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Robert Thomson

Newsstand price

Monday - Friday 50p, Saturday: 1
  • Editor
  • Newsstand price
  • Circulation
  • Readership
  • Demographic Profile
  • Sections and supplements
  • Ownership
  • Contacts
  • Rate card guide
  • Features diary
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Circulation

    Circulation refers to the number of sold, reduced price and free copies of a title distributed on an average day over the stated period of time.

    29 Nov 04 - 02 Jan 05: 652,442 (Source: ABC)

    Access the ABC summary report


    Readership refers to the number of people reading a title on an average day over the stated time period.

    Apr 04 - Sep 04: 1,695,000 (Source: NRS)

    Demographic Profile

    Source: NRS Apr 04 - Sep 04Readership
    Cover %Profile %
    All Adults16953.6100
    Social Class
    AB Adults10669.063
    ABC1 Adults14655.786
    ABC1C2 Adults16034.595
    C1 Adults4002.924
    C2 Adults1381.48
    DE Adults920.85
    AB Men5769.434
    ABC1 Men8056.548
    ABC1C2 Men9005.153
    C1 Men2293.614
    C2 Men941.86
    DE Men611.24
    AB Women4908.529
    ABC1 Women6605.039
    ABC1C2 Women7034.042
    C1 Women1712.310
    C2 Women430.92
    DE Women310.52
    ITV Region
    Wales & West1502.89
    West Country824.45
    Tyne Tees421.62
    Central Scotland421.32

    Sections and supplements

    Main News, Business, Sport & T2 (Mon-Fri) feature in The Times everyday. Listed below are the additional supplements.

    The Game: Football tabloid supplement


    Public Agenda: Public sector focus, health, education and careers


    Screen: Previews, Interviews and Debate
    Career: Jobs, Appointments and Advice

    Bricks and Mortar: Tabloid property section focusing largely on London & South East

    Money: Supplement covering major annual financial planning issues, investment, money MOT, letters, consumer affairs, savings, share of the month, mortgages and databank.
    Travel: Supplement covering luxury travel, holiday features, classified travel advertising, late bookings and best offers.
    Weekend Review: Supplement covering arts, gardening, country life, shopping, lifestyle, games and crossword
    Body and Soul: Supplement covering medical, health, fitness, health policy news and analysis
    The Eye: Magazine covering home entertainment, DVD reviews, film and TV features, TV & Radio guide
    The Magazine: Glossy lifestyle magazine including fashion, style and beauty, food and drink, interiors and design
    The Knowledge (M25 only): Seven day London listings guide covering cinema, music, theatre, club, comedy, museums, shopping, days out and kids.

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    Times Newspapers Limited is owned by News International, a subsidiary of News Corporation.


    The Times
    1 Virginia Street
    E98 1PL


    London: 020 782 7000

    111 Piccadilly
    M60 4BP
    0161 228 0210

    124 Portman Street
    G41 1EG
    0140 420 5100

    Production - Display Ad Co-ordination

    0207 782 2394

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    General Manager, Times Newspapers, Paul Hayes,

    Commercial Director, Times Newspapers, Mike Gordon,

    Deputy Advertising Director, Times Newspapers, Mathew Watkins,

    Marketing Director, Times Newspapers, Andrew Mullins,

    Rate card guide

    Download: Changes to 'Gatekeeper' charges (pdf)

    All rates shown are exclusive of colour reproduction charges and VAT and apply to UK editions only.  Additional costs:  AB copy or N/S splits (subject to availabilty) 5,000 or 10,000 (depending on pagination and position within issue).

    Main News & Business News
    (firm day)
    Colour Mono
    Full page 25,900 15,850
    First page 29,500 17,000
    SCC fractional 117 71
    DPS 40,000 26,500
    First DPS 47,500 29,000
    Sport Colour Mono
    SCC 102 60
    OBC strip 7,500 -
    Times 2 Colour Mono
    SCC 97 64
    OBC strip 5,500 -
    - Special Positions Colour Mono
    Main news page 3 20x2/8x6 9,000 -
    Main news page 5 25x4 15,000 -
    Centre spread - Business News 20x2/8x6 5,800 -
    Business News - need to know mono SCC - 85
    Business News page - first full page 26,000 -
    Unit Trust Price page 9x2 3,100 -
    Share Price page 9x2 3,100 -
    First night SCC 120 -
    Focus reports SCC 108 -
    Sport front page solus 8,000 -
    Bricks and Mortar Colour Mono
    SCC 97 64
    London/South East Colour Mono
    SCC 70 40
    Saturday Sections    
    Money Colour Mono
    SCC 117 71
    Page 3 solus 17x6 14,000 -
    First mono 25x4 +10% -
    Back page solus 24,750 -
    Travel Colour Mono
    SCC 117 71
    Page 3 solus 10x6 9,000 -
    Back page solus 24,750 -
    Weekend Review/Body and Soul Colour Mono
    SCC 97 64
    Knowledge Colour Mono
    SCC 97 64
    OBC 8,000 -
    IFC 7,000 -
    Page 5,200 -
    The Eye Colour Mono
    SCC 105 -
    Page colour 12,000 -
    Critics choice 1,000 -
    Outside back cover 16,000 -
    Inside front cover 14,000 -
    Inside back cover 14,000 -
    The Times Magazine Colour
    DPS 29,000
    Full page (run of magazine) 15,750
    Half page 9,500
    - Special Positions  
    Inside front DPS 38,500
    Outside back cover/Inside front cover 22,500
    First page facing all matter 21,000
    First DPS 35,250
    DPS in/out matter 32,500
    Page facing all matter 18,500
    Page facing matter 17,900
    Half pages - next to/under matter 12,500
    First right hand page facing all matter 21,500
    Inside back cover 20,000
    Front half +10%
    All other positions +10%
    Bleed +10%

      Insert Pagination Bound In
      2-6 8-14 16-22 24-38 40+ 2-6 8-14 16+
    The Times                
    50-300 40 42 44 46 POA - - -
    301-550 38 40 42 44 POA - - -
    551+ 34 36 38 40 POA - - -
    The Times Mag                
    150-300 44 50 52 54 POA 51 58 POA
    301-550 40 46 48 50 POA 46 53 POA
    551+ 38 44 46 48 POA 44 51 POA



    SCC = Single Column Centimetre
    ROP = Run of Paper
    ROW = Run of Week
    ROA = Rate on Application

    Copy deadlines

    The Times
    • Full colour: 3 working days prior to day of publication.
    • Mono/Spot: 2 working days prior to publication.
    Cancellations (Colour or Mono)
    • Colour and special positions: 3 months prior to publication.
    • Mono: 28 days prior to publication.
    The Times Magazine
    • Display Copy Deadline 17 working days before cover date.
    • Classified Copy Deadline 11 working days before cover date.
    The Eye
    • Display Colour Monday 12 working days before publication.
    • Display Mono Thursday 9 working days before publication.
    The Knowledge
    • Display Colour Monday 12 working days before publication.
    • Display Mono Thursday 9 working days before publication.
    Magazine cancellations
    At least 18 weeks prior to publication.

    Delivery Deadlines (Inserts)

    • Five working days
    • Times Magazine: Eleven calendar days prior to publication
    • Polybag: Five working days prior to publication
    Cancellation Deadlines 

    For full cancellation deadlines go to:  
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    Features diary

    T2 runs every day Mon - Fri covering: News; Features; Fashion; Education; Lifestyle; Health; Arts & Entertainment; Puzzles; Parenting and Science.


    The Game 

    • Sports coverage



    • Legal news
    • Legal jobs
    Public Agenda
    • Public Sector
    • Health
    • Education
    • Public Sector jobs 

    • Secretarial features
    • Secretarial jobs
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Fashion
    • Health



    • Previews
    • Interviews
    • Debate


    • Advice
    • Appointments
    • Jobs

    Bricks and Mortar

    • UK property
    • Overseas property
    • Features

    • Investment
    • Money MOT
    • Letters
    • Consumer Affairs
    • Savings
    • Share of the month
    • Mortgages
    • Databank
    • Travel features
    • Classified travel advertising
    • Late bookings
    • Best offers
    Weekend Review
    • Arts
    • Books
    • Gardening
    • Country Life
    • Shopping
    • Encounters
    • Games
    • Crossword


    • Interiors
    • Fashion
    The Knowledge (M25 only)
    • London cinema
    • London music
    • London theatre
    • London days out
    • London children's activities

    The Eye

    • Home Entertainment
    • DVD Reviews
    • Film
    • TV
    • Radio

    Body & Soul

    • Medical
    • Health
    • Fitness
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    Terms and Conditions

    Space orders are accepted subject to the standard conditions of insertion set out below. By submitting your advertisement copy to NGN you agree to these conditions. In particular your attention is drawn to the following:
    • Any stipulation or condition applying to an order must be incorporated clearly in the written instructions supplied to and approved in writing by NGN.
    • Orders for insertion of any advertisement are accepted on condition that you grant NGN the right to publish the advertisement in the newspapers published by NGN and in any other publication of NGN (including reprographic and digital cuttings and page images) in any medium whatever the means or system of production delivery.
    • NGN reserves the right at its discretion to decline to publish, or to omit, suspend or change the position of the whole part of any advertisement otherwise accepted for insertion.
    • NGN limits its liability for any loss or damage resulting from errors or inaccuracies in the printing or omission of the whole or part of any advertisement.
    • Buyer warrants that the advertisement will not breach any contract or infringe any copyright, trademark or any other right of any third party or render NGN liable to any proceedings whatsoever.
    • All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
    For our further terms and conditions incorporating the Newspapers Publishers Association standard conditions please go to
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    Copyright  2003, The Newspaper Marketing Agency Ltd