your chance to win a 100.00 gift card to EB Click the link above, follow the simple directions and be sure to CC us on emails ( The person who sends the link to the most friends by December 26th will win!

”Show Us Your Signature” Contest - Click Here & Email Us
Have you used your Road Crew email account yet? Well here’s the perfect chance and if could win you a 50.00 gift card to Everyone who sends us an email by Thursday, December 30th will be entered in a drawing to win that gift card. Just shoot us an email, tell us what you think of the Road Crew and that’s all you have to do for your chance to win. We look forward to hearing from you.

Banner Contests - Click Here
It’s the final week of the banner contest. Get any of the official Road Crew banners posted on just three sites to be entered to win 25.00 gift card to Import (2 winners). Be one of the top two road crew members to get a banner posted on the most sites and you’ll win 50.00 gift card to Import! (NOTE - banners must be clicked at least once to be activated). Contest ends this Sunday!!!

Join Road Crew Now!!

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