Otherkin.net Users Account Information


pop server:mail.otherkin.net
smtp server:mail.otherkin.net
your email address will be: your-username@otherkin.net

Note that smtp (mail send) requires a mail check -first- (aka pop-before-smtp). This makes sure only okn users use the mail server.

The Webmail interface is https://webmail.liminalflux.net.


All mail accounts have an additional feature. Any email addressed to username-anything @ otherkin.net will be delivered to username. For those of you who paid close attention, you might have noticed that my listmail all goes to/comes from rannirl-yhogroups @ otherkin.net. The advantage of this is that you can give out varients on your email to each place (yahoo, amazon, etc) and it all arrives in your mailbox. Then, if you start getting spam you know (a) who is responsible for putting your name on a list (b) you can let me know and I can easily block that one alias and *poof* no more spam.

Currently neither mail directories or webspace are backed up. If you want them backed up, it's up to you.


your website address:http://home.otherkin.net/username
ftp server:ftp.otherkin.net
Otherkin.net accounts come with free webspace. Whist storage space is plentiful, bandwidth is not, so please avoid placing large files on the server.

Currently there is no scripting (cgi) facilities in user accounts for security reasons (basically there has been no time to make sure they are secure). If you feel the need for such, send email to the admin account and it can be discussed.

To upload files to your webspace, you must use the given ftp server. Attempts to ftp to any other address will fail.

The directory you are in once you connect is your webspace directory. It is the only thing you have access to. (If you think you need something else, contact me). Just upload your files there.


There aren't many, so please pay attention to the few we have. Most of them are pretty much common sense and come down to "play nice".
  1. Don't use the account for anything illegal. This should be obvious.
  2. No spamming other people or using your account for commercial purposes.
  3. Please use the spamtrap mechanism described above. If you don't understand it, please ask
  4. Mailboxes are essentially unlimited, but please don't mail yourself mp3s or something. Resource hogs will be noticed
  5. Keeping graphics on your website small is good for the bandwidth. If you don't know how, ask
  6. Have a backup email account, we can't guarentee anything.