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Surveying the Landscape:
2004 BoardSource Governance Index

In our 2004 Governance Index, BoardSource takes a close look at how boards do business. Where does your board fit in the numbers game?
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Free white paper on
implications of the
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
for Nonprofits.
Co-produced by
BoardSource and the Independent Sector.
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Chief Executive Performance Evaluations
Properly administered chief
executive performance
evaluations benefit the
chief executive, the board,
and the entire organization.
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Re-Energizing a
Florida Community Foundation Board

Gulf Coast Community
Foundation of Venice
re-energizes board
with a focus on
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Six months after they won $53 million in the California lottery, San Jose residents Alcario and Carmen Castellano have created the Castellano Family Foundation to promote Latino arts, culture, and leadership.

A group of longtime board "insiders" at Boston University were deemed responsible for a presidential search in which former NASA chief Daniel S. Goldin was offered the post, only to be sent away with a $1.8 million severance deal the day before taking office.

For many, the word "nonprofit" conjures up ideas of the community's most altruistic people toiling at low salaries but doing socially enriching work. But those ideas are outdated, management experts say.

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Question: What is a Donor Bill of Rights?
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Question: How long should board meetings last?
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Question: Are there organizations in Canada that help Canadian nonprofits?
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