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Our Vegetable Garden 2003

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Saturday, October 18, 2003
The garden is all done for the year now. I have some photos of the many winter squash we picked last week but the photo uploading is not working at the moment. Will add them in later. I'd say we have 40 assorted winter squash that were picked in the last week. It was a goods year for Veg. gardening compared to some. We actually got corn which we've never been sucessful with before. Plus more winter squash than usual and plenty of tomatoes and summer squash. We had planted green beans but were too late getting them in and the frost killed the young plants.
posted by Jodi 8:36 PM
Monday, October 06, 2003
The garden is hanging in there despite the cold weather, we've had several nights below freezing now. I am hoping the pumpkins will have a chance to get bigger and that more winter squash will ripen. Here is a photo of the acorn and butternut squash that we picked friday:

We also have some more tomatoes, these ones unexpected. We forgot to plant one tray of cherry tomatoes and the plants went ahead and grew right next to the house. Noone noticed until the flowers and weeds started dying off with the colder weather. These are still doing ok, probably they are quite sheltered there right next to the house.

posted by Jodi 4:11 PM
Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Here are the photos of our pumpkins and winter squash, finally coming along at the end of our very short growing season.

Here is a pumpkin and a spaghetti squash:

and here is an acorn squash

and a blue hubbard:

don't know what this one is! The kids did get seed packets mixed up at times!!

there is also butternut and a couple other types. Here are more of our garden photos at this site:

posted by Jodi 7:23 PM
We've had the first VERY cold night now and hopefully the winter squash and pumkins will continue to be OK. I've taken photos of the various squash and pumpkins but the photo site I use for them is not working now. I will add them in later
posted by Jodi 5:36 PM
Friday, September 26, 2003
We now have quite a few winter squash nearly ready. Plus there are definetly pumpkins! Quite a few of them, the kids are quite happy about that. We also found that some small tomatoes were growing near the house not down in the vegetable garden. It tunred out that one set of 6 plants got set aside and never planted in the garden. They did great anyway right next to the house mixed in with some flowers and many weeds!
posted by Jodi 6:18 PM
Thursday, September 18, 2003
This past weekend we picked loads of yellow summer squash, zuchinni and corn! This was the first time we'd ever managed to grow corn in the short growing season here. The corn was small but very good. We ate quite a lot and then I froze the rest right away. Still trying to decide what to do with the yellow squash. Used the zuchinni is rattatouli. Oh yes, we've had tomatoes too. Still to come are winter squash and hopefully pumpkins. At this stage it is hard to tell if any of the round "squash" is squash or pumpkins. We've already had one night of slightly below fezzing weather. Other nights are getting cool. It is a race to garden in this area.
posted by Jodi 9:07 AM
Saturday, August 16, 2003
And here's todays photos. The garden has grown quite a lot in 2 weeks. All that rain and very hot days combined seemed to have done wonders for the vegetable garden. Here is the corn.

Some baby corn are starting to grow.

The various types of squash are doing well too.

This one will soon be ready to pick.

and a tomato starting to turn red

The bees are hard at work helping to make sure we get plenty of summer squash, winter squash and pumpkins!

posted by Jodi 11:16 AM
In July we also raised tadpoles. We made a habitat for them from a bird bath bowl. If you look cloself you can see them at the edge of the bowl and one is even climbing out of the water. That one already had legs.

Here is a photo of one of the tadpoles, we had about 30 of them.

Here is a tadpole that's got it's legs but it still has a tail.

And here is a tiny frog. It no longer looks anything like a tadpole. It seems as though they change overnight.

A tadpole and frog next to each other on the side of the bird bath.

And here is a photo of one of our children catching the tadpoles.

posted by Jodi 8:32 AM
I've found there is not much to write about the vegetable garden while it is growing! Here is a photo of some Squash plants the 1st of August.
posted by Jodi 8:05 AM
Monday, June 16, 2003
Now we have several types of squash popping up out of ther ground. In addition to the summer squash there is also Blue Hubbard, Buttercup, Butternut and Spagetti squash. Also have tomato plants in. We bought those from plants not seed. The kids persuaded Hubby to find some pumpkin seeds too so those got planted Sunday afternoon.

Nothing at all has come from the corn seeds, we never seem to get corn to work. Still have to plant some beans.

Several toads were found in the garden and that was the highlight of the weekend.

posted by Jodi 7:36 PM