Saturday, February 05, 2005

We're alive

We're all working feverishly on Margaret's film, "Bam Bam and Celeste." I think there's a link to the film blog on Margaret's website. We shall return when we get past the 5am call times.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Got Rice?

I wish I liked Condi Rice. I really do. I want to root for her. But ew.

At the same time, I'm a little steamed (no pun intended) at the Rice puns that journalists and regular peeps are using. Why does it seem to be so difficult to make a rice-related pun and not be racist? I guess rice is just an easy target. Imagine what would happen if her name were Condi Noodle.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thank you, friends

I'm really proud of my friends. They worked hard for this election. They phone banked, they drove voters to polls, they flew to Florida to watchdog the polling places. They blogged, they toured, they believed, they rocked the vote in every way imaginable.

The conservatives have been a keenly organized faction for ages. We liberals got slapped around 4 years ago and scrambled to organize for this election. We are a mighty force now, but we're still sort of in our infancy as a united front.

Change comes slowly, doesn't it? This is a fight of our lifetime -- and it will last a lifetime. We probably won't live long enough to see problems like poverty, racism, homophobia and misogyny solved, per se. But we have to chip away at all of those things, and eventually they will crumble under their own weakness. We can't ever ever give up.

I want to say "chin up, we'll get there." But I need a few days to be bummed out. And then I'm gonna come back, guns blazing.

But let me just say it again. Thank you, friends. I'm proud of you and I'm proud to have you in my life.

Make sure to read Margaret's blog. Yesterday, it restored my normal breathing pattern.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Margaret's article in "In These Times"

Here's 1 of the record 125 comments the article in In these Times has received:


You’ve done it again! You are a constant source of inspiration and hope to the Global Community. You are an amplifier for a voice that needs to be heard. If you repeat the truth often enough, will those brain-washed ditto heads finally believe it?—I’ve seen you on stage, I’ve caught you on TV, and I read the news about your interviews. You are the person of the hour, and you will forever be my hero. You empower us all, and you do it while entertaining so wonderfully.

Posted by Michael on October 30, 2004 at 5:39 PM

Here's another one from Baghdad:

Thursday 28 October 2004

When I was home in New Hampshire on leave last month, a lot of people approached me to tell what a good job we’re doing here in Iraq.

I appreciate the support, but I don’t need the media or those people to tell me what I see every day. We are not getting the job done.

People ask me, “How’s it going over there?” Cities have been overrun and are in a state of lawlessness. My job brings me into the streets. I see these things as they happen. They aren’t just headlines for me. All we are doing here is treading water, and at this rate we can’t keep afloat much longer. I’m just a simple man, but I can see that everything this administration has done with Iraq has been dead wrong.

We appreciate your support, but we can’t see those yellow ribbons from here. I ask that you let your vote show your support. I don’t know what you go to bed thinking, but I go to bed wondering not how many more years of this administration I can handle but how many more days I might survive.

George Sprague
Balad, Iraq
Posted by Stan on October 31, 2004 at 5:06 AM

Of course the idiotic racist, misogynist, Freepers are out in force so, read them all at your own risk. Here's the link to the article again. Scroll down for the comments.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Question Reality

As we enter the homestretch of the ultimate reality show, the presidential election, I’m wondering when Fox is going to announce that the final episode will not be held on November 2nd. No. They are going to hold the results while they air a “Best of the 2004 Race.” Each week, we’ll get highlights like:

“Worlds Scariest Unfounded Security Threats” – featuring Dick Cheney’s “Vote for the wrong guy and they’ll wack us!”

“Those Darn Daughters” – Kerry girls = good. Bush girls = good, bad, a little airheady, but young. Mary Cheney = gay. Gay gay gay gay gay gay. Gay.

“Guess the Lump” – What’s that square thing in Bush’s back? Does Edwards really have a big member? (Ok, he wore shorts on the cover of “Running” or something like that and I was all like, “hmmmm…” )

Feel free to add your own episodes. It’s fun for the whole family!

And while we watch this “presidential election series,” the government will be trying to recount the votes that got fucked up again. Does anyone have any faith that they’re going to “get it right” this time? What they need to do is put a bunch of geeky, hacking, 13-year-olds on it. Shit, you can pay them in red bull and candy bars and they’d get it done.

Anyhow, it’s all fucked up and we all know it. Who really trusts the voting system?

And when it comes to reality shows, it’s never been more clear to me that they have nothing to do with reality. A good friend of mine just finished a stint on a reality show. Can’t mention the person or the show, because she is under threat of a lawsuit every time she says something negative about the show, and I don’t want to blow her cover. But as the show was going on, we talked a lot about how it’s all about shooting everything, then taking things out of context to build the story that the producers want to see. And I know this first-hand, because for a long time, THAT was my job.

Don’t trust anything about reality tv. You probably already don’t, but I’m just saying it again – don’t. If there’s a voting system, it’s not real. If there are characters feuding, they probably really aren’t. If it looks like the participants won money, they may never get it. And just know that while the creators of the show are making fortunes, most reality shows don’t pay their staff and crew, not to mention the people in front of the camera, jack shit. I was a writer on several reality shows that are now in syndication and home video all over the world. I see them on cable all the time, and I see them as box sets in video stores. Now, if I were a union writer, I would get money for all of those usages. But in reality television, there are no “writers.” They call us “Story Producers.” So technically, there are no writers and they can avoid paying union salaries and residuals. Funny, because we sat in what they called “the writer’s room” and had what they called “writers meetings” and had to write what they called “scripts.” What a crock. Without us writers, Sheriff John Bunnell from “World’s Wildest Police Videos” wouldn’t get to say things like: “That renegade truck made two right turns, and one WRONG turn!” (insert crash sound) No, Sheriff Bunny would sound like this: "________________________." On second thought, that would be GOOD thing.

As I write, or, er, story produce, this blog, I’m exchanging consoling e-mails with a producer friend of mine who is trapped on a reality series. She is in hell, and this woman, she knows from hell. Why do we work on these shows? These days, it is the bulk of the work available for freelance production folk.

Ok, so I guess my point is – vote. Even if it doesn’t count.

For anyone who’s wondering. We got another pitbull. His name is Hank and he is a slice of heaven.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Chris Rock to host Oscars

Now, I love Chris Rock but, this is what the LA Times said yesterday about the choice to have him host the Oscars this year:

In selecting Rock as the master of ceremonies for the 77th annual awards show, producer Gil Cates continued a push by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to make the Oscars more relevant to the young male viewers who have been tuning out the ceremonies.

Does EVERYTHING have to appeal to the young male viewer?

Then, they went on to say:

Although this year's Oscars enjoyed the best ratings in four years, with 43.5 million viewers, Crystal's jokes included references to people such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Ed Sullivan alumnus Senor Wences, names that might be wholly extraneous to Chris Rock fans.

Are they saying that Chris Rock only has male fans, that women will watch anything, or that they just don't care about attracting young females?

Just because we won't buy Viagra and Hummers, we still menstruate every month. We're plenty depressed. There's lots of stuff to sell us, too.

Even if a TV show gets good ratings, if it's not in the desired male (and they mean white, btw)18-35 demographic, no one cares. But, as people are tuning out from network TV in droves these days, we may just have the last laugh.