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IOGT International is helping tsunami victims  2005/19/1

The IOGT International office is starting to receive funds from different parts of the world due to the appeal put on the homepage a few weeks ago. The members of IOGT Vietnam have decided to donate one euro each in order to supply funds for the tsunami victims in affected countries adding up to a sum of 232 Euros. The sympathy for the victims are great in Vietnam and boxes are put in markets and offices in order to gather funding. The understanding is also great since every year a couple of provinces in Vietnam are hit by floods and typhoons and very often with a deadly outcome for thousands of people.
Also IOGT-USA has had a disaster aid fundraiser distributed to members during January and all the money collected will be sent to the IOGT International where it will be distributed according to needs.
Also the Brainsociety in Kerela, India has started a local collection and IOGT International has already allocated them a sum of US$ 1000 that they will use for cleaning up in refugee camps as well as supplying food items necessary for preparing everyday meals.
More than one organisation is working for the victims of the disaster in Sri Lanka, Forut being the bigger one but also ADIC and TYOS are helping through their partners in the affected parts of the country.

Please keep up this good work and please let us know of the fundraising activities going on within the IOGT family. The needs of the people in the affected areas will be great for months to come.

Thanking you,
IOGT International office

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